Kellan Lutz: The Double-edged Sword of Fame

Kellan Lutz talked to Kim Sherman, the Parent’s Examiner, about what it has been like living under the media microscope for the past year.

“Everyone’s so loving and supporting- there’s no haters. There’s so many Twilight fans that have given me presents- gummy bears or chew toys for my dog. It’s so humbling; people wanting to have a picture with me or wanting me to sign something. It’s so endearing.

But when we’re here working 12, 14, 16 hour days, on our off days we just want to be a normal human being and go get a bite to eat or go play pool and be normal. We just want to get out of our hotel rooms or apartments, but we can’t, and that’s a tough thing. And we don’t always want to have to look our best. I just love dressing comfy to go out, but we can’t because there’s always photographers there.”

See the full Kellan details on Parent’s Examiner. Kim promises a part II tomorrow.


  1. i feel so sorry for the cast. they really have no private life.

    • I totally agree.
      Just look at the taploids. they’re constantly looking for something juicy and untrue to write about the twilight cast. Kellan, hugs! and here’s to hoping you get some much needed rest and private time!

  2. I agree to a point, but isn’t that the price of fame? Every struggling actor in Hollywood would gladly switch shoes with them anytime they want. Its a package deal. I think given the choice, really, they would all smile and say they’ll live with it. There’s always flipping burgers at Mcdonalds….no offense to burger flippers.

    • I completely agree. Yes, I’m sure it gets REALLY old, but we all have things we don’t particularly like about our jobs, right? And they get paid a lot to do what they do and put up with that.

      • I still don’t see how the price of fame thing means it’s okay to push people in front of cars, to mob them while walking up the street and trying to get someone to harm you it’s just not right.

        • exactly. fearing for one’s safety isn’t a fair price to pay for fame. yeah, we all have problems but i don’t dread leaving my house every day for fear i’ll end up like princess diana or john lennon. if i had a bunch of crazies hounding me constantly, id probably become agoraphobic.

  3. ok i feel really bad for him and its not so much as well its a package deal i mean yeah its to be expected but it also doesnt mean its right either never able to just relax not even for a minute and i think the twilight cast deal with it rather graciously

  4. I actually saw on another website an interview with Kellan where he was talking about how the cast always will go out in the city when Rob is shooting scenes so they won’t get mobbed and how they’ve had to switch hotels in Vancouver while shooting Eclipse to escape the paps and overzealous fans.

    I know that (as I’m sure the cast do) that fame has its down side, but that interview just made me really sad that their lives are being so negatively affected. I know that many actors/actresses would kill to be in their positions, but then I think how it would make me feel if I couldn’t walk out my door, take a drive down the street, or eat a hamburger without someone there snapping a picture of me and it’s not a very nice scenario to think of.

    I’m as much of a Twilight fan as anyone (you should just see my walls, not to mention my dresser that acts as a shrine to Twilight featuring all my books) and sure I love to see some hot pics of Rob out and about town, but after reading these interviews, I came to the conclusion that by clicking on websites and blogs that feature pictures of the actors while they’re at lunch is making me as guilty as the paps there taking the pictures. So I made a decision that from now on, I will do my utmost best to avoid any of those websites that post pictures or links to pictures like those.

    Which brings me to the point of my over long, too wordy, very boring comment and that is to say THANK YOU to websites such as Twilight Lexicon, where I can be assured I can visit and get all the latest Twilight news, but not worry about playing a part in infringing on the actors’ private lives.

    And finally, I understand that every has a right to their opinion, but I hope more people start taking the same position as those on this website…. their private lives are private. I know Twilight fans pride ourselves on how passionate we are, but I hope that somehow we can focus on letting our immense love for this world bring more positive and less negative things for all those that bring it to us.

    End of rant. And if you’re still reading, wow. Thank you so much. 😉

    • Yep, I agree. I know it’s the price of fame, but imagine us finishing work and having photographers photograph us on the way home, on the way to dinner, at dinner, after dinner, blah blah blah. It would get fairly annoying no matter how much money or fame was involved.

