Phenomenal New Moon Behind the Scenes Pictures

According to the LA Times Blacklot, photographer “David Strick was on the set about 15-20 minutes outside of Vancouver as director Chris Weitz and the cast and crew shot scenes late at night, in a very chilly Capitano Park Forest, until at least 4 a.m.”

There are nearly 40 photos, that’s right 40,  in all that are just stunning. Guess your best if they are flashbacks, outtakes, or dream sequences…or maybe all three, as Bella’s bed seems to be in the forest.  Which is your favorite?

TY to ME for the heads up.


  1. wow…some of those shots are just so beautiful! I really can’t wait to see New Moon! It looks like CW made us fans a great movie! It would be amazing if they brought him back for Breaking Dawn. I can’t wait to see this scene in the movie!

  2. This is the forest?? It would be the scene in the hut??

  3. Picture 34 is giving me goosebumps, I cannot look away! This movie is going to be fantastic!

  4. And is that the mirror from the initial dream with Gran??

    • That was my first thought (and hope)! I just started reading New Moon again before the movie comes out and I was really hoping the mirror/Gran scene would be in the movie. I hope this is part of it.

      • Thats such a crucial scene because it shows Bella hesitating about being mortal and growing old while Edward stays the same. However, that scene is also depressing. I’m glad that they’re putting it in though!

    • I think so too…the mirror is what did it for me! Looks so good!

  5. Dear Lord baby Jesus! the one where taylor is standing on his side!OMG *chanting*hes 17 hes 17 hes 17 hes 17

  6. Oh man these pics are awesome.
    My favs are all the Rob closeups and everyone with him on the bed.

  7. Oh…my!!!!!

  8. also… i wish i was in kristens place where she is laying down on the bed while rob is crouched on the bed also 😛

  9. Gorgeous snaps! Ed looming over Bella in bed.. Can’t wait to see these sequences come to life! Just wish they’d lay off the lipstick on him.

  10. I think these might be from the ‘scary nightmare sequence’ Chris keeps banging on about that will start the film.

    I get all excited when I think all the trailers added up together come to 6 minutes, so there’s a WHOLE lotta film we haven’t seen yet!!

    • candy-sky186 says:

      I totally agree, they are from a dream sequence (problably one of Bella’s nightmares) I can’t wait for the movie to come out…November 18 it’s my B-day and that movie is going to be my best B-day present ( thanks to my godson & god-daughter that every year treat me with a gift card for me going to movies God bless them).

  11. OMG.

    Jacob’s body is… something else. I’m breathless, really.

    Thank you Taylor Lautner for blessing this movie with your perfection 😀

  12. justtwilighting says:

    we always get edward in dark colors so he looks more pale but i have to say i am lovin him in the white shirt, pic #21 = Y-U-M-M-Y ! Great shots i cant wait to see it

  13. Oh AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

  14. Love them all. It’s really neat to see the Bella double and Kristen in the same shot. She really looks like Kristen in that shot, really cool. Love the picture of Jacob in front of the big tree and of course Rob crouching over Kristen. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  15. WOW! Dream sequence looks fantastic!!

    I think this is what Bella dreams when Edward leaves and what makes her wake up screaming? Or what she dreams after Jacob comes to see her to make her guess thats he’s a wolf? Because if you think back to Twilight (book) she has a dream with both Edward and Jacob in the forest.

    I just can’t wait to watch it either way 🙂

  16. All of these shots are amazing! The one with Kristen’s camera double is almost scary. They look A LOT alike. I’m really glad they are letting us see more as the days count down.

  17. OMG! that’s going to be one hell of a dream sequence!
    Can’t wait to see New Moon!!! 59 days… argh… not soon enough

  18. breathe in breathe out. November can’t come soon enough.

  19. Wow…these shots are absolutely stunning! I’m SO in love with CW! I agree, they’re some kind of dream sequence, but I’m not sure which. The mirror could indicate the dream with Gran at the beginning of the book. Or CW could be making a nod to Bella’s dream in Twilight where Edward is a “demon” and Jacob turns into a wolf. Or could just be one of the many nightmares she has after Edward leaves. Doesn’t looks amazing! It’s hard to believe that as much as we’ve seen of this movie already, there is still SO much we haven’t seen. Come on November!!!

  20. omg this are awesome. and yea that dream sequence looks pretty tight!!

