Jennifer Love Hewitt on Team Edward

Team Jacob fans please do not kill her; she seems to have underestimated the appeal.

You can read her whole interview on MTV.


  1. omg! i cant believe she is team edward! so crazy and weird.. lol

  2. CourtneyCullen says:

    wow. funniest thing ever. haha
    ‘on a scale of one to ten how..’
    ‘twenty five.’
    makes me feel better that a hollywood star is obsessed with it too. idk why though. lol

  3. CourtneyCullen says:

    ‘have you met someone who’s not team edward?’ she was so serious about that. haha

  4. aww i loved that
    im not a huge fan of that but it made me laugh
    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow! I cant believe she likes twilight that is cool… :)good spirit on her part.

  6. Daniela says:

    Haha she is so cute. It’s lovely to see a big star admitting that she likes Twilight.:)

    • I totally agree, I adore Jennifer and of course she’s on team Edward! Its nice that shes real enough to admit it! Plus she said Jamie (Kennedy) wants to be a wolf! More and more guys are confessing to being obsessed so…Go Jamie! I hope they find a part for you guys, you’re terrific.

  7. I can’t see this video. I can’t see it at all b/c it’s effin MTV who only care about US.

  8. nostalgicmiss says:

    Oh it’s great that this series has a hold on celebrities too!!! I love it.

    Go JLH!


    • twihard 4eva says:

      i totally feel ur pain. we r the misunderstood sane people in this world!!!! at first, i was like, “no way! jennifer is too cool to die!!”, then i watched the vid and was like, “omj! how could u say that! that is so rude!! how would u like it if i called all the team edward fans aliens!!???” i am so not watchin any more of her movies, unless she is in one of the twilight films, then i will just mope. have u seen the pick of jake on ? i mean, that is HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (any pic of him, long hair or no long hair, is mega hawt!!)

  10. Wow. A 25? Nice. If I’m on Team Switzerland, does that mean I’m half-alien?

  11. What if I wanted Edward to be with Bella, but Jacob is my favorite character? What does that make me. I love seeing a star as obsessed as I am

    • that still makes you tean jake. its who you prefer as a character, not who you want bella to end up with. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • that makes you team switzerland – i feel like picking team edward or jacob is saying that you dislike one of the characters
      i just wanted all three people to be truly happy, and with the way the 4th book turned out, it happens, i love that jake will end up with someone who can love him the way he deserves to be loved, the way bella loves edward and vise versa

      • isnt team switzerland if you like them both the same and cant really pick between them? I dont mind edward, i just prefer jacob. but i would call myself team jake because i have a preference for one over the other. The lex really should do an article on this- the definition of the teams!!!

  12. higgin704 says:

    I love JLH and Ghost Whisperer, so this made me giggle. I totally see Jacob’s appeal, but I think it is cute that she is so passionately Team Edward.

  13. She’s awesome, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity that actually knows about twilight… like a lot of celebrities are like “I know twilight… its that movie with rob p.” ahh…. yeah. Go jennifer and long live twilight!!

  14. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Yay! I loved JLH before this but more so now! Lol! Heehee, Team Edward!!!! Lol,Kiki

  15. I always loved her. AND NOW I LOVE HER MORE !!!

  16. Girl has no taste at all…….lol! i guess taylor IS a little young for her to say the least…..

  17. i LOVED this! like everyone else said, it’s so funny/awesome to see celebs who are just as obsessed as us!

  18. whoa! 25? thats huge.. love her.. she totally in love with twilight.. great to know that..
    im team Switzerland… edward is awesome and jacob is great.. and twilight is my obsession..

  19. WOW!! Thank you Jennifer Love Hewitt for putting into words what I’ve been thinking all this time! Team Edward!!!! for the record, I don’t know if I could handle meeting Robert Pattinson without passing out either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Miranda says:

    Haha she’s so funn and thanks to this interview, is one of my new favorite people.

