Jodelle Ferland Slated For Eclipse

Variety (who tends to get casting info correct) broke the news that Jodelle Ferland has an upcoming role in Eclipse, but they didn’t name which one. The description reads, “a vampire who has just been turned”.

We’ve put out feelers to determine if she is playing perhaps Maria, Bree, or and unnamed newborn. If the ink isn’t quite dry on the contracts, we may not get confirmation straight away.

Check out her fansite which has a lot of images of Jodelle that are more recent than what is found commonly on the Internet. She looks much older in this headshot dated February of this year than the myriad of other shots around the Internet.


  1. is she the kid from silent hill?

    • HAHA IT IS the evil little girl from SILENT HILL!!! She will play her part great in the movies guys…She was scary in silent hill.Saw the movie at the theater and couldnt wait to get outside and into the light. LOL!!!Sure she can roll around and scream for a a little while.

  2. She was who I had in mind for Jane but I would love her in any of the films. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS !
    And yes that is the creepy kid from Silent Hill. But she’s actually been a creepy kid in alot of things.

    • She’s also who I had in mind for Jane.

      Yeah, she’s been a creepy little kid in a few things, one of them being the little boy in The Messengers (yes the movie Kristen Stewart is in)

      She’s gonna be an amazing vampire…

  3. my guess is bree..

  4. if she’s playing bree, that’s exactly how i picture her. pretty cool.

  5. i guess she’s an okay bree, but she isn’t old enough to play maria, IMO.

    hmm, i still don’t know what to think of this.

  6. After looking at her more recent pics, I definitely think she’d play Bree. I always saw Maria as a Mexican girl (whole taking over Mexico thing, but I could be wrong) who was at least in her late teens, early twenties. I mean she’s going to be getting with Jasper for a while – a 14 year old would be CREEPY!!

    She has the right amount of innocence and strangeness. She’ll be great.

  7. Definitely Bree

  8. she’s the one the cullens were offering to take in after the clearing. but Jane and i think felix or demetri killed because she broke the rules. one of the newborns Riley and Victoria recruited…

  9. I was told by the person who runs her official website that she will be Bree. Not sure how i feel about that yet.

  10. She will be playing Bree. 🙂

  11. It has to be Bree… I think

  12. Is she playing Bree?

  13. i hope its bree and not maria. just because werent maria and jasper kind of romantically involved back in the day?

  14. It says on her website that she is playing Bree!! Thanks so much, for letting us know she got a part! (:

  15. i think she’ll be a good bree..kinda how i pictured her

  16. OMG…totally!

  17. Her website says Bree

  18. Isn’t that girl who played celine dion when she was young? …. i think she’ll be playing bree, she is not old enough for playing Maria.

  19. creepy girl from Silent Hill! 🙂 She’ll make a good Bree.

  20. Rachel M. says:

    She’s exactly how I pictured Bree, and from the little description, I don’t know who else she could play…
    But we never know; they’ve surprised us with casting before.

  21. As soon as I saw her pix-I thought, “THAT HAS TO BE BREE-NO DOUBT” She looks perfect. Now I gotta see Silent Hill to check if the acting skills match too.

  22. She seems like a perfect Bree to me too.

  23. Linzie Crystal says:

    She’s awesome…i think she’ll be Bree…she’s pretty…perfect for a vampire movie that has angel like beauty!!:)

  24. If they describe her as the “newborn vampire”, that would mean she would be Bree rather then Maria, wouldn’t it?

  25. nottelling says:

    I was hoping she would play Jane but when i found out it was dakota fanning, i wanted her to play Bree! She’s my favorite actress ever!

  26. Yes, it has been confirmed that Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill) will be playing Bree and will work with Dakota Fanning (Hide and Seek) who plays Jane…IF Dakota continues her role for Eclipse…I’m sure she will.

    Also! Jodelle’s official fansite is actually and her official Twitter is

  27. One more thing! Jodelle has started the preparation work for ECLIPSE and filming should start very soon. It should release in 2010 while NEW MOON hits theaters this November.

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