The Twilight Saga Breaks a USA Today Record

We’ve often said that the only way in which the Twilight novels and Harry Potter novels can be compared is the fact that they were books directed at younger audiences, written by previously unpublished women, they have tremendous sales totals, and they have fanatic fan followings. In fact we just turned down participating in an webevent that wanted a faceoff to determine which was better, because it’s not a contest. Reading, in our opinion, shouldn’t be a contest. Especially since the books are differnt genres, it would be like asking what’s better a cubist Picasso or an impressionist Monet.

USA Today just announced that the Twilight Saga broke a record previously held by Harry Potter. So you can see how the sales total comparison is an interesting one.

According to USA Today:

“The four-book Twilight series has sunk its fangs into USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list — with no signs of letting go. Meyer’s domination of the list for the past 12 months has smashed records that until now had belonged to J.K. Rowling.

Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the teen-vampire romance series, entered the list at No. 1 on Aug. 2, 2008. Its sales and those of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, the first three books, have remained staggering.

This week, Meyer’s novels are Nos. 4, 5, 6 and 7 on USA TODAY’s list.

Rowling, overall, has sold more books than Meyer — her seven-book series about boy wizard Harry Potter has 143 million copies in print in the USA, while Meyer has sold 40 million copies of her four books. But Rowling can’t match Meyer’s control of the list.”

Check out the whole story on USA Today. It doesn’t take sides in which novels are better, but it provides an interesting insight into their respective sales patterns and histories.


  1. damn straight

  2. Now that’s just amazing.. :]

  3. Harry Potter is way better.
    I love Twilight but shame on you Lexicon for posting this. Stop adding feud to the fire!
    I love both books, love Harry Potter MORE, but I don’t feel the need to compare the two.
    This was a stupid post and shame on you Lexicon.

    Usually something that it posted after midnight eastern time has 1 maybe 2 comments the next morning. We were surprised when the comments on this were greater that the post above. And thanks to IP tracking we have our solution! In other words a series of posts is all the same person trying to strengthen their point by posting repeatedly under different names.

    To quote Bella, “Do you have multiple personality disorder?”


    Are all the same person! We are leaving this, your original comment and deleting the rest. Making up new names tends to devalue any valid point you had.

    Also thanks for the video link on that you categorized as “An Awesome Stephenie Meyer Video” it linked to your YouTube account where you state why you don’t like the series. LOL, not even an original troll.

    • Umm.. its kind of, sort of a Twilight webiste..
      Not a HP website. This website is for the fans of Twilight not HP

      • So.. What? A fan of BOTH HP and Twilight (but still loves HP more) Is not allowed on this site?
        I love both, why can’t i be on?

        • Twilight_News says

          We love both and suggest you read the actual context that praises both series and talks about how the numbers work in both angles.

          Let’s hear it for Remus Lupin and Jacob Black, two of the coolest wolves in books!

          • I agree totally, I love both but I love, love, love
            Twilight. This is the Twilight site, AND NO, not shame on you Lexicon, you always stay neutral and I don’t believe you are fanning the fire…just reporting the news like you should. Actually JK had 7 novels, I believe if Steph (and I hope you are listening Steph!) would continue the series, she also would break the money ammount. I love both these truly amazing women, they are a inspiration to us all. Their writing has been a gift. Please continue the series Steph! (and yes, this is me begging)lol

          • Lexicon, I think you’re doing a great job of not comparing the two series
            This is by far the best twilight website, thanks so much for doing this

      • SO WHAT

      • I may think Harry Potter is much better, but thats great

  4. hell yeah! i actually like this comparison. lets just keep it at this and never compare the two again.

  5. vampwolves says

    I agree greatly with the majority of all of you.

    I think these comparisons should just.. go away and die.

    I’ve only just began reading the Harry Potter series (better late than never) and I actually started to see what all the fuss about the books actually was… And I think I’m starting to enjoy the writing a bit more.

    There is obviously no reason to compare the books anymore. How about we just all stop caring about how Twilight compares to Harry Potter because we ALL have different opinions on it and we could all go ON and ON.

  6. I got one thing to say to the above person(s)…..
    BUSTED! LOL What was up with all that?…the Lexi does a fabulous job! They keep us posted on everything going on so I don’t have to wade thru all the mess out there. As for more than one person using a e-mail address, my daughter and I share one, so it is possible, but 12-13? Thats just crazy, we got you were disappointed the first time.

