The Host Being Developed For Film

According to Variety, Producers Nick Wechsler, Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz have used their own money to acquire screen rights to The Host and Andrew Niccol will write the script and direct. There is no timeline currently associated with the project that has been revealed at this time.

According to Variety, “The trio wanted to make a science fiction film and fixed on The Host…The producers continued lobbying the author and her reps at UTA and The Writers House with a significant offer, a strong vision for the project, and a collaborative spirit. Meyer eventually said yes.

In fact, Niccol first came under consideration after Wechsler and the Schwartz’ asked Meyer her favorite science fiction films, and Gattaca and The Truman Show were in her top five. Niccol wrote and directed Gattaca and scripted the Peter Weir-directed The Truman Show. ”

According to Nick Wechsler, “We wanted Stephenie to be involved in the adaptation, and have her endorse and be part of the creative decisions, Twilight has proven she more more [sic]about what works than most.”

Let the speculation begin! Who would you want to be Ian, Jared, Wanda and Melanie?


  1. im glad theyre making it into a movie. ithe whole time i was reading it i imagined what it would be like as a movie.

  2. i wanna be wanda!!


  3. Please dont… Ive never tried to read such a terrible book, and never read a book where so many people have seen me reading it and said, dont bother, give up now!

    So dissapointing when the Twilight books were so amazing.

    • I have to disagree with you. I thought the book started out slow but it’s a great book and in my opinion the best writing for Stephenie.
      Yes the Twilight books are amazing but their are people out there who prefer the Host to any of the Twilight books. I was very happy with that book and I can’t wait for the movie !

      • I agree, thought the beginning was slow, almost quit reading it, but my son told me to keep going, once you get to the desert you can’t put it down. love Ian. I’ve never sobbed so hard reading a book before, and that’s saying something cuz I cried my eyes out when Edward left Bella and then when Bella was saying good-bye to Renesmme. love Stephenie’s writing. can’t wait till she puts out something new

        • Ugh! Yes…I have not read The Host a third time because i am nto ready for all the sobbing I do at the end. Wanderer’s willingness to sacrifice herself just SLAYS me! And I cried at the Twilight Saga parts you mentioned too – all four times…sheesh!

    • I respectfully disagree with all those Host haters. The Host is my favorite book. The heartbreak and tragedy in this book ripped me apart when I read it. I thought it was a wonderful read. But maybe since I am an adult and it is an adult novel, then I took more life experience with me when I read it. If you’ve never had your heart broken, or watch someone you love with someone else, or been persecuted, or hung on by your nails to survive, then I expect you may not understand or relate to it.

      And I am so excited about it being a movie. The internal dialogue may be difficult to capture, but it should be good!! I always saw Tom Welling as Ian and Chris Evans as Kyle. Missy Peregrym as Melanie.

  4. twilight_poppy says:

    this is a nice book to read sometime but it can’t be a movie success because it isn’t interesting to people, or even romantic like the twilight saga…

  5. I beg to differ. I truly think that The Host has gotten a bad rap since it is SOOOO much different than the Twilight series. I admit that it took me a little while to actually get into it, but once I did I couldn’t put it down. The interaction between the characters was very heart wrenching and touching. If don’e right, I think it will make a very interesting movie.

    • I agree with you. My mother and I really enjoyed reading The Host. It had slow parts in it but the characters are so well written. Here’s hoping the adaptation does it justice.

    • Christabell says:

      I totally agree with you. I’m reading The Host at this very moment and while it was a little harder to get into at the beginning (and that may be because I had the Twilight Saga on the brain) I am now finding it hard to put down because it has completely drawn me in. Anyone who says this book isn’t interesting clearly hasn’t read it or just doesn’t get SciFi. I can’t say I’m a huge SciFi book fan myself, but I do love this book so far. I can definitely see this becoming a movie and can’t wait to see it! All the torment, angst and longing for another will undoubtedly be played out beautifully on screen.

  6. The Host will be a MUCH better movie than a book. The entire time I read it, all I could think was how much better it’d be on SyFy, in an hour and a half format instead of 800 or so pages.

  7. i liked the host..the first chapter was hard to get through but i pushed on and found myself crying towards the end. it would be interesting to see it on film

  8. I’m way excited about it. Sure it’s not Twilight but it has it’s own wonderful qualities about it. Plus it’s a sci-fi so it’s in a different genre. I think that if they do film this right, with the characters, the relationships, the bonds, then it will become a beautifully done film.

