Kristen Stewart Talks to The UK Times

Kristen Stewart gave a frank interview to the Times Online talking about Twilight, Adventureland and her career.

“I think she has a much bigger rack than I have.” Kristen Stewart is pondering her Twilight action figure — the little plastic doll that represents Bella, her character in the film franchise — while checking the proportions of the bust. “I also think she looks much older than me,” she adds, before setting the figure aside. I pick it up and, on closer inspection, the doll does look a little older than its real-life progenitor (as to the “rack”, closer inspection would be inappropriate). “It’s strange,” continues the 19-year-old actress, “but people often think I’m a little bit older than I really am. A French journalist asked me earlier on how my teenage years had affected my later life. I’m still in my teens.” She smiles. “Really, even if I was older, how could my teenage years not have shaped my life? I don’t know how to answer that.”

Read the full Kristen Stewart interview on the Times Online.


  1. I heart her!!!!!!

  2. She doesn’t seem old to me.

  3. ” With JK Rowling’s much-loved characters pottering into their final big-screen chapter, Twilight will soon stand as the top teen-movie franchise…”

    UHHHHH….Isn’t the Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer?

  4. They are talking about the last Harry Potter being done next year.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww, I love her!!!! Maybe Joan Jett is ultimate rolemodel for her, but I think she is ultimate rolemodel for young teenagers. If there would be a little more teens who thinks the way she thinks, high school would be so much less horrible for kids. Can’t help it but love everything she says or does.

  6. This interview shows exactly why I love Kristen. She is so honest and doesn’t try and be who she thinks we want her to be. No one could have been a better Bella to me. 🙂


    it makes sense

    the harry potter movies are ending with deathly hallows

  8. Ok Im not doubting she did this interview..but she barely talks about her personal life lately..why all of a sudden would she reveal all of that, especially to a British newspaper??? Just saying…

  9. im thinking that that was an older interview. Unless it was taken from different interviews and they just put them together? “yellow journalism” is what its all about nowadays,you never know what is the real actual truth or not anymore

  10. Huge Kudos to Kristen!!!

    She is such a amazing actress!! Well beyond her years!! I can see great things come from her in years to come!!

    Loads of Love and Thoughtful wishes to Kristen!!

  11. I really heart Kristen Stewart. Her personality and style is original, I hope she never loses that.

  12. I just love her. I think she is so awesome!

  13. This was a really good interview. And I am sorry, to all the Robsten crazies but I really really don’t think they are together. It’s like searching for bigfoot they only ever find a footprint. Bring me a legit photo of them kissing or something then I’ll believe it.

  14. Love her!

  15. I hate to take away her reason for the interview she is a great actress and I kno she promoting her work but one see her bf since April..from summer on(with the exception of them filming on separate coasts) if you saw Rob you saw her and vice versa. Can’t deny those two are close. I’m sorry but if my bf was spending the night with another girl I would think something is up. I just don’t believe she admitted that recently when she doesn’t talk of another personal anymore

  16. I can’t believe Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison r getting married!!!!!!!!!!

    • girl, that aint true…dating maybe..married, nope. press getting edward and bella and them mixed up

    • they arent engaged!!! maybe they are dating who knows but i highly HIGHLY doubt the would be engaged for all we know they might not even want to go out with eachother

    • i love kristen she’s so AWESOME!! i love her interviews too! but it does kind of bug me that they are always asking her about rob or taylor instead of focusing on her since she is the one that they’re interviewing who cares about her dating life and wheather or not she loves rob im reading the interview bcuz i wana hear about HER not the people she knows.

  17. Um excuse me Rob’s marrying me, just kidding. No, you know it’s hard to tell if they’re dating, she seemed completely uniterested less than a year ago and I have a hard time believing that could change so fast, but she hasn’t been seen with her “Boyfriend” and she is obviously close with Rob, so who knows. The question is should any of us really care?

  18. I doubt they’ll ever come out and say it but no denying their chemistry..they look cute together on and off screen them gettin married that’s too much wishful thinking

  19. If you read the interview it says “in a previous interview” she talks about her and Rob. So they aren’t saying she said it in this interview. Probably one from last year. I personally think there might be something going on but who knows or cares?

    I really think Kristen is going to have a long successful career. And I LOVE her interviews!

    • Yeah but the fact they even brought it up in the interview means they want to stir it up to throw it out there that yeah she was with someone and now she with someone else…thats how the media works..we all know kristen is a good actress but they want more personal stuff and now thats she doesnt discuss it, they discuss for her..

