Fandango Talks New Moon and Fall Movies

Fandango talks fall movies and of course New Moon is one of the highly anticipated movies coming out this fall. Chris Weitz talks vampires and werewolves:

The vampire-werewolf feud makes for a nice exploration of our own psyches, said “New Moon” director Chris Weitz.

“I suppose they’re the two most relatable human monsters that we can think of. They nicely encapsulate restraint and passion,” Weitz said. “Vampires are cold-blooded, literally, and werewolves are hot-blooded.”

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  1. Chris is awesome.

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  3. I’m so looking forward to New Moon. I have a feeling that New Moon is going to be better than Twilight. Chris is such a thoughtful man.

  4. I’m very confident with Chris. His commentary is very thoughtful, and I think he brings more polish and focus to his directing style. Catherine was a little too inconsistent for my tastes.

  5. The headline confused me for a moment, until I realised that fall is autumn and November is autumn for some. Silly me.
    Anyway, Chris Weitz seems like a director in whose hands New Moon is very safe in, so I’m happy 🙂

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