  21. Can’t wait to see these all played out on screen. CW has done a great job .. Thank you Chris W

    • Yeah I agree! We all need to say a big thankyou to Chris.W. from what we’ve seen so far New Moon is going to be bloody fantastic!!


  22. so beautiful pictures, Edward looks realy scary and I love it!!!

  23. RunsWithWolves says:


    So much dedication to details should be honored.
    I hope he reads all the good comments about his work someday.
    Absolutely fantastic.

  24. TwilightRocks! says:

    why only 40 pictures? I want to see more! I love them all! Cant wait for the movie to come out…

  25. I’m not going to look at the photos in order to save myself from seeing more of the movie then I already have… but from all the other comments the pictures must look fantastic

    • they arent really spoile ish pics they are like just basicly them on set and the stuff like not ones like the ones where bella and edward are kissing or anything like that just them on the set and some of them are green screens so u should look at em!! 🙂

  26. LaTuaCantante says:

    Looks awesome! Edward close up is beautiful. There was a comment about channeling James Dean. I thought that same thing when I first saw Rob in Twilight. It’s the hair (sigh).

  27. omg awesomeness all of them!!! especiallly the taylor ones i mean im team edward and everything but taylor is so hott!!!

  28. Those pics were stunning…thank you Lexicon once again for this link, you made my day.

  29. WOW. At first i wasn’t going to look at these pictures but i’m sure glad i did. Utterly breathtaking, utterly beautiful, utterly fantastical.

    First of all, i’d like to rave about the picture of Rob and Kristen being silhouetted by golden light. It was beautiful, however, you have to ask yourself, was that just a lighting situation or is this actually some kind of scene in the movie? I’m hoping for the last. I love golden hues in movies, so classic.

    Secondly, i absolutely love the dream sequence photos. Bella’s bed in the forest, the wolves, Edward leaning over Bella, that beautiful mirror, and the best in my book, Bella leaning over herself. These look absolutely Awesome and Dark and Fantastical. I can’t wait to see the movie!

    Chris Weitz has really outdone himself and i really hope that he looks at all the positive fan reactions and that will inspire him to direct Breaking Dawn if the offer is provided.

    • Do you remember which part of the book she leans over herself in the bed? I just started reading NM again last week and can’t remember if I’ve read that part yet.

  30. I love all of the pictures! The white wolf is cute!

  31. awesome pictures! And I almost bought the same purple-leaf bedspread! Weird

  32. w.o.w.

  33. TwilightFreak says:

    All i have to say is WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY FILMING????? Yeah, some sort of dream sequence…..but WHAT? Bella’s room in the forest, mirrors, green screens, and bella looking over herself? Wtf is going on???? AAAHHHH IM GONNA GO CRAZYYYY!

    Oh this is my favorite one:
    -They just look….absolutely stunning in this one. I love how they both have their eyes closed and they really are in the moment. Im speechless.

  34. Oh!
    I haven’t any words to describe what I am felling right now!

  35. wow! omg! these are so great – i can not wait for the movie!!!

  36. really like photo 17!!!

  37. loved those pictures! they were stunning.
    Taylor is a vision of perfectionnnn!
    its going to be fantastic!
    the dream sequence will be like…. ahh!!
    cannot describe it.
    still not sure what the picture with her body double is all about?!?!
    and i really do hope they do the gran and mirror scence!!

  38. It is Capilano regional park not Capitano. I worked five minutes from the park.

  39. definitely the one where edward is crouched over bella in her bed *nods* it’s a beautiful image and who wouldn’t want to wake up to a gorgeous boy hovering over you 😉

  40. radio_announcer says:

    slide 17 is my favorite, this goes to show how professional they are, internalizing the character before the shoot. they (Rob and Kristen) are really perfect on screen. thanks twilight lexicon and to the photographer who showed us the other side of twilight new moon and its actors portraying and honing their craft for the benefit of its avid fans.

  41. Does anyone else find it funny that in pic #15 everyone is bundled up in parkas and sock caps and then there is Taylor completely shirtless. Poor guy he must be freezing! As much as I enjoy seeing him shirtless can they not even give him a jacket between takes?

  42. OMG taylor lautner is such a sexy beast!!!! lol he’s AMAZINGGGGG!!! i can just hear the angels singing when i see him shirtless!!!! :]

  43. The body double for Bella…her sister goes to my school.

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