      My cousin is a famous footballer (not quite the same league as the Twilight stars) but still famous enough in certain areas. We were all out having a family dinner and we were constantly being interrupted. I don’t mean before the meal or after the meal, I mean DURING the meal when he had his mouth full of food, people would come up and ask him questions. he was so gracious during all of it, but his meal ended up getting cold, and none of us could relax and chat as a family. I just think it’s rude to interrupt someone while they are actually eating. This experience really taught me that there is a time and place to interfere with a ‘famous’ person, and there’s also a time and place where they should be left alone no mater how famous or well known they are.

    • that’s been my policy for years — i dont buy, watch, or visit celebrity gossip rags at all. i think it’s pretty sad our generation knows more about the kardashians than their own gov’t. if you click on or buy this garbage, you only become part of the problem. if we continue to buy it, the papparazzi will continue to produce it.

    • Hear, hear! I also am very grateful to the Twilight Lexicon for being a great source of information but that also has good discretion. I have an interest in the actors, I want to follow info on them within their various Twilight-related and non-related projects. But I certainly don’t care to read silly rumors about “who’s dating whom” by sleezy tabloids or see photos of the actors being caught in some normal, private situation, like chilling out or getting a cup of coffee.
      I can’t even imagine- being so famous you can’t leave your hotel for fear of being attacked by some over-zealous fans… That would make me feel extremely anxious and nervous every time I got ready to go out the door. That’s sad to think that some actors have to deal with that kind of extreme situation…
      This was a very good interview with Kellan. It’s very interesting to hear his perspective on things, and I hope he has the best of luck with all his future acting projects! 🙂

  5. The problem that occures is that a lot of people can’t separate the real person from their on screen persona. A lot of people forget that they are simply actors or actresses. They are human beings, as faulty and frail as any normal person. People really need to accept that. “It comes with the territory” shouldn’t be an excuse to ruin a person’s life. They chose these parts, like any actor, because they want a job. Honestly, breaking into acting, screenwriting, and anything Hollywood-like is next to impossible. A LOT of actors and actresses are burger flippers waiting for their big break, and don’t get me started on screenwriters… We all work lame jobs to pay the bills, so that we can continue to push forward to our dreams. It takes a special lot, and yes there are number of celebs that mistreat their good fortune, and yes there are those with god-complexes. The one thing I can certainly say about the Twilight cast, is that thus far they are all geniunly wonderful people. They’ve embraced the fans for the good and the bad, and have found ways to use that fandom to benefit other people, such as what Peter does with his charities. They are good lot, and should be respected as thus.

  6. I think that he can dress down a little bit… i mean did you see the ones where he was with PF …

    it was REDICLOUS!

    i mena he could’ve lost the sunglasses and scarf… haha

    I STILL LOVE HIM!!! <3

    by far my FAVORITE cullen <3

  7. What kind of a fan encourages the paparazzi to invade every aspect of our actor’s lives.
    I don’t understand.

    Some people are actors for the art and not the fame. It’s unfair to tell someone because they are in a hit movie that they have to put up with every aspect of their lives being photographed, scrutinized, criticized, sensationalized and fictionalized (sorry, I was on a roll ). Their privacy has been stolen from them and that’s a crime. How many actors who are plagued by the constant invasion of rabid, camera-toting trash merchants wished to be in that position?

    In the case of our beloved Twilight actors, not one of them bargained for this. If they knew then that being in this little movie (it was, at the time, a little movie) would make it impossible to leave their hotel rooms and forget leading normal lives, would have said…sounds great… sign me up? It’s Not what they bargained for and not what they deserve.

    I understand wanting to hear and read about our favorite actors. I read everything that comes from a legitimate source. Our actors give interviews, are honest, and generous to a fault – i.e., PFach but why do we need to have photos of Rob trying to hide from the invasive paps – it hurts me to see them hurting.

    Nobody deserves this.

    • Right on! seriously! I don’t read magazines anyway because they are just trash talking people that were once just like us and i know i would hate that. If i was ever famous i would be the one to show up at some awards show in sweatpants just to make a statement. Which knowing me i would hide in a corner afterwards because i dont’ like the spot light at all.

  8. I don’t think Rob or Kristen gives a hoot what they look like when they go out, why should Kellan? Why are they so afraid to look like themselves? Nothing wrong with seeing a celebrity looking like a real human being.

