Ebay Charity Store

Do you want autographed Twilight merchandise that’s guaranteed to be authentic?  Even better, if you buy it the proceeds go to charity.

Rachelle Lefevre just opened her EBay Charity store. According to InStyle “Proceeds go to to raise funds for School On Wheels, a charity that provides educational opportunities to homeless kids in Southern California.”

Check out InStyle’s write up and the store itself.


  1. Just more proof of what a class act Rachelle really is.

  2. I miss Rachelle.

  3. Good on her for doing this. I would totally bid on something, if I had any money. But, she’s already raised almost $6000 so far if I can do my maths right, so it doesn’t really matter. 🙂

  4. Wish I could afford any of these items. Great cause. Thanks Rachelle. I am going to miss you.

  5. Awesome thing she’s doing…should show everyone the type of person she is. PS She was doing all this charity work before she butted heads with Summit so its just not to earn brownie points. (just sayin’)