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Today is the first day of the New Jersey Twilight Convention run by Creation Entertainment. People appearing today include Catherine Hardwicke, Edi Gathegi, and Gil Birmingham. Also, Alphie, Pel, and Be MyEscape are all panelists during the weekend.


  1. Noooo….don’t remind me! I live in New Jersey and me and my friend were supposed to go to this and we wanted to stay the whole weekend, but our parents said noo…we wanted the best option, like the most expensive one, but no. Too sad. Oh well…. Taylor, Rob and Kristen aren’t there so we aren’t missing much.

    • Don’t feel bad Julie I live in New Jersey as well and my parents did give me permission but they told to find a friend to go with. But sadly my friend didn’t get money nor permission so by the time they let me go alone it was too late to buy the expensive tickets so now I’m stuck home…sucks…but at least I know I’m not the only one.

  2. I wanted to ask you a favor … is that me and a friend of mine in Brazil we are together messages from fans of Kristen to make a cd for actress … our goal is to show that we are true fans and we love her work and his personality … the cd is a message that you no longer wish to Kristen (can only be supportive and can not say the wrong actress), a personal photo (arguable) and the name of the country … the message have to come in English, but we translate if someone does not feel comfortable in English … for sending the messages is only for sending mail saga.luz.escuridao @ and also to answer questions also can go .. and clarify the there any doubt on the cd … wanted to publicize this idea, because we want to make a CD with many messages … they have until 10 October 2009 to send the message! !
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  3. Yay! Waiting for your report already! =) Edi hasn’t been to a TwiCon for a long time has he? It’ll be nice to hear from him too.. Poor Rob.. Catherine told him to stay offline? I don’t think he did.. Well, luckily he hasn’t got popularity issues anymore.. 😉

  4. I love the songs Alex P chose for Twilight. I hope NM is great too! I wish she’d put this song in there:

  5. Looking forward to possibly meeting you guys this weekend.
    Wondering what’s your opinion on the massive amount of guest changes that have occured?

  6. ill be tweeting during it too 🙂

  7. Omg!! i just got home from there!! Your presentation was amazing!! Thanks for coming!! and btw…Edi wasnt there today….hes there saturday…and sadly i only had tickets for today…..but im defiently going next year, had a great time!!

  8. YEA NJ<3
    i wanted to go to but i have college orientation now "/ which really sucks cuz this is only like 20 min away from me

    oh and i dont know where to else to post this so im hoping penn or someon sees this …
    Christian Serratos was in the latest episode of the Allen and Craig show from evil iguana production (they were at twicon and showing off their latest twilight spoof)
    so yea this episode is was taken place at twicon and here it is:)


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