  21. Bella.Cullen says:

    Go Jennifer! Team Edward fans rock! lol.. I even got a team edward backpack AND lunchbox AND my room is decked out in twilight stuff

  22. So?Im 26 and i love Twilight! Read all 4 books at least 4 times each maybe more lol its such a sweet great powerful story of friendship and love and what it takes. Its great i love it. Oh yeah and Team Edward forever!:) lol

  23. Rachelle says:

    I love Jennifer Love Hewitt – she’s just to cute XD

  24. “they are not girls?” WTF? team switzerland forever!

  25. danielle says:

    Aww that was funny…. Cool to see celebs like Twilight too. But I will always be Team Jacob at heart sorry Jennifer Love Hewitt I guess I’m an alien lol.

  26. ILoveAliceCullen says:

    I loved the; “that aren’t girls, but aliens from another planet who aren’t allowed to exist.”

    I didn’t really love her, now I like her! She’s sweet!

    And how she says; “he plays music.”
    So cute and lovely!

    Team Edward, for sure!

  27. donsher says:

    Okay… that was pretty sweet! Love it!

  28. She’s right about the “They are not girls thing”…. cuz Jacob fans are women who like their men hot, ripped, and non-sparkly ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Anonymous says:

      Edward IS ripped. Rob . . . not so much.

      Even still, she’s entitled to her own opinion. And it’s obvious that she’s joking. I just happen to agree with both the opinion AND the joke. LOL

    • twihard 4eva says:

      daaaaaaang!!! couldnt have said it better myself. go jake!!!! we dont need no stinkin’, sparkly vampires!!!!

    • Laura :D says:

      oh yeah! couldn’t have said it better myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • you could not possibly have phrased that better!!! us team jacob ladies just have higher standards in the ab’s department. I almost feels sorry for the team edward folks, they’re missing out on the hot porno strip teases by looking at edward all the time… shame.;););)

  29. Oh please, Edward is a control freak and possessive. Team Jacob all the way!

    • Oh, please. Jacob Black is selfish and a manipulator. Team Edward all the way!

      • OMG! even more obsessed! says:

        AMEN!! THANK YOU for saying that!! That’s what I’ve been saying ALLLLLL along! lol. that’s why I’m team Edward. i’m a fan of TAYLOR now cause he IS hott. But i will FOREVER be team edward.

      • OMG! even more obsessed! says:

        k, so i always thought she was sweet, but now i’m just a huge fan of hers. i’ll support any show or movie of hers i can lol. and i LOVE it that celebs will admit that they’re as obsessed with it as we are. yay Twilight!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I must say, I like edward, but the over controlling, posessive thing is well true. And people always call jacob manipulative, they forget he only turned that way after he had his heart broken over and over again by bella using him when she needed him, and pushing him away when she didnt. he’s human! If the places had been exchanged and bella had chosen jake, edward would probably have tried similar tactics. believe it or not, he DOES have a manipulative streak. The end of the sleeping bag scene where he intentionally tells jake that him and bella are getting married, behind bella’s back kinda proves that.

  30. switzgal says:

    She’s entitled to her opinion, I like the fact that she likes Twilight too. But I don’t hate Edward. I just relate more to Jacob.I always rooted for the underDOGs though.
    Plus the way SM wrote about Jacob, only people with no heart can hate him!!!!

  31. Team Edward baby !!! Team Jacob please stop hating. WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED THAT MOST OF THE FANS ARE team Edward fans ?

    • Ah now read the above comments. You team edward fans arent exactly innocent on the bashing side either. Dont try to make out that we are the source.

  32. Laura G. says:

    It’s even cuter, that her boyfriend or husband or whatever he is said in an inerview that she is his Bella ๐Ÿ˜›

  33. Jacob luver says:

    lmaooo i guess im an alien/not a girl cuz im IN LOVE with jake!!i luv to see how all these big celebrities have obsessions like us and are normal like us too! lmaoo why cant she just meet robert! i soooo wanna meet taylor though i might faint too! XD

  34. mschicklet says:

    Well in her defense, Taylor (who plays Jacob obviously) is still a minor, so it is a little weird for so many older women to be nutso over him. I’m only 23 but I feel weird about all the oversexualization.

