Tinsel Korey Sings Never Think

While Tinsel Korey visited the Quileute reservation at La Push, she sang Never Think for a small group.


  1. WOOT!!!

  2. emily, you shouldn’t be wasting your time singing.
    get back to making muffins.

  3. Awe, she’s good. But Rob’s is the most soulful. And I like Sam’s original version of the song.

    And JADEY!… Cold… a bit too cold. Why the snarky comment?

  4. that’s a really tough song to sing, and she’s doing a great job… of course we all like rob’s version the best 😀

  5. TwilightRocks! says:

    Thats my favorite song off the soundtrack. Better left to Rob for that one!

  6. Beautiful! I love this song and she does a great cover! Gosh la Push is gorgeous, it gives me chills haha..

  7. That was amazing!!! She is lovely. Can’t wait to see all these new actors. Hahhaha, Jadey. 🙂

  8. twilight + star trek fan says:

    i think we shud all admit that we think he did a better job then Rob. They both mumble in the song tho, its kinda weird

  9. twilight + star trek fan says:

    o sorry. she not he :p

  10. maybe her and rob rocked out together while on set lol.I think its good dont hate peeps. Geez trust me nobody wants to hear me sing it!!! rock on big T…

  11. I think that was beautiful! What a lovely lady.

    Man, the twilight saga cast sure in one musically inclined crew!

  12. She has a beautiful voice.. wonder if she will be on the eclipse soundtrack.

  13. I think she sounds great. 😀
    And she’ll made a great Emily.

    On a different note, I find it oddly amusing that most the the cast is musically talented. =]

  14. Wow!!! I absolutely love her voice! Does she have a cd anywhere??
    She makes it sound like almost a completely different song than Rob, but I love both styles!

  15. So pretty! Her voice and La Push

  16. She is a sweetheart. Very Emily-ish.

  17. not bad. not bad at all.

    and la push is GORGEOUS!

    makes me want to vist the pacific NW.

  18. edwardschewtoy says:

    I thought she sounded all Colbie Calliatish. I thought it was great. It’s a nice compliment to Rob’s talent when people are singing his songs. More songs, Rob. Please?!

  19. That was nice. Waay better than Rob’s. His was just…utter crap.

  20. Seriously this was great, but honestly I wish they would have filmed the movie actually in washington, I live in washington and it’s beautiful.

  21. I like her version, it sounds like a completely different song. I didn’t like the song when Rob sang it cause he slurred the words a bit too much.


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