Jackson Rathbone Old Anti-Smoking Commercial

Last week someone dug up a Mountain Dew commercial Kellan Lutz did where he was attacked by a gopher wielding a chain saw. This week someone has dug up another humorous commercial featuring Jackson Rathbone. Via Team Twilight


  1. hahahaha

  2. That is wicked funny… funny start to the morning

  3. lol that was a great way to start my day~!~

  4. Can anyone tell us why he’s still smoking?? Blech!! After quitting smoking 5 years ago, the smell is replusive. So happy I quit!

  5. Angela ^_^ says:

    hehehe that was kinda cute ^_^

  6. XDDDD I’m guessing that this is highlighting the saying that kissing someone who smokes is like licking an ash tray…hahahaha ohhh Jackson was a cutie hehe. That was so funny, I wonder if there are more?

  7. I didn´t get it… who was the smoker, him or her…??? haha 🙂

  8. Magiclily says:

    I didn’t get it too Oo?
    Weird commercial, but jackson looks cute ^^

  9. lol…

  10. who saw the proactiv commercial and disney 411 with him in it? i see the proactiv al lthe time..im like…JACKSON??

  11. Iwantjasper says:

    Kellan’s Diet Mountain dew Commercial, he was attacked by a ferret not a gopher.

  12. Lomesir22 says:

    I remember this ad!

  13. ODM that was soooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that just made my day! I bet that was around the time that he was on The OC.

  14. Kinda ironic that now he’s a chain smoker, huh?

  15. Hoping Robert and Kristen see htis…

  16. TwilightFreak says:

    What a great way to start the day!!
    ……but doesnt he smoke now?
    Its too bad. 🙁

  17. Scooby Lady says:

    Commercial is funny! :), There is no real proof (that I know off) that Jackson smokes or is smoking. The only Twilight actors that I have seen smoking, by looking at photos taken of them while on set, are Robert, Kristen, Kellan and Nikki. I haven’t seen ones of Ashley, Jackson or Peter. Though I do remember Jackson smoking on a episode of “Criminal Minds”. But, even if he smokes, that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person, and I still love him as a person and actor/musician.

    • there were pictures from the cast when they were filming New Moon and they showed most of the cast smoking: Rob, Kristen, Peter, Nikki, and Jackson, and I even think I saw Kellan smoking in one of them.

      • I saw pics of Peter smoking too. But I recently saw an interview that Jennie Garth gave about what a great husband he is because “he doesn’t smoke or drink.” Maybe it’s from hanging out with all those kids. Isn’t he too old for peer pressure? I’m a disgusting smoker myself so I’m not throwing stones. I just thought it was weird that she said that.

      • What a shame- I actually thought this generation was alot smarter about their health then past ones.
        Such a nasty habit, and if they could smell themselves!

  18. Robynnnnnn says:

    Doesn’t Jackson smoke now? How ironic. But this is hilarious :L

    • Don’t know if Jackson smokes but his bandmates sure do. He doesn’t have to smoke if he’s hanging around them…..he can just inhale all the secondhand stuff. Blech!

  19. Why do all the Twilight actors smoke? Good grief, it’s insane.

  20. Can anyone tell me the only Twilight main stars who don’t smoke? Does Taylor Lautner smoke?L that’s all I really care about 😀

  21. This video was hillarious.

  22. Aww! He’s so adorable!

  23. it was a ferret…. not a gopher, lol

  24. That’s a funny commercial and I think Jackson looks so cute in it.

  25. Oh, the irony. I’m pretty sure Jackson smokes now. I know for a fact most of the Twilight cast lights up. Save Lautner. Okay, whatever, go ahead and kill yourselves with lung cancer. I’m sure Kstew totally introduced Dakota to weed.

    • “Okay, whatever, go ahead and kill yourselves with lung cancer.” What’s up with that?!!
      Come on…You don’t mean that. Lighten up, just a tad. Discussed this issue a thousand times or maybe it just seems that way:
      Smoking-bad,Gum chewing-better,Abstaining-best.
      Everybody has a bad habit(s),some they are not proud of,but wishing someone actual harm-so not necessary.

  26. Fuuunnny. You drag out the word. 🙂

  27. garfield2287 says:

    I love this, it was too funny, I had to share it with friends here in the office….

  28. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I’ve seen Jackson chain smoke with my own eyes. And I wish what you read of his interviews was the real him, but from what I’ve experienced, it’s not.

  29. shannonh08 says:

    There is another Anti-smoking commercial that went along with this. It’s actually quite gross. After he kisses the girl, he makes a face and spits out a bunch of cigarette butts. Pretty nasty.

  30. Way to go, Jackson! I knew there are so many reasons why I admire and love ya! Hugs…

  31. Darien Rachelle says:

    Adorable 🙂
    Odd though, however…. considering Jackson is a chain smoker.

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