David Slade Gives Behind the Scenes Picture

David Slade was back on Twitter again giving out some details and sharing a behind the scenes image.

Today, vampires talking, vampires kissing, rain stayed away. We had to battle the sunlight to keep our vampires from sparkling too much.”


When the vampires sparkle we need to use a special camera filter to expose it on film. Otherwise the film over exposes.”

Also, speaking of Twitter, Ashley Greene has just made an account. You can follow Ashley at AshleyMGreene


  1. The pictures that David is posting are incredible!! The angle and depth. I am glad all is well on the set of Eclipse!! Can’t wait to see what he does with it!!

  2. Hey guys i’m from Brazil, and i just wanna say that Twilight Lexicon is completely amazing!
    I follow you guys on twitter. I’m anxious for New Moon, very, very anxious and excited. New Moon is my favorite book of the saga, and for now I’m really loving the trailers and the soundtrack. I think Chris Weitz will give us a great movie. Can you imagine my anxiety to Eclipse? I gonna have a infarct!!

    I’m sure he’s (Mr.Slade) doing a great job, but i prefer Mr. Weitz

    Hope that you guys have a nice week! God Bless (:

    P.S.: sorry about my english. I don’t speak/write very well 🙁

  3. im glad david slade keeps us updated like this. its nice to know what even a little bit about what is going on. and i love how he talks about how they film, not just what theyre filming. its very interesting to me.

  4. Now I feel all sparkley! It is sooo awesome that David Slade takes a few moments to share some Eclipse moments with us. Adding the photo with the unfocused scene in the background was a nice touch!

  5. Nightswimming says:

    I love Mr. Slade’s tweets and pictures!

    How come Ashley’s twitter account isn’t Verified?

  6. I’m glad Ashley has now a twitter account too. I’m waiting ’til the rest of the cast gets one, so that I can add them too.

  7. No one paid attention to that second tweet, huh? He says the sparkling will overexpose on the film, meaning that the sparkling is not initially computer generated. Body glitter perhaps? I are curious.

  8. Haha…for those in the film business (or for those who understand cameras), that second tweet is a joke. Slade might have been using a special filter during that scene, but it was not to reduce the intensity of the sparkle.

  9. I’m i the only person not impressed or excited about Eclipse! Is it too much too soon? So many changes, I’m just not feeling this at all! I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEW MOON, I HOPE SUMMIT MAKES A SMART MOVE AND BRINGS BACK CHRIS WEITZ FOR BREAKING DAWN! I CAN ONLY HOPE!!!!!!!!NEW MOON LOOKS AMAZING!!!!

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