Breaking Dawn Plagerism Claim Disputed

Today various gossip sites published a story that an author named Jordan Scott is accusing Stephenie Meyer of plagiarizing Breaking Dawn. A quick Google search reveals Ms. Scott’s website and her modeling aspirations.

Ms Scott’s bio states:

As a musician and singer, I have worked in the entertainment industry since I can remember, but I became serious about my writing when I graduated high school at age 14.

When I was 15 I began writing The Nocturne Trilogy, after I took some time away from writing music and working in film and television. I wanted to write a character-driven story with characters who seem to “live and breathe” on the pages. I wrote The Nocturne with the intent of bringing readers into a completely new world of the fantasy and romance genres. And now I have completed it, after more than three years of intense research, character development, writing, rewriting, editing, and writing a little more! I hope you guys enjoy it.

I commenced studies in a Harvard University Psychology program when I was 17, after which I wanted to major in Film and Theater, and transferred to UCLA. So these days I divide my time between music, college, and writing.

I have an award winning script, and three other scripts in various stages.  Wow

I love school, writing, music, and of course Boys.

In response, Stephenie Meyer’s representatives have released the following, unedited statement:

“The claim that Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit.  Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim.  Ms. Scott’s attorney has yet to furnish us with a copy of the book to support this claim as requested.  The world of The Twilight Saga and the stories within it are entirely the creation of Ms. Meyer.  Her books have been a phenomenal sensation, and perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that other people may seek to ride the coattails of such success. This claim is frivolous and any lawsuit will be defended vigorously.”

Loose fantasy ideas are not copyrightable, otherwise all vampire fiction would have stopped at Bram Stoker. Neither are loose romance plots copyrightable, or Harlequin would not be a leader in romance.  Part of the book in question is viewable on Ms Scott’s website as a Google document. Upon examination, in our clearly biased and in our non legal opinion, the type of word-for-word lifting and exact modeling of character and circumstance that need to be present for a copyright case to have merit is simply not there.


  1. ( roll of the eyes ) oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Confused says:

    Wait…I’m confused. On Google the little description thing says the main character is a sorcerer. But on the complaint letter it says vampire… I’m confused.

    But anyways…
    We shall form a Twilight army to support Stephenie Meyer and bring whats her face down!

    Team Meyer!

  3. jordan scott get a life. so if i say “hello” to anybody will i be acussed of plagiarism aswell, maybe i should stop now or someone will file a lawsuit against me. stephenie all the way

  4. This girl is a total Wack-a-do

  5. After reading some of this “epic Nocturne Trilogy” I see why she needs the publicity for her book. The writing is terrible. I haven’t seen that many comma splices on one page since I edited papers for freshman high schoolers. Harvard graduate my ass. This girl needs to get her head out of the clouds and stop trying to be more than she is.

  6. OK, here’s what I think is hysterical.. curiousity killed the cat – I had to go to her website. It said the book was currently sold out through her site, but it could be ordered through major books retailers. It also said it was available on Amazon Kindle, Googlebooks, and some other site.

    No link was given for it on Amazon Kindle. I did a quick search for “The Nocturne” and then “The Nocturne Jordan Scott.” I got nothing.

    I clicked on the googlebooks link.. and there you go.. 300+ pages of the book. I love how you can purchase it – or just read it there for free.

    Oh, and even better.. Google has it listed as “Texas Aggies: True to Each Other.” Did she originally have another name for the book, just like Stephenie Meyer did with Breaking Dawn?? When I do a new search for “The Nocturne” nothing comes up. When I do a search for “Texas Aggies: True to Each Other” I get what she calls “The Nocturne.”

    Sorry if I am rambling and not making much sense. I’ve been up since 4:30AM, and it’s 11PM now.

  7. OK, not only that.. I can’t find the book online with Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble. Last time I checked, they were major retailers. They aren’t going to have that book in stores if that book isn’t available online.

    I can’t find anything she’s done other than the book with the wrong name submitted to Google books but posted in its entirety (it appears) to Google.

  8. I read the free book online & the letter. I read the book first, and I found it to be more similar to Harry Potter. In the first few chapters he is a sorceror who can’t live with his birth parents, has a scar, & is suppose to fufill a prophecy. Then half way through he is a vampire(??), gets married and his wife has TWO kids (which takes her the full nine months to birth, thank you!). Then she is killed by someone.

    I read the letter after, and was surprised how out of context they took passages from both books (to make the timeline look similar). Plus they take out the sentences and/or passages in between their “examples”.

    Its bull, trying for publicity! Plus the girl is only a model for her mom who takes awful pictures, but her band looked pretty sweet (NOT.)

  9. Jordan Scott is just trying to get famous and she’s simply jealous of Stephenie because her books became so famous!!! If Stephenie has never read these books, heard of Jordan Scott, or heard of the books, how is it possible that she plagiarized them…it’s not possible at all!!!