  9. omg omg!! I’m excited! I guess I will be re reading the host!! And I’m not sure who should play the parts! How old are they suppose to be??? Well, I always thought for Ian, Casey Aflect! He’s got dreamy eyes! As for the others, idk!

  10. OMG! YAY! 😀

  11. i agree with most. i did imagine it as a book while reading it, it was slow in the beginning and tough to get into. but then i couldnt put it down. i read it through twice in a month and cried several times each read. the only problem i foresee is the caves. they are so dark…it will be interesting to see how they put that on camera. but it doesnt need a huge budget so hopefully it will be done quickly. im excited to see it! i think it should be 2hrs long to include all the events. as for actors…i think unknowns would be good. they wont cost as much. but i bet Stephanie had some people in mind when she was writing.

  12. I think it will be a great movie… I found the first quarter of the book really slow, but once melanie finds Jared and Jamie I couldn’t put it down. The relationships between the characters are fantastic and just as real as in Twilight. I see Eliza Dushku as Melanie/Wanda, Jensen Ackles as Jared, Hayden Panettiere as Wanda/the Soul, Russel Crowe as Jeb and Ben Affleck as Kyle.

    • I like your picks, but I would put Jensen Ackles as Ian, Ryan Gosling as Jared and maybe Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel as Melanie. I like Hayden as the soul, good choice. I hope they hurry up! I’m excited to see it.

  13. I love the Host. It takes a while to get into, but it is SO worth it. The Truman Show is one of my favorite movies of all time. I just never knew it was considered a Sci-fi!!!

  14. I thought the Host was a fantastic book, but I just don’t see how they are going to be able to make this into a movie. Maybe I’m wrong and I hope it does well, but I think it is going to be difficult for them to show the characters correctly, especially wanda and melanie’s battle in the beginning over who gets to control to body.

    And how if the truman show sci-fi!?

  15. Oh please, please, please don’t eff this up like Summit effed up the first Twilight movie (New Moon looks good though).

    I think the internal conversation will be interesting to hear, especially if they use two different voices or one voice and two different ways of speaking or tones for Melanie and Wanda.

    I read The Host after I read the Twilight Saga and it really is the superior book. Well written and simple. And god do I love Ian…

    • thank you for noticing how bad Summit mangled Twilight. wasn’t even sure I wanted to see New Moon after I saw Twilight but the previews for New Moon are getting me excited to see it- but I got off topic- sorry. The Host will be a really good movie if they do it right, and it’s always a big if. Kris Kristofferson would be great as Jeb. How about Matthew Maconaghey as Ian, I’m sure I butchered his last name

    • Matthew Maconaghy-Ian
      Kris Kristofferson-Jeb
      Chris Cooper-Jared
      Scarlett Johanson-Melanie

    • I agree! Summit messed up Twilight (New moon looks good though) Twilight the movie was hacked around and all the great scenes from the book never even made the movie and some really strange scenes made their way in!

      I love The Host and just hope the guys doing this film dont frick this one up!


      • yeah so many of the scenes that showed Edward and Bella’s bond growing were stripped out so by the time you got to the end of the movie you had no idea why they were so bonded. the kept the main story line of the book but the heart and soul were ripped out.

        • Thats completely right! The film must of been so confusing to anyone that had not read the book.

          In the book their bonding was special and amazing to read about, but in the film he saves her life twice, they eat dinner, he flashes himself to her in the meadow, then climbs a tree with her near the family home…baseball…Then bam their in love and he then saves her from crazy James.

          The film needed the blood testing scene and more about the Cullens as in the film you never even heard that Jasper had a ability! New Moon looks amazing though 🙂 Rant 🙂

  16. I adore The Host (I personally prefer it over Twilight, for a number of reason, although it also took me a little while to get into) but I’ve never been eager to see it adapted for screen. How would you convey all the internal conversations?

    However, Andrew Niccol to write/direct? I’m prepared to put my scepticism aside! And while there is no way one could include everything in the book in a film, a lot of long books have made successful (as in decent, rather than financially profitable) films. I’d say there’s definitely hope!

  17. this is basically the worst news i’ve heard in a long time. they’re going to ruin it. then all the little teenyboppers are going to be obsessed with the movie even though it’s terrible and make me absolutely embarrassed to so much as admit i’ve heard of the book.

  18. TwilightRocks! says:

    I agree it was slow to start but sooo good after they get to the cave. I disagree that it was not romantic!I think Jensen Ackles would be a fabulous Jared! I will have to think about the rest…maybe Jessica Biel as Melanie because she is athletic. Sam Elliott might be a good Jed or even Kris Kristofferson. I have no idea who should play Ian.

    • Yes, Jessica Biel & Kris K.

