Robert Pattinson: It’s a Hair Thing

Perhaps the answer for the guys who can’t quite figure out “What is it about this Pattinson dude?” lies in Rob’s hair. At least the New York Times thinks that has something to do with it.

“ROBERT PATTINSON — he of the wild, teased mane — may stand alone in this summer’s teenage-adulation market: Us Weekly published its first-ever “bookazine” about him and his “Twilight” co-stars, a decision Janice Min, then the editor, chalked up to a “hunk recession.”

His hair, however, has plenty of competition. There is a minor eruption of major hair atop the country’s young male populace — and, as hair is wont to do, it’s growing.”

See the rest of the New York Time’s take on hair raising success.


  1. He does have good hair. Remember when he cut it all off over Christmas last year – apparently it was the most searched thing on google for 4 days! And the fact I remember that is also testiment to the awesome power of The Hair.

  2. twilight + star trek fan says:

    i dont really love his hair. it looked a little too wild

  3. His hair is great but his adorable HUMILITY is the real draw. He’s just so sweet.

  4. I am in love with his hair!!!

  5. When Rob’s hair is newly cut & styled by the MOVIE stylist, it looks good. When he needs a cut – which is 95% of the time – and he styles it himself, it looks like CRAP!

  6. I hate all the talk abt RP’s hair. It’s nice that it looks like the description of Edward in the books, but apart from that, who cares? I thought his acting was great and he seems like a nice guy. More power to him and enough already with the hair. I liked the reference to him in Gail Collins’ column last Sat. better!

  7. whoa
    the first guy with the orange hair is HOOTTT!!!!
    who is he

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