The Host Products Now Available at Hobo

According to the Hobo Press release:

Hobo will begin selling the first available Host products online today at the Hobo Online Store. Hobo is also working on several retail distribution agreements where the products will be sold.

“Stephenie has been fantastic to work with”, said Chad Swensen, founder of Hobo. “Her extraordinary talent and imagination behind The Host gives us incredible design concepts to work with. Even with Stephenie’s insane schedule with New Moon and Eclipse movie productions, she has worked with us on every detail to make sure the products are remarkable.”

“We are stoked to have Stephenie on board with Hobo”, said founder Jared Hancock. “Her global popularity and worldwide success gives us a huge boost in selling products that will contribute to our cause. A portion of all sales will go to the Hobo Foundation that helps homeless families who have been forced to live on the streets.”

Products include tee shirts and boards. Check it out! Which design is your favorite.


  1. These are so cool! It’s rather refeshing to see Host stuff, after being kind of overwhelmed by the amount of Twilight merch. I really want one of the T-shirts!

  2. WOW. Those are some incredible designs. I wish I was a skater so I could buy something! 😛

  3. Wow that’s pretty cool! I love the Host – it’s such a great story 🙂 Twi-Hards – you better check it out if you haven’t before…

  4. I am buying the Body and Soul T-shirt. It is awesome. As much as I love Twilight in some ways The Host was actually a better book – you can tell Stephenie matured as a writer.

  5. Loved the Host, it took sometime for me to really get into after just finishing the Twilight Series. But I can’t wait to see if they do a movie on this one.

    I will be more than happy to own one of these awesome looking tshirts.

  6. i tried to read the host…it was kinda boring i was on page 25 and i was passed out into sleep i didnt get it…should i really continue to read it or am i just gonna fall asleep? hopefully they make a movie so i can watch it lol very lazy until it coems to Twilight

    • it gets better. i kinda had the same problem. its a really complex story but its awesome. the characters really come to life. just keep reading, i promise you’ll love it.

  7. and lol…Hobo…i love hobos!!

  8. icool stuff. gosh i want them to make the host into a movie.

  9. Switzerland says:

    if only i had money to buy a shirt..

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