      As to the other posts suggesting actors: Chris Pine for Jared?!?!? Too short & too skinny.

      Donald Sutherland would be a good Jeb too.

      Joaquin Phoenix??? Have you SEEN him lately? No way! Huh-uh… I would boycott on principle if they chose him.

      I think they would be better off going with unknowns like they did for Twilight (just hopefully better actors than Rob & Kristen – Can you say “wooden?” YIKES! For the record, I think Twilight the movie sucked too. I want my $24.95 back, please.)

      And of course the “Ian & Kyle” actors need to look just like they are described in the book: dark/black hair, blue eyes & muscles!

  19. I really liked The Host. When my friends finished the Twilight books, I gave them my copy of The Host to read. I didn’t find it difficult to get into, but that may be because I didn’t have any set expectations for the book. It is not a YA book as Twilight was and of a totally different genre.

    I really like some of the picks above too!

  20. I absolutely loved The Host. The beginning is necessary to understand the entire book so I can not understand how anyone can say they thought it was boring. I’m not sure if I want it made into a movie because that always seems to ruin books (meaning no one will read it now that there is a movie). The Host is my favorite Stephenie Meyer book.

    • SnoWhite11120 says:

      Agreed! I love “The Host” and everyone needs to remember that it is an adult novel. Most of the people who say that it started “slow” are probably not adults. The opening chapters are necessary to set up the world she created (just like you said)! It’s not like “Twilight,” which takes place in our own reality; “The Host” occurs in an alternate scenario. It’s a brilliant piece of work!

  21. Why can’t we just let books be books? Like really, what happened to letting your imagination composed the prescribed world from literature. I’m not saying Steph had ideas for this to happen to all her books but can’t we reserve some untainted originals.
    Plus like people said above it was definitely a slow starter. I even stopped reading it for awhile before I came back to it just to finish it (I hate unfinished work). But I can be optimistic. I’ll give the benefit of a doubt that it’s a possibility that it could be a good film in the end.

  22. superexcited! says:

    I’m so excited! I loved the book but I think it might be difficult to do in a movie. I really hope it turns out great and not like the first Twilight film. I would pick Paul Walker as Jared, Josh Hartnett as Ian, Hayden Panetierre as Wanda, Channing Tatum as Kyle and Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel as Melanie/Wanda.

    • hey yea! I could def. see Alba playing Melanie/Wanda. She can do the whole attitude/athletic thing(Mel), and also the shy, scared, helpless thing (Wanda)! I also hope it is better than the Twilight movie. They just butchered that movie! Parts of it were just so awkward….silences, odd phrases…just bad.

  23. heavenlysamuraigirl says:

    The host was an amazing book.

    That book brought me to tears more than once.
    Something the Twilight Series never did to me.

    I’m excited that the book is going to made into a movie. Though I feel they are only doing this, cause they “think” it will be another Twilight phenomenon.

    Either way The host was great.
    I don’t really know of any actors I’d perfer.
    But I can’t wait to see it.

    • The Host was so GOOD! I can re-read that book over and over and still be brought to tears. I don’t know who would play Ian, who I love beyond words, I hope it’s someone really talented. Jeb is also a favorite of mine. I’m concerned about filming in the caves. I wouldn’t want them to change that thinking it will bore the audience to be in the same setting. And the internal conversations between Mel and Wanda has to be handled correctly. Of course casting is always an issue, but here’s hoping.

  24. The host was a good book but I don’t agree with SM’s picks for the actors. matt damon and ben affleck are too old to play these characters.

  25. I loved the Host even more than the Twilight books. However, the characters didn’t pull me in like the Twilight ones did. I loved the story as a whole better, though. I like SciFi and Fantasy so it was very much my speed. I think it will make a wonderful movie and can’t wait to read a sequel.

  26. haha! I changed my mind! Chase Crawford!! He would be an awsome Ian!!! Melanie: Summer Glau; Wanda: Amanda Seyfreid! Idk about Jared though!

  27. I really loved The Host and would love to see it as a movie! I’ll have to think about who I envision the actors to be. I just made up faces in my head and they weren’t of anyone famous.

  28. gah! i’m so happy! i’d loooove to see this as a movie- i’ve been complaining that it wasn’t done sooner!

    please don’t F* this up!!!!

  29. Switzerland says:

    let’s just hope they don;t mess it up…

  30. what about ashley greene as melanie????

  31. James MaCavoy for Ian!!! Please people?! I am with all the Host lovers out there! So excited they are going to transform this great story to visual format!

