Stephenie Meyer: My Summer Vacation

Stephenie Meyer has updated her website to say how she spent her summer vacation. She has a list of some great book and song recommendations. and ended with this quote:

“And finally movies. Mostly when I get out to a movie, it’s a kid’s movie. So Pixar’s Up was the highlight of my summer. And then this Saturday I went to see an actual grown-up people movie, yay! Admittedly, I went to see the New Moon trailer on the big screen (yes, I’m a total dork. Who cares? It was worth it). But then I stayed to see Bandslam because the reviews were so good, and I was glad I did. With my hopeless love of music coupled with my total lack of musical ability, I really dug Will. He’s my hero right now. It had a good soundtrack, as one might expect, a lot of very quotable one-liners, and it turned upside down some of those lame female-interaction stereotypes. It’s a good time.

So that’s my “How I Spent My Summer.” I hope you guys had a really good time this summer, and found some great stuff of your own. I love this world full of stories and songs waiting to be discovered! And I also love you, the awesome Twilight (and maybe a few Hosts, too) fandom. I stalk your websites all the time—you guys are hilarious (I recently added LTT to my stalk list; thanks for the laugh lines, ladies). I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in November for a little movie release that I’m excited about. Too many months to go!”


  1. It’s good to hear from Stephenie! I agree that there are too many months to go! It’s torture I tell you!

    • I’m overjoyed to finally hear from Stephenie! I missed her constant updating during the making of the first Twilight movie.

      I wish she had mentioned what projects she was working on-I’m more than ready for a new book from her!

  2. Leigh Anne says:

    Wow, I love that Mrs. Meyer mentioned
    That’s amazing!

  3. OMG, We (actually I) have been wondering where you have been hiding….I leave little letters to Seth on your website shaming him for not dishing at least once a week for us. We miss you!

  4. Oh my gosh! She mentioned LTT? That’s ! Those girls are hilarious! wow… so exciting!

  5. I’m a 40 year old Mom of 3 myself, so not as much time to read as I’d like. I only just discovered Stephenie Meyer this summer! And, I’m hooked. I didn’t get much sleep as only “free” time I get is after kids are to bed. I’ve read all 4 books & Host and am sooooooo hoping she finishes Midnight Sun, and soon! I don’t know how all of you who discovered her years ago have managed to wait this long! I thought the Twilight movie was just ok, but the books were absolutely fantastic. Sorry Rob & Kristen, but I don’t think any actor could live up to my idealized vision of Edward & Bella. Steph, keep writing & give us a target date soon! xoxo

    • I agree as well! I am also a 40 year old mom of 2 active boys. We miss hearing from you so much. I am saddened that we aren’t able to really leave you any messages on your site. I understand the NUMBERS of messages that you must get,but it is nice to hear your feedback to our questions. I too am DYING waiting on New Moon! I just reread Midnight Sun for probably the 6th time. I do HOPE that you will go back and finish! I am longing to hear Edward’s voice once again myself. I often wondered what he was thinking in the book, and then I found Midnight Sun. It only Whetted my appetite for the rest of the story. I know you were hurt by the exposure of your work before it was time,but I do hope that you can get past it and GIVE YOUR FANS WHAT THE ARE WAITING FOR! 🙂 I have also felt that you could possibly go back and add to Edward and Bella’s story, past Breaking Dawn. You still have some loose ends, especially with Jacob and Reneesmee. I loved your book, “The Host” too! We love you Stephenie!!

      • Well said , I was thinking the same thing myself…Stephenie needs to keep writing and finish those loose ends with Jacob and Renesmee…I will always be her fan and she is a very talented author as well. She is the one who got me hooked on books to begin with. Thank you Stephenie

  6. Stephenie, I have been reading books all summer trying to calm myself waiting for New Moon to hit the big screen this fall…Love your work and you are my favorite author ever. Finish Midnight Sun please, your fans love you.

  7. I was at the Blue October concert in Tempe that Stephenie went to. It was a very small venue, so we saw her walking around a few times. After the concert ended my younger cousin went and asked for a picture with her. She was totally cool, not only letting them snap the pic but also talking to her about the series and the upcoming New Moon flick.

  8. it´s great to hear from her again!!! I listen to all her reading/music suggestions.
    I thought that Edi Gathegi and her had seen New Moon the movie on a private theatre or something like that, but she doesn´t mention it on her site… just about the new moon trailer at Bandslam…
    i´m a little confused… has she seen New moon or not???

  9. I’m going to get Catching Fire ASAP! Plus Dreamhunter and Dreamquake are really good, so hopefully Stephenie’s recommendation will bring a bit more attention to Elizabeth Knox and her work.

  10. Never heard of LTT until Steph mentioned them. I looked them up and they’re a little …. graphic. I guess I’m too private – or maybe I’m too much of a Christian.
    I couldn’t see past the “too much information” parts to see that it was funny.

  11. Love you Stephenie! And miss you too.

  12. Yay! Book recommendations! I love Stephenie’s book recommendations. That’s how I found The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments trilogy, and A Company of Swans. 😀

  13. So I honestly hope that Steph is working on continuing her Host characters I felt like you could definately get more of them. I loved them all: Melanie, Wanda, Jamie, Jared, Kyle, Ian, all of them it would be excellent to see another book with them. It just feels wrong to create such wonderful characters and then be done with them after only one book. I am in the process of writting three myself because I enjoy my created characters so much. Don’t get me wrong I would love to read midnight Sun as well but I fell in love with the Host too..

  14. Stephenie, Thank you for giving us such great books. I had finished reading all four Twilight Saga Books. I loved them all, they are really fantastic. Please finish Midnight Sun, and give us a target date soon. Also please write another book to continue the story now that Bella and Edward could start rasing Reneesmee in peace, as well as what will happen with Jacob and Reneesmee when she grow up, the Cullen´s Family, and all loose ends that reminds.
    I will be waiting meanwhile for the other three movies of the Twilight saga. The New Moon Movie will arrived till November 22 to Mexico, so please continue writing. Your fans love all your work. Thank’s.

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