Jennifer Love Hewitt: Still Gushing Over Twilight

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the Ellen show expressing her Twilight and Robert Pattinson love.  Jennifer has been bitten for quite awhile now, even sucking her boyfriend into it.

The clip from Ellen made today’s People’s Top Five Daytime TV Moments


  1. I love her and can’t blame her or Jamie! I would love to see them in a part, maybe on Volturri side, or as the stewardess, it would be fun. Love to see people in the parts that are thrilled to be there!

  2. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Giggles. I knew there was a reason I like her. 😉 I’ve looove to see her in it!!!

  3. lame. she tries to jump on the bandwagon, that’s what she is doing. let’s hope her non-existing talent won’t show up in the films!

    • Wow! What did she ever do to you?!

      At least she has actually read all the books… “bandwagon celebs” are the ones who haven’t bothered to do that but pretend to be big Twilight fans now that its such a hit.

      And I love that she is in love with Edward… not Rob.

      She is adorable!

      • I totally agree. I mean, is she even relevant anymore?

        • *I meant that I agreed with TINA

        • Uh, yeah, she’s relevant. Ghost Whisperer is now in it’s 5th season and she has more than proven herself in the acting industry.

          I love that she’s as smitten by Edward as most of us are and I see nothing wrong with her voicing it.


      • I totally agree! What is with all the JLH bashing? I remember her saying that she’s read the books about four times and watches the movie constantly. She even has “Twilight” nights with her girlfriends! Come on guys – give her a break. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean that her obsession is any less real than ours!

    • she does too have talent!! have you watched Ghost Whisperer??! she’s very good and she can like twilight if she wants i mean at least she’s not just one of those ppl who just say yeah i saw the movie and i luved it at least she’s red the books and stuff

      • I’ve never even heard of Ghost Whisperer. But really, who could blame someone (even a famous person) for loving Twilight. How good of an actress she is doesn’t matter. I’m a terrible actress (I can’t act at all) But I have Twilight Lexicon as my home page on my computer and my husband doesn’t complain about it.

  4. haha, the one with Regis was so much more funny! “i love my hoes” *snicker*

  5. Love doesn’t jump on bandwagons. She’s sweet. At least pick on mean people, you know?

  6. @ Tina: I couldn’t agree more with u!!!!! I’m really tired of some of those “bloopers celebrities” trying to jump on the bandwagon… Bah!!! It’s starting to get ridiculous… 🙁

    • You are not being fair, she acutually loves, loves, loves the books and has for along time. I think those are the kinds of actors and actresses who should be apart of the movies.

      • Exactly, Karen! They are still publicizing Twilight. It’s no longer “just our thing.” People are getting mad because it’s getting more popular? The more people that endorse it, the better it is for us, the actors, the authors, the crews, everyone!

        We should show a little appreciation that other people love this world as much as we do.

  7. She’s so darn cute, I love that she’s into Twilight as hardcore as most of us are.

  8. ugh.

    PUH-lease go away JLH, she is nothing but CHEESE.

    and not the good kind of cheese, either.

  9. I don’t really care if she’s just jumping on the band wagon. I just think her dress in that picture is freaking cute!

    • Me too! It should have been a “Well Played” on – hilarious blog bashing celebrities who dress badly…

  10. I remember when she and peter facinelli (carlisle cullen) were in “Cant Hardly Wait”– Those were the days.

  11. I love JLH she’s so cute 😀

  12. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I do believe her I don’t see her as and actress who talks about liking Twilight for their benfit. She is a great actress.

  13. I’ve always loved her.

  14. And isn’t it awesome how she has Jamie all in love with it too! See, I love they actually read the books and love them, no offense but alot of the actors that got the parts never even read the books until they landed the part. What a awesome boyfriend to love (and admit to loving) Twilight! Kudo’s to Jamie too!

  15. It must suck to be famous. You can’t say you love something without people thinking you have an agenda.

  16. I love her!!! What she said about Edward being real! Hahaha! Hilareous!

  17. ILoveAliceCullen says:

    I love her dress!

    And she’s cute. As one above said: She is in love with Edward, not with Robert and that’s one of the best things.

    And she actually DO love twilight, not the crew or the movie script. No, she loves the books Stephenie wrote.

    And that’s making her awesome!

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