Talking Twilight Convention Raising Money For Charity

This press release  in from the Talking Twilight convention:

A group of Portland, Oregon Twilight fans have put together a great Twilight convention  (Aug. 28-30) to raise money for the local children’s hospital.

If you’re a Twilight fan, it will be the place to be: great guests and great events, including tours of Twilight filming locations, a re-creation of the film’s prom, Q&A and autograph sessions with the actors, musical performances and much, much more!

Guests for the three-day show include Peter “Carlisle” Facinelli, Edi “Laurent” Gathegi, Alex “Paul” Meraz, Christian “Angela” Serratos, Gil “Billy Black” Birmingham, Ayanna “Cora” Berkshire as well as some local actors who appeared in the film, including Edward’s double. All the guests will be there for all three days of the show.
Among the sites on the tour are Bella’s House, the high school, Multnomah Falls, Carver Café, the dress shop, the Italian restaurant, the bookstore and more.
The $250 ticket price gets you entrance to all events for all three days, autographs with all the actors, location tours, a meet-and-greet, Q&A sessions and the amazing Saturday night prom, with the chance to bid on a dance with the actors who are attending. The net proceeds from the event will benefit the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.

For full details and to purchase three-day or single-day passes, please go to


  1. I’m actually kind of curious how they have Peter coming since he had to cancel on the New Jersey TwiTour event due to filming for Nurse Jackie…

  2. I know this is completely off topic, but has anyone here read the tmz article that says that some author sued stephenie meyer because she claims that stephenie ripped off her work when she wrote breaking dawn? Its ridiculous.

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