    I’m sure Summit loves to see more and more celebrities who are into the series though. Good, free publicity ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Team Switzy ALL THE WAY AND FOREVER!

  36. hahaha, I love her.

    I wish she would get a part in one of the movies, especially since she loves the series so much. haha

  37. Well, she did co-star with Peter in Can’t Hardly Wait. It’s only natural for her to pick a Cullen :]

  38. angelicfruitcake says:

    Wow, this is so cool! When she said that if she met RP she would pass out, so funny!

  39. I loved it. Not because I want to pick a fight with Team Jacob, but because I thought it was fun to watch.

  40. I think Summit should consider Jennifer for the part of Kate. I can see her zapping Garrett!

  41. team_jacobrocks says:

    well i am obvisolly and alien and apperently not a girl but i am a girl and im all the wat team jacob…he is so hott and im team jacob cuz real men dont sparkle plus he is reliable and wouldnt leave bella

  42. Jackalyn says:

    I love that she loves Twilight!
    I love that she has bought the book for her friends and family, just like me, (it’s easier for me to part with the money and buy them their own, then for me to lend them my copy!)
    I love that she watches it once a week, just like me!!

    It’s great to see someone my age, someone in Hollywood, just be crazy like us!!

    • Shannon says:

      I am the same way. I can’t let others borrow my books. I’d rather buy them their own, my husband included lol It’s just too hard to part with my copies, not to mention they’re not exactly in the best shape after reading them 8 times lol

  43. Laura :D says:

    lol she sounds almost as obsessed as me ๐Ÿ™‚ when i read the comment about not killing her i figured it was over-exaggerated but…GRRRRRRR! call me an alien but jake’s my man!

  44. i officially love her now!!! that is so great!! im sending this interview to all my team jacob friends!

  45. Cindy E. says:

    Loved: “I want to be the vampire who carries Ron Pattinson’s luggage.”

  46. I knew there was a reason i watched Ghost Whisperer. Shes amazing.

  47. Gosh.. You guys are ridiculous. SHE’S ENTITLED TO HER OPINION!!!!
    Isn’t this fight already over yet?
    Edward GOT THE GIRL! Jacob fans need to hush up! I understand that you support your manipulative selfish wolf (why, i have no idea) but you guys are taking this feud FAR too seriously.
    The books happened.
    Its about their love story.
    Also, stop hating on rob OR taylor. they’re just ACTORS. Rob is NOT edward, and Taylor is NOT jacob.
    GROW UP! Also, if your on Taylor’s side because of his abs that shows how shallow and superifical you are.
    I’m sick of people calling twilight fans superifical and you guys PROVE WHY people say such things about ourselves.

    ~Team Edward~ You told them Jeniffer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree! The feud is over. People need to stop acting like immauture little 12 year olds.
      Personally, I AGREE with Jen. Team EDWARD ALL THE WAY.
      Because REAL MEN don’t trick girls into kissing them.
      Plus, Jacob is a pedophile.

    • “she seems to have underestimated the appeal.”
      .. uh NO! She said it perfectly. TEAM EDWARD because he’s the better man. Enough Said. Didn’t ya’ll read Breaking Dawn??

  48. musiiqjunkii3 says:

    LOVED that. It was too funny when she was talking about what team she was on. I think many people confuse being on team Jacob and being on team Taylor Lautner. lol You cannot NOT love Taylor Lautner. But the character Jacob can be such a pain in the ass. Edward is just the perfect man and he’s so selfless when it comes to Bella. You have to love him [ for her or for yourself ] but I wouldn’t mind having Jacob as a bestfriend. =] But I’m definitely team Edward. Now if you asked me if I was team Robert or team Taylor, I would probably choose Taylor. He’s the hotter of the two lol

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