  32. I want to see an unknown play Melanie and Wanda. There are too many ‘Hollywood starlets’ that everyone thinks can act, but really can’t. They’re just popular because they’re on ‘popular’ tv shows.

    I’d like to see Alexander Skarsgard as Jared, and Jared Leto as Ian.
    Have an open casting call for Melanie, and shoot, I’ll be there.
    As for Jeb, get M.C. Gainey. He played Mr. Friendly on ‘Lost’ (haven’t watched it in years). And possibly Matthew Gray Gubler to play Doc.

  33. Yay!!!!!! The Host is my favorite Stephenie Meyer book, second to New Moon (I’m all about romantic tragedies xD ) The Host is a really spectacular book. I think that most of the people who didn’t like it only feel that way because it was too complex. But that’s what I like about it-the writing is significantly matured from the Twilight books. 🙂

  34. i personally don’t think it would make a good movie. there’s just so much going on that alot of it is bound to get cut and then altering the whole feel of the story. i always thought that it would be better off made into a mini series. you oculd go nuts with it then and leave most of it in!!!

  35. This is great news! I really wanted to read the Host, but I never got some spare time. I’m sure, since Stephenie wrote it, that it must be a great book. I’d love to watch it on the big screen.

  36. I belive the reason that so many don’t like this book compared to Twilight is that Twilight was for an enirely different age group. It was written for pre-teens and teenagers. While the Host was written for an ADULT audience. So of course thier are going to be people who prefer Twilight over the Host and others who prefer the Host to Twilight.

    As fo making this a movie this book is one of my favorites of all time because it makes you reevaluate the question “what is human? what makes human’s human? While Twilight is an amazing Series it a romance story which a tthe end was wrapped in a nice little ribbon. And while that’s fine and good for what that series was saying its on one level all together with the rest of the other countless books that were written i that genre. While the Host is on a completely different plane for completely difffernt reading audience, who have completely different views as to what makes a good book a good book.

    Now saying all of that I’ll admit the first few chapters dragged on a bit but that’s something I’ve noticed in Adult books is that the first chapters are the set up chapters instead of Teen books where chapter one is booth the introduction but BAM you have a dose of the action.

    Now hopefully they will do this movie rigt because as I stated before this is one of my favorites….

    And sorry for my long winded rant.

  37. All they want is money n im sick of it i didn’t get to finish the book but i thought it was ok i hope to finish it but anyway what gets on my nerves n even with twilight is that there are so many people who haven’t read the books n they say they are there’re biggest fans n in my opinion i don’t think that there real fans unless they read the book(s)! n i have a feeling that the same thing is going to happen to the host. Summit only cares about the money! n that really gets me mad!

  38. I always wanted Jonathan Bennett to be Ian.

  39. Yisel Cullen says:

    Great idea! If they do it can be a great movie! I totally loved this book…I love Wanda and what can i tell you about Ian…sometimes I liked him better than Edward…I hope they tone down the violence against Wanda though…cause I don’t wanna see some big guy hurting her too much….
    ….again..I’m sooo happy…I totally love The Host!

  40. Wow. If you read this Stephenie, please cast Sam Worthington as Jared!!!

  41. CHRIS PINE from the new Star Trek as JARED
    not sure who for Jaime.
    I think these people could do the characters justice!!!

  42. I wonder how they’re going to put all the internal dialogue to screen =S Don’t know, it seems strange to put this book into movie… I loved the book though, so I’m a little curious too about the possibilities for the movie =)

  43. I’m freaking out! This is too much for me to handle. My life was already consumed with Twilight/Edward & Bella/New Moon/Jacob/Eclipse
    Now this….. I love The Host. I’m not to good at
    picking out actors for roles so I’ll just gladly take whoever they choose!

  44. Taylor Swift should play Pet(Wanda)!!!

  45. I really really hope steph does do the sequel to the host. I loved it so much at the end i wanted to get 2 copies, although that’s useless. I thought it was going to be a lot different, more violent (was a little dissapointed at the start. but not now) I really want her to do a movie of it. I understand they can’t find people who look exactly like the character (it annoys me) but i hope they do.

    Ian – Jared Padalecki (he is just so Ian – capable of being sensitive and uncontrallably angry)
    Jared – i reckon should be jensen Ackles (great partnership with jared)
    for Wanda in her own body maybe Anna Paquin, or the Taylor Swift was a good idea (i just hope she can act). or Elizabeth Harncis or Laura Vandervoort.
    I am not sure for the rest – perhaps I’ll update.

  46. also i support the idea for Natalie Portman for Melanie, (with shoulder length hair – please) and

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