Volturi Ball Close Up

ReelzChannel has a close up of the amazing Volturi Ball that happened at TwiCon. You have to hand it to Twilight fans. When you give them a theme and tell them to dress to the nines, they know how to deliver!


  1. While I can appreciate any fan, it irritates me that those girls are sporting fangs. Come on ladies, our Twilight vamps don’t have fangs….gah.

  2. dont get me wrong, I love everything Twilight, but that cracked me up!

    And UNCSGRL- right on! LOL

  3. Miss Miriam says

    At the end of the video is has an screen that says In theater’s 11-15-09….did they change the realese date and not tell anyone or is that a mis-type…..becuase 11-20 is my B-day and I was hoping for a midnight release on that day.

  4. Isn’t it pronounced Vol-chur-ee

  5. Aww, i wish they’d shown some more of the people. There were some really amazing dresses and masks there. My favorite was a girl with the tulips on her dress…. ^^

  6. Does anyone know who the lady was that designed these masks? Or maybe where she got the blank masks to do it or a tutorial on how to make one? My friends and I want to do something like this for Halloween and they are just beautiful.

  7. Yes…my friend Devon (an artist) designed the masks…if you are interested she has a website I can give you.

    • I am VERY VERY interested, I would love her website, she is incredible, these are some of the most creative and beautiful works of art I have seen in a long time. Thank you 🙂

  8. she can tell you where she got the stuff, I’m sure

  9. wow those are absolutely beautiful. but i was wondering, did the lady pronounce ‘Volturi’ wrong?

  10. For the love of all that is holy, isn’t it
    VOL-CHU-REE ?!?!? If I have te hear one more lame fan say VOL-TU-REE bad things will happen…..

    • I found this, supposedly this is how it’s sad. It is said Vol TUR EE http://forvo.com/word/volturi/

      • well that is how you pronounce it in any romance language (and since the word is originally italian you should pronounce it like that) but I guess that in eglish the t’s sound more like a ch so it’s not that bad. The fans that say volTUree are correct tia. ANd those masks are beautiful