  10. OMG she did not steal the book jordan scott should just SHUT UP;!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Caroline says:

    i just want to point out that reading the Vampire diaries by LJ Smith (i love the twilight saga by the way) i cant believe Sthephenie came up with the books in a ‘dream’ and that book was written 10 years ago…i feel there is more to this.

  12. im just too lazy to read the comments to find out but has anyone seen any trace of this book on the web? i thought i might see some kind of overview at least, but jordan scott’s website just gives links to dead ends…im puzzled by this. but i have read reviews on her book, and it seems to me that she wrote this at a very young age and thought herself highly impressive, it seems foolish to me because seriously how much life experience can you have at the age of fifteen? im pretty sure not enough to make her characters credible and believable to readers. and besides that imo she doesnt seem to be the brightest, i mean seriously did she not anticipate the kind of reaction she would get from such an enormous fandom of meyers?

  13. I just hope people don’t give Ms. Scott any more attention after she is proven wrong. Attention is clearly what she wants here. No Twilight fan should buy her book out of curiosity – because that is clearly what she is hoping we will do. Pay her no more attention and move on.

  14. I think Jordan Scott tries to pass herself off as something more than she is. Her claims of attending Harvard University & UCLA are misleading. She was not enrolled as a regular student at either institution. She simply took classes through each university’s “Extension Program.” That means she attended online classes or on-site classes through their continuing education department. I know that at least in the case of Harvard Extension School (HES), it’s an open enrollment program, meaning that she didn’t have to meet a minimum high school GPA requirement, nor did she have to submit her SAT scores (assuming she took the SAT).

    Everything in her bio says she’s all about publicity. And Stephenie Meyer is her fast track to that goal.

  15. KeriiBerii says:

    she is just jealous that her book isnt as famous as stephanie’s book.
    All twilight fans should not read her book and tell others not to read it!!!

    She is so stupid to think she can actually get people to belive this. all this is gonna do is make her book less famous than it already izz, and people are gonna be sending her hate emails.


  16. This is getting more and more ridiculous each and every time. Poor Stephenie. I can’t ever even try to doubt her. Why can’t people like Jordon Scott leave Stephenie alone? I think she must started regretting for having shared the Twilight Saga with the rest of the world except her family.

  17. Okay, so, Stephenie wrote a book called Forever Dawn before Breaking Dawn so that’s DEFINITELY proof she had the idea first obviously…And this Jordan idiot, I haven’t read any of the books but since someone in the other comments had said that it was about a young sorcerer…ummm can you say Harry Potter? And she says Stephenie is copying HER?! God, what an idiot…Now I don’t know what anti-Stephenie people are going to say but I certainly know that I am with Stephenie Meyer all the way…Would I be copying J.K. Rowling if I said we should start a M.A. (Meyer’s Army)?! Well sorry I just had to say that…And just to let you know I have my hair cut just like a famous person…SUE ME!!


  18. It’s just some stupid publicity stunt…And you know that no Twilight fans are going to read her books now…?

  19. wow! she is very accomplished!!…Harvard at 15!?

    • @ #22/cam: No, not Harvard University, and not at age 15, lol! At age 17 she took a class(es) through their extension program–not Harvard University. It’s open enrollment–anybody can sign up for their classes. Go read my earlier post at #17.

  20. okay yeah umm if scott’s representive doesnt have a copy of the book for the case to come up true then how are they suppose to prove it that she was caught plagerizing i disagree i highly doubt she did i mean really i’ve read all the book of stephine’s collection. she puts so much effort and passion into her writing she puts too much of it to let it go like this and anyone who thinks stephi would do that is WRONG!

  21. and bye jordan trying to do this stunt all fans of twilight and what ever her books are calle probable wont read hers anymore or her fans may actually increase stephi’s fan rating and by her getting put all this on her i actually think it’s putting jordan down and putting stephine more on top of the heep of popularity! who agrees with me???

  22. Problems for Stephenie Meyer! I understand the fans don’t want to accept this, however the facts are the facts.
    If this were not true, Jordan Scott and her claim would have been laughed out of court! But it’s not, in fact, it’s growing. I saw a report on TV last night.
    If this were not true, why are the fans so upset? Jordan Scott would have been exposed and Stephenie would be smiling 🙂
    If this were not true, Stephenie would have issued a public denial! Where is she? Why is she hiding?.
    If this were not true, why would Jordan Scott have put passages out to the world for comparison? You can agree or not, but she obviously is not hiding.
    If this were not true, Jordan Scott’s lawyer would not even take the case! By the way, did anybody google her lawyer? He is the guy that took down Napster.
    All Breaking Dawn fans better buy copies of the book while you still can. Good luck Steph, you’re gonna need it!

