Lastest New Moon Trailer, What’s In It?

Apparently last night there was a screening of another Summit film, Sorority Row.Β  In front of that screening were trailers of various other upcoming Summit movies. Several people who were in attendance have blogged, tweeted, and/or creatively videoed the details of that new trailer. It is highly likely that it is the version that will be shown at the VMA’s.

The video below doesn’t have the actual footage, but it does detail what was in the new trailer. If you want to wait until the VMA’s don’t click. If you want to know if it is worth watching the VMA’s click away!

EDITED: MTV has added a few details.


  1. What a tease!! LOL

  2. Wow, that all sounds great! Is it just me though, or does this trailer (combined with the other one too I guess) seem to give away the ENTIRE movie? Obviously, I haven’t seen it yet, and won’t until sunday night, but it just seems like its filled with all the jucy bits. Not that I’m complaining, I just would like to have SOME surprises when the movie does come out. Oh well πŸ˜€

    • I totally agree with you, I don’t know should I even watch this trailer, I don’t want to spoil the whole movie.. Summit did the same thing with Twilight, I felt like I had already seen so much of the movie that there wasn’t many surprises in the actual film. I hoped they wouldn’t do the same mistake with NM.. Well, I hope this trailer will be so cool that it will bring more people to the theatre, maybe that was the idea, to get larger audience interested by showing the Volturi and more action etc.

    • Almost all theatrical trailers give too much away… but we all practically know the story by heart anyway so it’s not like they’re giving the plot away.

      • I may have read every book a million times, but my sister is just watching the movies. It sucks for her that she’ll know the ending before watching the movie.
        But they do that with most movies. They had the Edward/James fight in the first trailer and that’s almost at the end of the movie.

  3. Blah I really want to see the actual trailer.

  4. I… Cannot… Wait!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, sounds like they just described the entire movie! I’ll still be glued to the TV come the VMAS =P

  6. WOW….my list was made into a video….I’m not sure what to think?!

    Jen and Lauren…..yes, it’s ALOT of footage. I was astounded at the amount of footage I saw. Plus Meresquared (who was also there) and I commented that it was the entire movie in the trailer. And as well as I can recall, it was also presented in that order.

    All I can say is if it’s being shown today before Sorority Row as it was last night, if I were MTV, I’d be pissed.

  7. Ok imma wait till Sunday for viewing however, after I see it Sunday, no more. I’m not trying to see the movie before I was destined to see it which was in November. That’s why people had so much issues with the first besides the changes. They looked at the trailers so much, nothing was surprising or expected when the movie finally came out. I want to be shocked, thrilled and blown away by seein things for the first time not the hundredth time. I hope they don’t show too much or I’m turning away..


  9. Edward & Felix FIGHTING?!?!?! UGH!!! Too much deviation from the book ALREADY!

    • I guess they needed to add a little extra action (to draw in the male crowd). I can handle an Edward/Felix fight, they could make it work.

      • I agree! Sounds like it could be interesting. Plus, I think a fight almost broke out anyway, even in the book. (Am I remembering that correctly? I seem to recall Alice just barely interrupted them.) So it’s not that much of a stretch.

        Then again, maybe I’m the wrong person to ask… I’m one of the rare Twilight fans who would never object to more action, haha. πŸ˜€ Makes it easier for me to drag my horror-loving friends and my dad along, for one thing. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Edward schooling some Volturi? πŸ˜‰

  10. silent_essence says:

    i want to see it SO bad because I need a New Moon fix like NOW, but at the same time I agree with Jen and Essence… i want to be shocked when i see the movie in November. So after sunday, thats it for me, no more spoiler watching =)

  11. i doubt ALL of thats going to be in there or its going to be like a 2 sec snipet that you can barely make out whats going on…

    • I saw the trailer they are talking about, and its like 3 mins. It has all that they say, and more. Its brilliant, I think its the final trailer.

      • Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the final trailer there was a LOT of footage. I loved it though!!! Can’t wait to see it on my TV tomorrow!!!

  12. Hmmm… sounds great but I think this trailer will sum up the entire movie… but I’m not complaining! I can’t wait to see it… it sounds like it will be worth watching the VMA’s! Thanks for the info!

  13. I’m definately gonna watch just to see this clip! Then I will hope to find it online and watch it over and over and over while screaming happily till I’m giddy and light-headed. lol

  14. I just discovered how difficult it is to contain one’s excitement while in a public pace…like my music 1010 class… XD

  15. that does song like alot of footage..i cant wait for the movie…i guess i’ll have to watch the vma’s now

  16. The trailer sounds awesome! I can’t wait till sunday πŸ˜€ It’s going to suck having to sit through Russell Brand hosting the VMA’s, but I think it will be worth it since we’ll have this awesome trailer!!

