No Edward? Not a Problem, Jacob to the Rescue.

Chris Weitz also expands on the CGI for pivital scenes.


  1. I hate these copyright restrictions MTV has up 🙁
    So annoying

    • Same. I’m in Canada and can never watch any of the MTV vids on here – it just says “unable to offer the video to users in your region” .. so what’s the reason??

  2. the title of the article it’s no fun at all.. :S Jacob Black could never make up for the lack of Edward Cullen…

  3. kehacakes says:

    I say, Nothing like a healthy dose of both! So if Taylor is Vitamin T, does that make Rob, Vitamin R? lol

  4. Chris just talks very shortly about the story being from Bella’s pov. It’s very short.

  5. silver-swallow says:

    aww, here now! could we have someone write it up for the non americans??? PLEASE!!!

    • The video works fine for me in Australia, so I wrote the transcript for you.

      Josh (MTV): Obviously this book is written from the perspective of Kristen Stewart’s character, there are a lot of questions of, you know, will you diverge at all in this film, will there be scenes that aren’t necessarily from her point of view? Or is it entirely her POV this time?

      Chris: It’s really from Bella’s POV, because I think that’s the most faithful to the book. Within that, um, we are very, very occasionally, sort of, checking in with other characters. But, um, what I wanted to keep was the reader’s sense of the book. Which is that they are entering the story, and staying in the story through Bella.

      Josh: Can you give me an example of where it was necessary in your view to leave her for a moment?

      Chris: Well, I mean when, Alice has a vision of Edward about to commit suicide, we see her vision and, to me that’s fair because you know, in the book Alice conveys that immediately to Bella and you can see Bella imagining what Alice is saying. Um, so I think that at points where a reader of the book might logically imagine a scenario it was okay for the filmmakers – me – to imagine seeing something that would be sort of outside of Bella’s knowledge.

  6. excuse me,we would perfer seeing rob,i just read new moon again and at know time did bella ever fall in love with jacob,since she alway had edward on her mind.she only cared about jacob as a friend,so why the big, oh iam so in love with jacob,your changing the story line,thats to bad,so whats going on.dont get us wrong its not that we dont care about jacob,but this is about two people that have the need to be togther.


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