  7. I don’t think that they were really trying to compare the two series. The article was merely trying to state how well the series was doing on the best seller list. The article was neutral and the site is just showing how great the series is doing and the potential that it has.

    People are reading and I think that is a great thing. Right now I don’t care which series people like best as long as they have a book in their hand!

  8. HEAR IT Goes I never got my letter from hogwarts so i moved to forks!!! LOL!! LOVE BOTH SERIES.Im a dork i know…

  9. Wow way to go Twilight.

  10. I totally agree…. no contest!! I’ve never read any Harry Potter books or watched any of the Harry Potter movies, and really don’t think I ever would. I was THINKING about watching them only because of Rob…. but I decided against it only because I don’t think he’s (Rob) THE MAIN CHARACTER like Edward Cullen, ya know….. (and Kristen/Bella too) What a great comparison, “it would be like asking what’s better a cubist Picasso or an impressionist Monet.”

  11. First of all, congrats to Steph!

    And secondly:
    I love this site and I say that the Lexicon is doing a fantastic job. And no, they were not comparing HP and Twilight. Both of the series are great and they’re totally different, so they just cannot be compared.

    Why can’t HP and Twilight fans live in harmony? It shouldn’t be so hard.

  12. While I’m sure what I’m about to type is going to be extremely subjective, seeing how I grew up with HP, I wanted to say however I do really enjoy Twilight, it satisfies my need for teen fiction and for romance, but that being said I really cannot stand the comparisons between the HP series and Twilight.

    The two books are nothing, I repeat NOTHING, alike. I mean if you count that both are alternate realities, sure. But one is much more of an epic tale and the other is revolved around a girl in love, which Harry only really experiences for 3, maybe 4 if you include Goblet, of the books.

    I don’t believe the numbers matter at all in deciding which book is “better” or who wins, though the twilight fandom is for the most part teenage girls and everyone knows that teenage girls are the most obsessive, which helps when they will go out and buy any and every single new edition of the book right off the bat, where most adults (but I’m not saying all, I know many adults who are just as obsessive) are fine with one copy.

    But to end this because I’m tired of typing and this will never be resolved I am and forever will hold allegiance to HP. I don’t believe in 30 or 40 years that I will want to read Twilight because by then I’ll be, well, older and living my own romances, apart from Edward. Harry Potter I’ll always love though…and I hope in the end Twilight and Harry Potter fans can maybe stop comparing the two.

    Wouldn’t it be better to compare it to…say, another vampire book? Vampire Diaries perhaps.

    Oh well,

    bye now

  13. Ditto to what Yvonne said. Harry Potter is a classic, Twilight is just a fad.

    • I agree.

    • Don’t want to argue, I love Harry Potter, read it along with my children, and maybe someday with grandchildren, but…heres the catcher…I never wanted to read them over and over as I do Twilight.
      I don’t run out and buy books over and over, I have very dog eared copies that have went from hand to hand, I can’t even begin to tell you the 30-40-50 somethings that have started reading again over the
      Twi-saga. I think its wonderful and will continue to read it thru the years. I do love Harry too, but in the end it just comes down to personal preferance. Yours is Harry, mine is Twilight although I love them both. Just the fact that these two amazing women have got the world excited about reading is what it boils down to. I am not a teen-ager, on the contrary I am 50. I know grown men who read Twilight, lots of them. I know of a doctors group who has a book club– they are reading and loving Twilight! I think they have the whole hospital staff reading the series. The point being, please don’t put either book in a age group, reading is universal. Its for anyone who takes enjoyment from it. I thoroughly enjoyed the hp series also. Different books totally. Why can’t we just love them both…

  14. is it true that only 1million breaking dawn special editions were printed? wont they sell out?

  15. I personally think that the only reason Stephenie Meyer continues to top the charts is because she relies on word of mouth to sell books. HP has a solid fan base, everyone KNOWS that the HP books are good, so they go out within the first few weeks and buy the books. And then they have the books, so her ranking might fall, but she still sold however many gazillion books those first few weeks.

    Besides, there’s not really been any other uber-anticipated books/movies coming out lately (since HP6 came almost 2 years afte the release of Deathly Hallows).

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