100 Monkeys Tonight At the Rickshaw

Tickets are still available for the 100 Monkeys show at the Rickshaw. For those of you who can’t make it, Mandy will be live tweeting during the show and taking photos. Mandy is a Twilight fan, but more importantly she’s a 100 Monkeys fan, converted after their show last year, so her Tweets will include show details, not just what Rob is wearing, if Rob shows. No video is allowed at this particular show, so tide yourself over with this video from their Allentown show from this summer.


  1. I’d really like to see them on there upcoming tour- but it seems like all I’ll get to hear is a screaming audience…
    Those of you who have gone to see them- does the crowd sorta ruin it?
    I just can’t imagine my husband sitting through all that screaming. 🙂

    • Twilight_News says:

      There’s definitely a certain level of screaming between songs, but while they are playing it’s your standard concert scream. AKA, someone on bass plays a cool riff, drummer has a rockin solo…you get a scream.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Should add that I’ve seen them twice: First place held maybe 200 people tops, probably more like 150. The second one (on the video) was 800-1000 people. I think they play better in the bigger venue because they can move around and switch instruments more easily. It’s a big part of the act, and it’s awkward in a smaller venue. Trade off is more crowd scream, but they so play off the energy.

      If it helps,I only would have seen them once and never would have done it again if the crowd was obnoxious. Both times I traveled over 100 miles to see them. Hope the info helps.

  2. I have the newest new moon trailer at my blog:


  3. omgash i was so lucky. i got to go. allentown is like 20 minutes from where i lived.. i LOOOVEDD it.. i hope you guys get to go its sooooooo worth it!

  4. It was a fantastic show I am putting video (which was allowed… I checked!) and photos on my blog this evening 🙂 Also photos from the autograph signing 100 Monkeys did today 🙂 Feel free to come check it out later this evening


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