Jackson Rathbone: Looking For a Change of Pace

Jackson Rathbone talked to MTV about how playing Jasper means he’s very controlled a lot of the time. His Last Airbender experience was very differnt.

“Jasper is so composed and kind of holding it all back, so getting to play a character where I can just run into people was great! I got to do this fight scene where I get attacked by three different people at the same time; I’m running through a battle trying to find my little sister, worried about where she is, and this guy charges me with a sword! So, I make the split decision to just tackle him, take him straight to the ground, and then someone else comes behind me and tries to slash me in the back – so I pull that guy over me, and he hits his own guy.”

Given all the fight training that the cast cast been doing in Vancouver, it looks like Jackson is going to get the chance to mix it up with the newborn army. With any luck he won’t be too bruised by the time he has to film his scenes in the upcoming indie flick, The Girlfriend. Check out the full story on MTV.



  2. allthekingshorses says:

    Why the glasses? They look like those crazy glasses from the original Mission Impossible movie (you know, the one where everyone dies). Ugh. Bring back the super hot Jackson, please.

  3. Jackson Ratbone is Hotttt!

  4. will never get tired of seeing jackson 🙂

  5. Love Jackson, the gruff not so much. You think its for a movie? Rather see his gorgeous face!

  6. I want his glasses!

  7. Does anyone think that Jackson reminds them of Johnny Depp? Maybe that’s just me(:

  8. veronica,
    I agree…for this picture anyways, he does look like Johnny Depp.

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