E! Covers Robert Pattinson & Chaske Spencer

via TA


  1. I love that Chaske says that Rob’s shy, you can tell he’s being honest. That’s why we love Rob though, it’s unanimous that he’s a humble guy.

  2. Ah-mazing!!!

  3. Love both Rob and Chaske. They’re such amazing people before being amazing actors.

  4. I’m glad to see they’re bringing us more footage/info on the rest of the wolk pack. Chaske seems like a cool guy who has paid his dues & is now reaping the benefits. I wish him all the success & happiness in the world.

  5. aww i like chaske 🙂

  6. Awwhh Yeh I loved Chaske. It’s good we got to see him. He seems pretty cool,a nice guy. In some of the parts where Rob was being interviewed he looked like a HoBo. No effence to homeless peoples hair I’m sure theres isn’t that bad. Haha! But yeah it was good.!!!

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