Kellan Lutz Interview: Part 2

The Parent’s Examiner continues her interview with Kellan Lutz where he now talks about personal choices.

“I just love what I do. I found myself going on this one path becoming a chemical engineer making $60,000 a year- it was a respectable job. But my personality needs more. The rush of having an audition or becoming another character was awesome. But thank God that He was there shooing me in the right direction. He just kept me safe, and I know I put my mom through some stressful times.

That’s why I wear a white bracelet on left wrist. It’s my freedom bracelet. It’s finally my life and I get to do what I want to do, and it reminds me where I came from. I’m in it for the right reasons. I don’t care to be famous; I don’t care to be in the tabloids. I just love to act. I enjoy it so much. It’s just my favorite hobby that I’ve unlocked inside of myself, and I’d love to do it for the rest of my life.”


  1. It’s nice to hear background on some of the other actors from Twilight, Kellan sounds like a really great guy. I’m rather sick of Kristin and Rob, not their fault, just too much on those two.

  2. Wow, lovin what I’m hearing…finally someone giving God a bit of credit, we live in a world where everyone thinks they do it on their own, refreshing….

  3. I agree with you Karen. As though I needed another reason to like Kellan! I think he’s great and I look forward to seeing what he does with his career, and message.

  4. If it is even possible, I think this interview has made me love Kellan even more!

    • During the q and a at the twilight convention in Atlanta in July, one of the questions that was asked was who would he someday love to meet. His response was “I’d love to meet god and Mosis.” That totally went straight to my heart when he said that. He’s truly very down to earth and an amazing person. It’s great to read about other actors such as Kellan.
      He’s got tons and tons of class!

  5. I couldn’t agree more…..he is cute 😛

  6. Wow, he seems like a really cool guy 🙂

  7. I really love how they decided to go with actors/actresses who are not in it for the money but for the ACTING!! Reading all the interviews with all of the casts, they all have this in common and I can see why fans are not just loving their work but their dedication to their work which so many famous/infamous actors have lost along the way. Kellan seems like such an awesome person to want to have around….:D

  8. See, this is why I love him!

  9. HopefulInTucson says:

    We truly hope that Kellan means what he says when referencing his potential creator. If could give kids a mixed understanding of God Given Talents. Freedom and Gifts are wonderful opportunities to lift oneselve and others. In any case We are happy for him and enjoy watching him preform.

  10. He is so sweet. I’m glad that he acts because he loves and wants to act, and not for money. It’s hard to find people like him.
    Go Kellan, my favourite Emmett!

  11. i love him(; haha i have every other color bracelts on my wrists except white! ill get one at walmart!!!

  12. He seems really nice. He is perfect for Emmett.

    I’m nervous about Eclipse and David Slade’s directing style again. Kellan said “Eclipse is a manly movie with lots of action” when he was talking about Slade as a director. um, Eclipse is NOT action packed and is not “manly” in any way. It’s my favorite book because the love triangle intensifies and it’s really emotional in the end between Jacob and Bella.
    The newborn fight scene is intense but that’s the most action it has really.

    I hope Slade follows the book like Weitz seem to have done.

  13. Loved both parts of this interview! 🙂

    I know what you mean, switzgal… I’m a bit worried about Eclipse, too, if they really go overboard with effects and the whole vampire army action thing… It could potentially become tasteless really fast.

  14. me too. Slade seems more intent on darkening it up, which is not how the book is. I’m afraid the scenes with Edward and Bella will be lost, again. Not much do but wait and see. keep your fingers crossed

  15. I am looking forward to seeing more of Edward and Bella together, but I would enjoy a bit more action. If he embellishes a little, or lingers a little longer on the action, I’m all for it, but just not too much.

    I really can’t wait to see the tent scene. One of my favorites in the book. A little extra action wouldn’t hurt there, either. Things are extremely tense at that point and coming to a head, so I wouldn’t mind in the least bit seeing Edward and Jacob go at it for a bit longer than what’s described in the book. Hmmmmm…not one bit!! Oh yes, please linger on this scene!

  16. missing edward (30yearoldtwifan) says:

    I love Kellen and his interviews, I just hope he doesnt cancel any more conventions. A lot of pl were disappointed as of late, when he cancels but is then seen out and about at parts and such. Still love ya though!

