Kellan Lutz Toys With The Paparazzi

This isn’t the first time Kellen Lutz has toyed around with the paparazzi. In the past he’s been known to take their pictures at airports, and to stage photos with the cast busily reading the Twilight novels.

Our personal favorite, however, has to be the time he sent his younger twin brothers, who look a lot like him, out of his house on motorbikes with helmets on in opposite directions. The paparazzi didn’t know who to chase, so they split up. After they were about a mile away each brother stopped and revealed.  What a classic! Talk about beating them at their own game.

Anyway, according to Just Jared, Kellan is back to having a little fun at the paprazzi’s expense.


  1. mschicklet says:

    HAH! I’d probably do the same thing!!

  2. Hahaha that’s funny! Didn’t even know he had twin brothers xD

  3. vampireartist says:

    how did you find out about his twin brothers doing that? Is there a link to that post or article?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Kellan told the story at the Creation TwiTour Atlanta stop in July 2009. Unfortunately, there is currently no video available of that moment. We were there live to hear it. Kellan acted out the entire story and it was hysterical watching him imitate frustrated paparazzi.

  4. Kellen is like the real-life Emmett.

  5. Kellan was the perfect Emmett because he is just like him in real life. The jokester !! Perfect character for him to play 🙂

  6. and he’s Canon shooter? be still my heart! :p

  7. i met him theree 🙂 hes a really nice guy right before i talked to him he talked to a little girl 🙂

  8. vampireartist…. I haven’t seen an article where Kellan tells that story..however, I was at the TwiTour in Atlanta & he told that story there. I’m sure he’s probably told it at other conventions as well. He does love his stories! LOL

  9. Hahahahaha! The story about his twin brothers is priceless… lol

  10. see, this is why I love him!!

  11. hahaha they couldnt have cast a better emmett

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