Stephenie Meyer Partners with Hobo

Back a couple of moths ago, we first heard of the Hobo skatebboard company when they created a one-of-a-kind skateboard to auction off for the Save The Book Babe event. ( Side note Pel just had coffee with Faith AKA the Book Babe this weekend and she’s hanging in there, and she has plans for the future.) Well now it seems that the group is expanding their partnership with Stephenie Meyer.

“They started the Hobo Foundation simultaneously with the business. They will give a portion of their profits, when they get some, to the foundation, which will partner with local charities that benefit the homeless. The two briefly considered whether “hobo” might be considered politically incorrect, but they decided the term fit their mission and would appeal to the young people in their target customer base. The company motto is “We share the same streets.”

The charity aspect was a key draw for Meyer, Hancock said. Meyer, who also lives in Cave Creek and is a family friend of Hancock’s, invited him to design a one-of-a-kind skateboard for a cancer-charity auction she was hosting in the spring. The deck sold for $1,500, and she was so impressed that she approached the two men about partnering on a line of gear.

“She knew that by doing that deck for the charity event, people saw Hobo as a company tied to a social cause,” Hancock said.”

Read the rest on AZ Central. Ty to Nigela


  1. My 14 year old son is a sk8r AND a Stephanie Meyer fan! Has read all the books at LEAST once, and in his own words: “dude, that is a tight board!” Ha! Where can we get one? Awesome that this partnership is not only helping a local company launch, but benefiting a charity too!! Stephanie is awesome!!

  2. WHERE IS THE HOST!? I totally love that book and wanna know the word on the sequels!

  3. Nina, I know! I love it too! I knows she’s writing sequels, but I don’t know if she’s actually let a publisher get a look at them yet. Gah!

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