  17. Rosalie's Pain says:

    Now I’m nervous. Twilight is a saga about a love story. There is no action in Eclipse! The only ones who fight are Edward and Seth against Victoria and Riley. The others fight is only mentioned. Eclipse is not a manly book at all. We know there is a growing danger throughout the book, that is the extent. Also, Jasper trains them on how to fight. I really wish they had left the series for Catharine to direct. She created a vampire world that was believable. Believe it or not my favorite parts in the whole movie were the human parts. I loved that Catharined really showcased what being in high school was like.

  18. I really enjoyed the high school scenes as well. Took me back to the cafegymatorium. Ah, the gossiping, the looks, the different groupings at each lunch table…. The books, however, do move on and get more intense in portraying the love story and triangle, and threats to the characters’ lives, etc. I read what Kellan said, and I know that the fight involving the majority of the Cullens vs. Newborn vamps is sort of “background noise” in the book, but I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing a little of that, if they can work it in shortchanging the core story, because the book kind of piqued my curiousity about what was going on with the rest of the family and werewolves as well. Seeing a little of that might add to the drama of Bella’s anguish, because if I recall, she is worried about what’s going on with the rest of the family and pack during the fight and is feeling the need to contribute as well. I do agree, however, that the movie should not exclusively focus on fighting and more fighting because the essence of the story will indeed be lost.

    • I meant “…without shortchanging the core story…”

    • Rosalie's Pain says:

      Ali, you are 100% correct. I would love to see the scenes of the fight between the Cullens and the Warewolves against the New Borns! I should have better expressed that Eclipse is in no way a manly novel. Victoria is seeking revenge because they killed her “soul mate”. She wants revenge for the loss of her loved one. Yes, Bella feels like a liability through the entire book, she feels helpless. I’m just scared that they will make this a manly movie to try to get more guys to come see the movie and get new fans. I understand how capitalism works, and do not blame them for doing it. Unfortunately, I was once an artist myself, and what I created was what I wanted to present to others. I did not want to cater to anyone. Artists with integrity will gain fans for their work, they will not work to please their fans. The Twilight Saga is not a Transformers Saga that needs to be jam packed with action and battle sequences. As far as Eclipse goes, I’m hoping that they will get Rosalie’s story in the movie and Jasper’s as well. If there is a big action sequence with Jasper’s story, it’s understandable. He used to destroy New Borns and other armies. I also hope that they get the Legends chapter in there. I really want to see Rosalie in her wedding dress going after the man who left her for dead. Rosalie and Leah are my favorite characters. They both are the most complex, yet grounded characters. I always thouhgt that it was unfair that most everyone dislikes Rosalie because she didn’t want Bella to become a vampire. Neither did Edward, but somehow most everyone likes him! Talk about unfair. Also, Rosalie would do anything to be human again. Edward hates being immortal as well and complains about it through the series; yet he is not seen as an @$$ but Rosalie is seen as a witch. Tell me that’s fair!

      • the reason Rosalie gets a bad rap is because she is cruel and self-absorbed. She had no problem having Bella die just because she was jealous of her. Rosalie needs the world to revolve around her, doesn’t tend to warm people to you.

        • Rosalie's pain says:

          Yes, Rosalie is self absorved. I find it and everyone knows that. So is Edward! Why else does he like having supper fancy cars? So is Alice! She does not like to wear the same thing twice and criticizes Bella for her taste in fashion! Even after Bella is converted to a vampire, Alice still thinks she brought her tackiness into her immortal life. Yes, Rosalie wanted Bella dead but it was not because of her jealousy. It was due to her concern for her family. Bella was just as concerned for Charlie and Renee when James was after her. What was the difference in killing James to protect Bella who was now part of the Cullen family then for Rosalie to want Bella dead to protect her family? Is Rosalie conceited? Absolutely! She is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever seen according to Bella. Was she an evil person? Let’s see, if she had been, why did Bella run to her and only her in her darkers hour when Edward wanted to pull the thing out of her? Rosalie knows compassion and loyalty!

  19. Kellan Lutz<3

  20. edwardschewtoy says:

    Awwww. That’s my boy. I love Kellan.

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