  17. Finally! Some promotion for New Moon that I’m excited about! I can’t WAIT to see this and if I have to watch that wretched Brand guy to see it, I will. It sounds like I’m finally going to be reminded that Edward and Bella are at the heart of this movie. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This is probably gonna be the last trailer..if not I’m not watching..might as well release the movie early

  19. I didn’t think the trailer gave away the “entire” movie…it really just made me more excited for it!!!
    I was surprised when I saw that we were supposed to add it to the trailer pack for our print of “Sorority Row” since I thought they would be premiering this at the VMA’s. I can’t complain though, it was pretty fantastic =)

  20. Have’nt seen the trailer yet but am not worried that, out of a 2 hour film, 2 minutes of footage is going to do anything but excite me to see the rest of it.

  21. wtf, that’s wayyyy too much info!!!!!! They’re crazy

  22. Uhmm, i somehow fear now that the trailer will be more of a summary than teaser, not that it will stop me from watching it xD

  23. How long is this trailer? I don’t really care I would watch a trailer for new moon that lasted hours.

  24. Twi~dancer72 says:

    lol “this may hurt a little” BRILLIENT!!!! cant wait!

  25. Wow, that’s a LOT of stuff! I can’t wait until Sunday!

  26. Hey guys ive seen the trailer! someone leaked it on youtube for like an hour nd it just got taken off. its 2 mins long but yeah seriously it shows EVERYTHING which i think was a bad move :S still it looks BLOODY AMAZING CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ok, everyone is saying that it’s too much info. Um, don’t we all have basically the entire thing memorized? It’s not like that much is being given away, since we all know what happens.

  28. ok guys….here it is the direct link to the youtube bootleg version of the new trailer…. so you dont have to wait till sunday… i know i know… your welcome

    • Cullen Crazy says:

      Hey Roseanne thanks so much for the link i was able to watch it 3 times before Summit just took it down. Thanks it was a lot but i don’t feel like it gave away the whole movie at all. it just made me more anxious to see it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • AWW no problem, i am glad i helped out a fellow twilight buddy πŸ˜€ i hope you enjoy your weekend. and come sunday you will see it again!

  29. I saw the trailer before the movie.

    The fight with Felix isn’t as bad as you would think. Edward really doesn’t fight back, and it seems like Felix was trying to restrain him after he thinks Bella is threatened by their presense. Also, the trailer showed Laurent fighting one of the wolves before the others appear and force him to run. Not drastic changes at all.

  30. Awesome! Can’t wait to see it on Sunday! πŸ˜€

    And I really don’t think a couple minutes of footage is going to give away an entire movie. Sure, we’ll see glimpses of what happens, but we all read the books. We know what happens! πŸ˜‰ We still need to the entire movie in context, with all the dialogue and other glorious details. I’m sure there will be plenty to enjoy on opening night.

    Still, I guess I would say anyone who felt like last year’s promos for Twilight spoiled that movie probably shouldn’t see this trailer… I’m guessing they would prefer even more of a surprise on opening night, which is understandable.

  31. OMG another website has the trailer it was soooooooooo good but do not watch if you want to stay spoiler free trust me go to bella’s diary .com to watch it it also looked like someone taped it so its not that clear

    • Elizabeth, I just watched the trailer and it looks like the one the video they posted here was describing. it was awesome πŸ˜€ thanks for posting the link.
      And wow, even though they show everything I think I’m still gonna cry, its too powerful…

    • THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart thank you for that link!

  32. Awesome I’m excited πŸ™‚ It seems like in the trailers they are giving away all the intense scenes though, taking away some of the shock, and tear factor. But I’m still excited. When are the VMAs and will you please post the video here or at least a really good link? Thanks πŸ™‚

  33. Here’s a link where it’s still up if you want to watch it πŸ™‚

  34. Sunday needs to get here. Now.

  35. I just saw it!!!!!!! Was so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I saw the trailer last night. It’s everything we hoped for and more. Dakota Fanning gives off the right amount of creepiness as Jane and I can’t wait to see the entire film.

  37. latuacantante says:

    Saw it on YouTube yesterday, before Summit had it pulled. All I can say is WOW!!! I held my breath through the entire thing.

    It is a LOT of footage…too much, more than I wanted to see. If MTV’s trailer is an extended version of this, as they claim, I think it might be a short film version of NM.

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