Robert Pattinson’s Stunt Double Runs Free

Robert Pattinson frequently gives credit to his stunt double,  Paul Darnell, for making him look good in action sequences. Aside from being a stuntman,  Paul Darnell has his own projects going. One of these is called Tempest Free Running.

Free Running (also known as Parkour) is a new sport that is slowly gaining momentum throughout the world. Check out Paul and his friends as they display their amazing skills. Also check out Paul’s own YouTube channel. We can only imagine what Paul will be asked to do in the Eclipse battle sequences. TY to James for the heads up.


  1. AWESOME!!!!

  2. Are you sure these people are human?!? Jesus! I almost died watching that!

  3. These guys are teriffic…unfortunantly probably none of them will have a good joint left in their body when they get older. And if Paul keeps this up, they will soon have to find another double for Rob cause Paul is gonna be too muscle-bond to look like Rob soon.

  4. That stuff is CRAZY!

  5. That was inSANE!
    Flipping class xD

  6. Um…just wondering..did I do something wrong that my post (^^) is awaiting moderation?

  7. Absolutely absolutely awesome… heart in mouth just looking at that!!! Haiyo!!!!

  8. maybe it’s the mom in me kicking in. but all i could think is… they should be wearing helmets! lol. but i have to admit, it looks really cool. wonder how many people have been seriously injured doing this..

  9. just watching it made me hungry lol these guys should try our fot the olympics or somethin…

  10. Who needs computer animation when these guys can really jump like wolves and vampires? That’s freakin’ awesome!

  11. Those guys are un-Freaking-Believable!! Geezzz hearts still racing!!

  12. WOW! These guys are AMAZING! I thought one of them was going to fall. That was like so amazing!

  13. Sarah_san_desu says:

    Oh I just love Parkour, its one of the best sports. I wish I was as good as them but I wouldn’t dare do flips off walls and land on concrete lol I’d crack my head open.

  14. That’s insane… really cool video, but imagine if they fell or missed their landing?

  15. Hot Hot Hot.

    I think I’m in love. These guys would make very sexy vamps!

  16. Them boys are crazy.. but very entertaining to watch.. kinda makes ya wonder how many got hurt

  17. That is truely amazing!! They should be really proud of the talent they have!

  18. You think these guys are crazy you should see Damien Walters he was voted as the human ninja for 2009.

    Insane skillz all of them thanks Lex for posting this.


  19. 8| That. is. BADASS!

    I’m so so so excited for Eclipse, with this guy doing stunts and Slade’s 30 Days of Night background…. I cannot WAIT to see the insane fight scenes in this movie!! I hope they don’t hold back – make ’em brutal! Let that vampire nature FREE!
    I mean, um, make it romantic… aaand pg rated??

  20. Gravity…what gravity? That is pretty cool. My youngest son does gymnastics and there were a group of freerunners there working on stuff. It was neat to watch them. I couldn’t help but to think about how many trips to the ER they have had.

    It was fun to watch but hope my kids don’t pick it up.

  21. are they human???

    my walking is so lame compared to this…!!! LOL 😉

  22. WOW!!! INSANE!!!! Wish I could fly like that 🙂

  23. I got chills while watchimg that. How do they do all these stunts? They’re SO awesome! I’m worse than a snail next to them.

  24. this was so cool. eclipse is going to be AWESOME.

  25. …whoa…

  26. WAHHHH!! SICK!!!!!

  27. all of you are my new role models lol.

    see ive always wanted to try things like this but i like in a really small town with nothing like it. but i will try it one day.

  28. OMG That’s INSANE!!!! I hope they all have health insurance!!!

  29. you’d think they are vampires….
    what a body control :O

  30. I went to school with Paul Darnell all the way from K-12 in Gloucester, VA. He is an awesome guy I wish him all the best in his career. Paul make sure your at our 10 year reunion now.

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