Elle Magazine Features the Twilight Make-up Line

Our last post on the upcoming Twilight make-up line was way more popular than we would have predicted. So to all of you who were interested, Elle is featuring the products in a contest.

All you have to do according to Elle is:

Upload your best Twilight-inspired beauty tutorial on ELLE Video Star between now and Friday, August 14 at noon EST and you could be one of ten lucky fans to win this pretty-tough pewter, pictured above (which is surprisingly very sheer and vanilla-scented).”

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  1. I actually think the make up is rather pretty

  2. i have a question. is this going to be available in stores places or only an online thing?

    • twifriend it said DILLARDS and NORDSTROM in sept.Well im sure the products at least will be good it is made from an established make-up artist.I personally did not find anything great from the lip venom product that she produced.Still think its to much though.

  3. This is quite stupid.
    Dolls, make-up and everything?!
    Why oh why? Oh , yeah , to make money on screaming fans that would by ANYTHING the word twilight were written on.
    Including myself..

    But don’t you see what they are doing here?

    MAKING MONEY on stupid products.

    • Yeah, u r dead right ’bout it… but this kind of stuff bugs me up, ya know, I’m a fan & all that but I don’t think the movie or serie need this kind of propaganda… it looks like HSM or Hanna Montana merchandise, even in the hell have someting ’bout it … too overwhelming.

  4. It looks sooooo pretty! I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.

  5. ScarletRubie says

    this is how things get annoyingly overrated, i was a fan when not too many people knew about it now it’s turning into something crazy, it’s like everywhere you turn there it is, staring right at you. It’s way too much although to be fair the lip gloss look nice (in the picture anyway)

  6. Really right now?
    First body glitter and now a full makeup line? Good gosh.

  7. Well your stupind for thinking that if your not the one buying it then dont worry about it!!

  8. way to flood the market..lets get people sick of this stuff before the movies are done

    • I totally agree! they’re just takign tit too far! like the world will end before new moon is out so they they have to make money quickly – i.e use every last barely related thing and slap the word twilight on it!!!

  9. i love the case…with the trees..i think i will get some of the things but i dont usually wear makeup..and i love vanilla so im prob gonna get that

  10. and why are you guys saying its going to far? its just a makeup line..they have a hannah montanna line and Twilight is bigger than that crap so i think they didnt go too far…twilight is amazingly famous…and everyone has to face it that they will probably make a lot of ridiculous stuff to make money

  11. Let’s not forget that our country is in a recession. A product line doesn’t just mean money for some rich jerk some where. It means a business oportunity for someone, jobs for those who produce, package, supply, and sell the product, and satisfaction for those who will buy it and enjoy it.

    I’m all for it as long as it is a quality product that is not priced in such a way that exploits the consumer by ripping them off unnecessarily.

    Honestly, for those who wear lipgloss, what’s the difference between buying this product, and buying Cover Girl?

  12. okay there’s so many people saying bad things about this make-up. I like make up i love twilight and any thing to do with it! Sooo let me say that i cannot wait to TRY it out. And if there just trying to make money thats what they do so good for them and good for me. :p

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