Edi Gathegi On Seeing Rough Cut of New Moon


  1. what does he say (I am at work 😉

  2. He doesn’t give much away!! It’s so nice to get a video on here that I can actually watch from the UK. 86 days people! 86 days!

  3. Katherine says:

    That access hollywood interviewer is really dumb.

  4. what is a Boo Boo Stewart….lolz:)

  5. lol’boo boo stewart? what is that, some type of vegitable?’

  6. I dont like that girl interviewing(bugging) Edi. she is not very bright! Of course he’s not going to say anything….geees.

  7. kehacakes says:

    He is hilarious! I love it when he tells her that if she were a true fan she’d still be reading the books over and over! Lol So true!

  8. Edi’s hilarious! =) It’s a shame he and Rachelle are no longer in the franchise, their interviews are always so entertaining, especially when they’re together. I hope Edi has a lot of press stuff still to do with New Moon, though there’s so many other ‘baddies’ in it that I’m affraid he’s gonna be pushed aside.. I’d really rather see him than any of the Volturi (except Michael Sheen of course but I don’t think he will do a lot of press). Lately it’s been so Volturi orientated that I’m a bit annoyed.. Laurent is definitely my favourite ‘bad’ vampire in the series and I hope Edi gets the attention he deserves with his exit in New Moon.

  9. That chick from Access shouldn’t do the interviews with Twilight stars. I can’t stand her. She’s really dumb and I’m sure she hasn’t read any of the books!

    I love Edi, he’s too cool. I’m jealous that they’ve seen the entire movie!

  10. FilDeCuivre says:

    Edi is so hilarious! Did I hear the end of the clip right, did he say something about Laurent’s brother Jean-Pierre 😀

  11. haha i wondered the same thing when i first saw boo boo stewarts name i was like um…..what is a boo boo stewart????? i still think its a weird name..anyway yeah that reporter was rly dumb..and yes Edi I am VERY jelous that you saw the whole thing!!!

  12. it´s a shame Edi doesn´t know who Boo Boo is, as he got along really well with Taylor, I´m thinking he would do the same with boo boo, in case the three of them worked out together!!! 😉

  13. OMG, this is the funniest interview. I was cracking up. Edi is ah-dorable!!!

  14. Aw I loved that interview. It wasn’t super awkward and the interviewer wasn’t annoying. nice. Thanks, Access, for once. 😛

  15. “What’s a Boo Boo Stewart? A Vegetable?” Priceless lol.

  16. I love Edi. He’s so funny 🙂

  17. I love the way Edi caught out the interviewer when she tried to make out that she had read the books – “If you were a true fan you would be reading them every week”. So true. I AM reading them every week, but a true fan would have at least read them twice!

    Plus, if she had read Breaking Dawn she would have realized that Boo Boo was referring to Breaking Dawn being made into two movies. Not that Stephenie was releasing another book.

    I wish these interviewers would either read the books, or admit that they haven’t. Fans can smell a fake a mile away!

    • I second that motion. This is the second time I heard her ask someone if Stephenie was writing another book. Not too smart. Anyone who is a TRUE Twilight fan would know that Stephenie said a long time ago that she thought they’d have to make Breaking Dawn into two movies because it was so long & complicated; it’s just too much to fit into a 90-min film. I truly enjoyed Edi in this interview though. What a character! Thanks for another interesting piece Twilight Lexicon. You ROCK!

  18. stephanie says:

    lmaooo i love edi hes so funny!! ughh i thought he was going to answer how long the movie is going to be 🙁 but he did say that was a surprise so im excited

  19. hahaha, Edi is hilarious!
    But I still want to know all the details, and he was pretty tight-lipped about them. I guess we’ll just have to wait then…

  20. Loooove Edi! He is hilarious!

  21. Just love Edi… and whats up with that chick interviewing him…is she serious that she doesn’t remember what happens in New Moon. I don’t think she read the books.

  22. It’s too bad Edi won’t be in the next movies, he’s always so funny and entertaining. I’ll miss him as much as I miss Cam and Rachelle.

  23. Uhh.
    Did anyone else that she was like WAYYY to flirtatious. It got on my nerves.

  24. OMG! They really need someone to interview that actually knows what they are talking about. Edi is awesome though.

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