Phoenix TwiTour Day Two

So TwiTour Day one…wow…just wow. Cool new stuff we learned:

1. Mike Welch can play the drums and do comedy song routines from Dreamgirls to Queen. He’s also an incredible backup dancer.

2. Catherine Hardwicke said that the 4 finalists (who she called bachelor 1, 2, 3, 4) for the part of Edward Cullen were Jackson Rathbone, Ben Barnes, and Shiloh Fernandez. She said to watch for Shiloh because she predicts that he’s going places.

3. Catherine said two Twilight stars (one male and one female) have auditioned for her version of Hamlet.

4. Edi Gathegi was chased around the New Moon set by styrofoam green cows that were then replaced by CGI wolves when doing the wolf attack scene. He said it’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re being chased by green cows.

5. Edi just saw New Moon in a private movie theater with Stephenie Meyer and said he was nervous seeing the movie with Stephenie and he’s always nervous about seeing himself on film. Said the movie is fabulous, and amazing.

6. Gil Birmingham on acoustic guitar at 12:30AM is so worth staying up for. His repertoire runs from blues, to light rock, to a Mexican sound that then blends into folk. And, oh yeah, the man can sing!

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  1. It was amazing!!!

  2. THis is SOOO cool. Im going to twicon on sunday (tomorrow). I cant wait. Alex Meraz and Chaske spencer:) YUM. Hope to see TwilightLexicon there too.

  3. Ooh, I think Shiloh would have been a good Edward. Not that I don’t love Robert as Edward. Never knew that Jackson was up for it! Interesting!

    • FilDeCuivre says:

      I remember that like a three years ago I saw an episode of Cold Case with Shiloh Fernandez in it. Back then I thought that there was something that made me think of Edward! It’s weird to think that he actually was one of Catherine’s top 4! Wow!

  4. Edi auditioned for Hamlet…he did it while at Twi Tour Minneapolis!

  5. Ben Barnes!! Ahh, I love him! He would have been a great Edward! And they were complaining that Henry Cavill was too old! I am pretty sure that Ben Barnes is a couple years older than Henry. At least Jackson is jasper

  6. Thanks for the info!

  7. Kelsi Laverty says:

    hahaha yup i live within a mile of the Wigwam, so my amazing plan of sneaking in is going down in a few hours hahaha i can borrow a uniform and sneak in through the pool gate hahaha (jk jk) but i will prolly hang out there by the front just in case anyone cool or famous comes out haha ;D

  8. Faktririjekt says:

    Thank goodness Jackson didn’t get the part of Edward. . .

    And I’d have a hard time keeping a straight face, as well. Epic lolz.

  9. What is up with Ben Barnes mania latley? Alot of people want him for both the male leads with the other two books I loved (Damen from Evermore and Tamani from Wings).. I love Ben Barnes just not as a book character. (Maybe he would have made a good Edward.. But I’m still RPatzing xD)

    • I realize everyone’s taste is different, but for me, Ben Barnes is the handsomest guy on the planet. And as far as book characters goes, I only knew of him from his role as Prince Caspian, which I loved! Can’t wait to see him in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which is filming now in Australia. He’s also starring in Dorian Gray (also from a novel), which comes out in theaters Sept 9th.

  10. Wow! Really? Ben Barnes? He’s so dreamy.

  11. Thank God they choose RP. He is the best.

  12. Fananonymous says:

    coool excited!!

  13. I love Shiloh Fernandez SO MUCH! I find it so weird and freakishly conicidental that I love him and RPatz and it turns out he was in the running for Edward!

  14. i love robert as edward and all but i still think the other three would probably do a great job acting as edward

  15. *tear* Ben Barnes! He IS my Edward. I’m sry, I like Rob and all, but I absolutely LOVE Ben Barnes. He’s amazing. I would have loved to see him as Edward. Then when I heard he auditioned for Aro, I hoped for him to land the role. But oh well. Dorian Gray is coming out soon, and then he’s working on the next Narnia film, so I’ll see him soon, lol. But it would have been nice to see him in one of the Twi-films.

    • oh, didn’t see your post until now. I’m completely with you, Mimi! What I love about Ben, besides his incredible good looks, is that he is articulate, intelligent, and very funny! It would have been really interesting to see how he would have played Edward, although I do think Robert is great in it. Personally I’d have loved Ben as Aro.

  16. I think the right people are playing the right characters in the Twilight Saga…it is interesting to know who was almost considered for the part. Cant wait till these movies are finished so I can watch them a hundred times over and over again…lol

  17. Well I’m glad Kristen told Catherine that she wanted Rob to play Edward. I’m not too fond of the other selection. Jackson is Jasper to me (maybe because he already played Jasper) but I think Rob is much more perfect to play Edward as in looks!!! Jackson is cute but not as cute as Rob.

  18. Okay maybe I missed the news on this, but wasn’t the new trailer supposed to be in front of Bandslam? Isn’t Bandslam already in theatres?

  19. Yay! Shout out to Pel for doing two awesome presentations this weekend! Thanks for hanging out with us Phoneix fans. 🙂 It was a really fun weekend, in spite of the guest cancellations… My favorite part was Alex doing capoeira at the ball! He’s so awesome.

    (Haha, I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but I was the girl running around in the huge black gown with the bustle at the ball and on Sunday, haha. First as Tanya, then as Maria. Yay for minor characters!)

  20. BarnesGirl says:

    hi there Ben Barnes fans! i see there’s a lot of you out there.. talk to you at these sites: ; ;

    Ben might have have been a better Edward..but past is past..let’s move on… save the date 09.09.09…Dorian Gray comes out in theaters (at least in Britain cinemas)..



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