    • Because they’re all so deeply scrutinized constantly and about everything! Nobody enjoys that. And if that were me I know I could try and ignore it but some of the rumors and judgements would still get to me.
      Anyone who wants proof should just reflect on peoples reaction to K-Stews hair style when she attended Comic-Con in 09. That was her being herself yet alot of people didnt waist any time commenting and sharing their personal opinions on her then. Hopefully this Interview will do something to make a difference for them or at the very least make people think.

  9. Thats terrible! I live in the same neighborhood as josh hutcherson, but i won’t ever go up and say hi because im chicken so i wouldn’t be able to go up to any of them without running away! I know im lame. thats why i won’t ever become famous because i like privacey a lot!

  10. That’s really sad. I wish people would give them a little more privacy. And the media, can’t they just leave them alone?!

  11. I feel sorry for all of them, but especially Rob and Kristen. If there were ever two people who were NOT ready for fame, these two are the poster children! But…as others have said, there is a negative price to pay with celebrity. If they can make it through this short period, things will calm down. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio! His life was much the same during Titanic. Now…no one really cares if he walks down the street looking like he just got out of bed. One day, Rob and Kris and the others may miss all the attention. Because…with attention comes fans, comes money, comes job opportunities. Can’t have one without the others.

  12. Yes, he’s hot. But get over it. He’s probably never going to marry you or anything you fantasize about. He has a life, and with it comes tons of girls he doesn’t want, and you’re probably one of them. Leave him alone. Please.

  13. I was just @ eyes of amber and we thought that a campaign to “Free the Stars of Twilight” needs to be started. Like an add — Wanna see more Rob… Stop the Mob.
    I dunno. If someone wants to use this idea I’d be thrilled. I think that sites that the “younger” fans use would be the best place to do this.
    Just an idea. 🙂

    • Great Idea! But instead lets include all sites, keep in mind that its not just the “younger” fans that are the problem. I believe that Taylor Lautner had a lasting experience with an older fan that was completely unacceptable as well.

    • Huhwhat, I think this is a terrific idea. Twilight fans should let the media know that while we love our cast, we also respect their right to privacy. I definitely think this should become a reality. My email is, if you would like to chat more about this or if I can do anything to further the cause.

  14. Kellan could go out in sweats and a holey t-shirt and still look totally HOT! And the paps could post all of those shots they wanted and we would still love them!

  15. Rosalie's pain says:

    Really? Kellan, I’m sorry you are going thruogh this, but enjoy it while it lasts. There is not such thing as Hollywood Stars anymore. Gone are the days when there was an actor who could command at the box office. The last one was Will Smith. Look at Jennifer Aniston, most of her movies have been flops and I don’t know anyone who really cares about her personal life. Unfortunately magazines keep reporting about her. That’s why magazines are getting lower and lower circulations, they are reporting stuff no one cares about. Right now we care about Twilight, but I garantee you that once the saga is over, we won’t be lining up to go see movies just because You, Rob or Kristen start in them. We love Emmet, not Kellan. I can almost guarantee you that your next project after twilight, you won’t have the papz after you. Enjoy this for everything that is worth. Take advantage of it and make it work on your favor. Count it as one of your many blessings. I really do hope the very best for everyone of you and that you all have good careers. Look at Megan Fox, her new movie just opened this weekend to less than 10 million but everyone was all about her during Transformers. Wrong! The fans like to watch the Transformers, not Megan Fox. Take it with a grain of salt, six years from now you guys may be in a magazine with the tittle saying “where are they now”?

    • Good point, but I do believe a name does still count for something. I loved transformers but I wasn’t interested in Megan Fox’s new movie so i didn’t go and see it but I still like the actress. That may also be true with movies that follow with the Twilight Saga actors. No standard movie can compete at the box office with one that already has a major fan base i.e. HP, Twilight, Transformers, Batman . . . etc. so unless they do another big film like Twilight saga they probably wont ever have the same following as they do now and I hope that they try and take the good out of this experience while they can.

  16. ok so i have to say some of this price you pay for fame but come on really do we need to no when they walk down the street, get a drink, walk there dog, go shopping or anything else like that how would you feel if it was just one of those day when you are in your pj and just want to step outside and gab the paper or something like that and someone is waiting to sap a picture of you yes i love the movies and books and would love to meet one of the cast one day but i dont want to be one of those people now do how many time they get asked to take a picture or sgin this it must get old just remember they are people just like you and me

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