    • Ok my mistake I did misread that…lets talk about the task at hand. I wish people didnt care about their lives but unfortunetly some people and they know who they are buy into their lives. They buy magazines, visit gossip sites and inquire even more and don’t admit it. So as long as people continue to give money and hits to magazines and sites, they gonna to inquire more info. Fans could always ignore them but thats virtually impossible now.

      Now there were pics of the cast including Robert and Kristen last night posted around some places and funny enough, when fans recapped what happened regarding the papz, people said that it was fans that kept their distance but not photographers. So Im sure or I hope they understand its not entirely us but the media that drives them crazy not us.

      As far as Kristen, she is a pretty good me besides Twilight, her best role was in Panic Room when she was little. I would like to see where her career goes from here after the Twilight Saga is over cause she will always be linked to Bella. How many people are going to run to see the Runaways just as they would for New Moon or Eclipse at this point? Thats my biggest worry that people wont support it as much because believe that its only people going to see the Twilight Series and then thats it.

      As for Stephanie Meyer..I would love for her to continue Midnight Sun but I wouldnt blame her if she didnt because wouldnt it be like starting from scratch? Plus Im sure she wants to do something different like the Host. If its meant to happen, it will. If not, lets move on and cherish what we have which is the Twilight Saga.

  20. Gah!
    I’m gonna vomit verbal abuse at the next person who mentions anything to do with any supposed rob/kristin relationship or any private and personal matters of the other cast members for that matter….
    Can we please get back to praising Stephanie Meyer? This site was originally about those who adored her work, and her as a genuine warm author who related to her fans, so can everyone stop gossiping about the actors who play the freaking tweaked characters in a movie thats base don the book……….

    Maybe if people were a bit more loyal to Stephanie, and a little bit less crazy over the hollywood side of things, we might actually, eventually get another book out of that awesome writer!

    Gah…. Just my two cents..

  21. seriously guys, just take the tabloids with a grain of salt. Use your brains and just think a bit before you believe every word they tell you. The information is hardly ever from a credible source, if from any source other than the writers fantasies at all.

    I’m inclined to think that Robert and Kristen are just friends (shocking, isn’t it, that boys and girls can do that) untill someone has a direct, in context quote stating otherwise.

    Plus, does it even matter? People need to learn to seperate the actors from the characters they play.

    • Rob's Girl says:

      Thank You. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • You said it, Ceane! It’s a sign of the times that society is so totally immersed in media/technology/hollywoodized relationships that the youth of today have a hard time distinguishing fact from fiction, fantasy from reality. Life immitates art. And sometimes that is a very weird thing. Then reality becomes not what is, but what we believe it is.

  22. I do not write very well in English. I am a Spanish of the Canary islands, but I like many Kristen Stewart actress. in the intepretacion of Bella swan to been very super and I expect to see new moon prompt

  23. I just hope she does better in this movie than twilight ESP since Bella is more lifeless than the last one…fair to say?

  24. Unless the unimaginable happens and she or rob is and maybe fans are gonna be all over them. I hope they know that more than everything

  25. Just like I thought! She is not a very good actress for the part of Bella even her doll doesn’t look like her.

    I know I am probably going to get bombed on this, but I really think Bella should have been a little more interesting. Alison Lohman to me would have played a better Bella, her role on Flicka seemed to match up with how an actress is suppose to take a role like Bella, Or even Missy Peregrym looks better in jackets than Kristen Stewart will look. To me she was too rigid and very tom boy, not the innocent girl that needed to be there. If you agree, please give me some feedback. I really loved Twilight; I just don’t think Kristen Stewart pulled off Bella very well though. I know for sure that she would not be a great looking Bella vampire, they are going to have to use a lot of computer tricks to pull that off.

    • “I know for sure that she would not be a great looking Bella vampire, they are going to have to use a lot of computer tricks to pull that off.”

      They’ll probably just dye her hair pitch black, with sharp red eyes…assuming they”ll do the movie anyway…

    • I agree! her acting is very flat and she looks bored all the time.

    • Dude, don’t get me wrong but… OH SORE GRAPES!!!! *roll eyes*

  26. In all honesty, I wont be mad if they decided not to do Breaking Dawn at all..its too complex

    • I do feel that Breaking dawn is complex, and who ever pulls it off is going to get remembered. This is a movie worth making and taking time to get right.

