Catching Up With the Cast: Pre-Emmy Awards

Various cast members swung by the pre-Emmy Awards parties and swag rooms this weekend.

Melissa Rosenberg had this to say about Breaking Dawn when asked by Marc Malkin over at E!

“First up, Breaking Dawn. Rosenberg is not allowed to could not confirm she’s going to be tackling the script. “That’s still up in the air,” she said. “We’re still talking and nothing’s been decided.”

Rachelle Lefevre told E!

“To be honest, I sort of feel like I have everything. I have an amazing boyfriend, I love my house, I’m wearing a great Jay Godfrey dress and I’m at an Emmy party.”

Justin Chon Spoke about David Slade

“He’s done pretty dark films so that’s where I see [Eclipse] really gravitating towards—more of a dark kind of moody film. Just shooting the scenes that I’m in, the mood is definitely different. David is very set on how he wants this movie to be portrayed. It’s a lot more refined and maybe not as loose as the last two—at least for us humans. I can only imagine what he’s doing with everyone else.”

Read more on Melissa and Rachelle here, and read more on Justin here.

Photo gallery of Rachelle here

Now remember to watch the awards to night to see if Kellan Lutz’s Generation Kill and Melissa Rosenberg’s Dexter are among the awardees!


  1. Ok, I’m going to comment about Justin’s remarks like I did at E! Online. Every cast member so far has mentioned this movie taking a darker turn and I’m SO not liking the sound of that. Eclipse isn’t dark and it only has one big battle at the end (although it is split between Edward/Victoria and the Cullens/Wolves/Newborns), so all the emphasis that has been put on the new tone and fight training is making me very nervous about where this is going. It didn’t help when I saw the pictures of the Newborns coming out of the water – sure, they looked cool, but aren’t they supposed to be beautiful just like other vampires? Why do they look like the vamps in Slade’s “30 Days”? I NEVER felt this way about Weitz’s vision – so far, everything I’ve seen or heard from New Moon looks like he was spot on in his interpretation.

    • Erin, I totally agree, some of the stuff I’m reading about Eclipse is unsettling. Since they change directors every film why not try a different script writer. Melissa didn’t do a hot job on Twilight so why do they still trust her. The newborns are suppose to be crazed and unmanageable, not a mini army…..what are they doing? Lets get a skilled script writer for Breaking Dawn! They can afford it now…..

    • I am also going to have to agree. This makes me extremely nervous about the movie. I did not get that kind of vibe from the book so I personally will be extremely disappointed if the director takes the movie down a different path. Not only that but would that not jepordize “Breaking Dawn”? I mean not to say that the Twilighters will not stay true to the Saga, but I hope the director knows what hes doing cuz if he doesnt he will have a mass of disappointed fans on his hands. Why do we keep going through so many directors anyhow. Why could Chris Weitz not do Eclipse?

    • I think we should all let David know how we feel. His Twitter is

  2. I agree. I don’t like reading that every actor thinks it’ll be “darker”, more”guy friendly” etc.
    Eclipse is my favorite book of the saga. It’s the most emotional one, more so than New Moon, because Bella must chose the path of her life and between Edward and Jacob, which both have equal roles in her life in Eclipse.

    I hope Slade doesn’t neglect the emotions, struggles and angst that these 3 characters go through throughout the book. I hope he makes sure that it’s in the movie as in the book.

    I’m really getting nervous about this. Slade doesn’t seem like the same type of director as Weitz. Weitz seems to understand the main plot to the saga is the struggles of Bella trying to choose her path in life and the love triangle.
    Slade, so far seems to think dark, gore, blood, scary. I don’t like it.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  3. RunsWithWolves says:

    I hope you’re wrong too 🙁

    I dont want to let Chris Weitz go! Maybe he can instruct Slade on the emotional side of Eclipse.
    David Slade can do what he wants with the action newborn stuff, but i dont want to see a movie which centers around the newborn fight. Thats not what the book’s about!

    Dont do it that way – pleeeease!

  4. I agree and hope they read this stuff!

    • We can hope they do, I agree with above comment, Eclipse wasn’t dark! It was such a relief to read Eclipse after New Moon. The closeness of the Wolves and Bella and the closeness of the Cullens and Bella all strengthened….the bonds between the wolves and the vampires finally start to come together….so many relationships are strengthened, I hope the director read the book….I’m worried.


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