      • They better get it right or at least come close to it getting it right..however there is so much to that book, what they will cut out or split if they do two movies is beyond me…plus the Olympics is next winter so when can they even film it…

  27. Well can anyone give three actresses who could have played Bella but her..Kristen is who I could only imagine now..we all know Rob wasn’t the only person who could have played Edward so those who don’t like her acting, can you name someone others…..

    • I did put one actress which was, Alison Lohman,I think she a good looking person. I also think she is a good emotional actress and would fit in well with Twilight.

      • I dunno who that is..or maybe I do by face..what has she done….

        • Rob's Girl says:

          Okay so I didn’t really like Kristen Stewart as Bella, but now when I read the books she is Bella. Ashley Greene really is the perfect Alice, but I’m pretty sure i’ve read she wanted to be Bella, I think she would have been a better Bella than Kristen, much more emotional. Bella is obsessed with Edward and once she admits to loving him she is extremely open with him and they have a very open relationship, Kristen and Rob don’t seem like that at all, I didn’t get the idea that she couldn’t live without Edward so we’ll see what she brings to the table for New Moon. But personally I think Ashley Greene would have been better at the acting and there are many other actresses who would have as well.

        • She the one on Flicka and Drag me to hell. She’s blond, but on Flicka she looked good as a brunette.

  28. sillygirl Thank you for your nice communiqué though even it is difficult to me to think a bit as you

  29. It seems to me to be unjust that comment on early things of these actors like that they are boyfriends, without knowing even, but if it(he,she) is like that I give them my congratulation.

    España Canary islands

  30. Someone needs to tell Rob and Kristen to stop hiding everywhere they go. That only feeds the media frenzy! Actors and actresses that stop and give media several minutes to snap some pics tend to be less hassled by the paps. (Of course, the worst paps out there will never stop…they’re parasites.) But, the more they hide, the more mysterious they are, the more people want to know about them and the more the media goes after them.

    Just my opinion…

  31. I think this interview was done soon after New Moon was finished filming. Did anyone else notice there is NOT a date that the interview was actually done, just the date it was posted???
    I personally love both Rob and Kristen!! 🙂 I agree that people need to separate them in REAL LIFE from the characters they play. From the interviews I have seen, they both seem pretty cool. It would be fun to get to meet them and just sit down with them and have a beer or something.
    I just want them to know that not all of their fans are going to scream, stalk, cry, ask to be bitten, and freak out when they see them. Some of us are actually quite calm and chill. I would be very excited to meet them, but I wouldn’t be one to freak out.
    I can’t stand the “Robsten” crap! Why don’t people see them as separate individuals??!!! Even IF they’re together, which I have no idea if they are or aren’t & it doesn’t matter as long as they’re happy, they deserve to have privacy. Just because you are famous doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do things everyone else does. Where is it written that famous people are required to have their photo taken while they’re walking down the street or getting into a car??? That’s SO STUPID!
    I know that both Kristen and Rob had bright futures ahead of them. I look forward to seeing NEW MOON, ECLIPSE, THE RUNAWAYS, REMEMBER ME, and any other projects they do. I support them no matter what 🙂

  32. I agree with you in many aspects though the truth not about which he(she) complains robert if it is what has been expecting to be known before in inglaterra it was not and now it(he,she) is known.

    I believe that deberia to be a bit a humble mas, not all the fans we are equal, in addition I for example am very cold and it(he,she) is all the same to me to see the famous one or not

  33. I agree with you in many aspects though the truth not about which she complains robert if it is what has been expecting to be known before in inglaterra it was not and now it he is known.

    I believe that to be a bit a humble mas, not all the fans we are equal, in addition I for example am very cold and it she is all the same to me to see the famous one or not

  34. Really if they together it he does not matter for me but if I say that they must look a bit at the words since not we all are equal and I do not go away to throwing at his her neck.

  35. eu não acho que ela seja uma boa atriz,ela gagueija demais e as caras e bocas dela são muito forçadas
    sei que agora muitos irão estar me odiando,mas é oq eu acho
    e esse jeito dela de querer mostrar ser diferente não convenci a mim….harry potter e twilight são totalmente diferentes,hp é bruxos e aventura.twilight é vampiros e romance,as pessoas insistem em compara-los acho que esse é o grande motivo de dar tantas brigas entre fãs.

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