    • “All Breaking Dawn fans better buy copies of the book while you still can. Good luck Steph, you’re gonna need it!”

      – Lulz. Is that you, Jordan Scott? ;D

    • Twilight_News says:

      LOL her lawyer is a media, look at me I’m on TV guy. You must be really new on the Internet if you think lawyers only take cases they think are innocent. You might want to watch a couple of episodes of Law and Order just to catch up with the rest of us.

      And Stephenie Meyers publishers did respond. That’s what professional people do.

      You might want to acquaint yourself with what copyright law actually covers rather than what you think it covers. Jordan Scott’s novel is a piece of 15-year-old pulp fiction that is no more plagiarizing Breaking Dawn that the Chronicles of Narnia, or the Inheritance Series is plagiarizing Lord of the Rings.

      A side by side comparison of the texts, actually makes Ms. Scott in our estimation look really foolish and incredibly naive.

  23. I’ve read through all of these comments (some are funny, some are sad, etc)…

    I am a fan of the Twilight series and have read them several times. I do enjoy the way she gets the reader to feel the emotions of the characters. And, I am planning on reading The Host.

    For those of you knocking Stephenie, please don’t try to force your opinions on others. We aren’t on your favorite writer’s fansite knocking them. Hope you feel big and bad being able to diss someone on their fansite.

    Twilight Lexicon did the research and found that SM’s original copyrighted work of Breaking Dawn then known as Forever Dawn was copyrighted before The Nocturne. End of story. Please don’t give JS the time of day. Please also find TL’s other story on their research.

    And yes, most books in this genre and story type tend to have the same things repeated. JS and all of the Stephenie bashers bringing up similarities need to understand that.

  24. Twilighter says:

    The lady’s 15 min of fame are up. Get over it!

  25. Read the court documents, it’s not sex on the beach. Plagiarism is the theft of ideas! Meyer copied Jordan Scott’s book like it was a outline, a road map for Breaking Dawn. Nobody is claiming it’s word for word. Also, Scott is not suing for money, she only wants Breaking Dawn and the movie stopped. How can she cash in on that?
    It’s on TV now. Jordan Scott contacted Smeyer about a year ago when Breaking Dawn was just out, and asked her to stop publishing Breaking Dawn. Scott never went to the media, never asked for money and never tried to get any publicity or book deals. Smeyer went into hiding, took down her myspace page, won’t respond to the media and won’t issue a denial. Where is Smyer now? Why won’t she deny ripping off Scott? Oh and btw, what would you do if someone stole your work? Stole your ideas, and made millions off it. I doubt anyone here would like it. Oh and if you say this didn’t happen, let me come and take something of yours, obviously you won’t mind!

    • Twilight_News says:

      Please she wants her 15 minutes of fame to launch her struggling music, acting, modeling, screen play writing, music…did we miss anything…career. Her bio and website are hardly that of someone to be taken seriously, especially when she tries to make it look like she turned down Harvard University for UCLA.

      Her novel is the typical writings of a 15-year-old and it shows. It’s by no means a road map of Breaking Dawn.

  26. Thanks to TL for breaking the case, and solving the Jordan Scott Problem! There won’t be any more discussion of Jordan Scott, and it will all go away…right?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Nah, attentions seekers never go away. So are you actually Jordan, or does she just feed you the kool aid?

  27. This lady needs to get over it! Just because she’s not as successful as Stephanie Meyer she has to cry about it. Boo Hoo. Cry law suite as if Stephanie hasn’t already been through enough! It wasn’t enough for people that some stupid idiot put her unfinished book on the internet. Now she’ll probably never finish it. I’ll make sure never to buy this book Nocturne and i’ll make sure no one else that I know does either!! What is wrong with people? It’s like no one is aloud to be happy or have success without stupid people like this killing it. I hope this Jordan Scott knows, what goes around comes around.
    Stephanie Meyer Fan for life,

  28. Stephenie Meyer, keep doing what you are doing,don’t let someone take your fire to jumpstart their careers and aspirations.Twilight Lexicon thanks for looking into this and giving me and so many other Twilight fans like me answers.

  29. He swallowed, eyes still closed, as she wrapped her hand around his slippery, wet shaft. His face was devoid of its former markings, the skin smooth and black and unblemished. His hands at her waist steadied her as he obediently scooted forward in the chair. He really was afraid. Eyes closed, she concentrated on breathing. Rocks and debris filled them still, but she had done what shed come to do. Radin asked after theyd traveled a distance in silence. Laughing, Gala waved a hand in the air. Gods, what a horrible thought! Eyrhaen bobbed her head, loose hair falling forward over her shoulders. Let me go, you oaf. Brevin had stepped aside, a huge shadow beside Tykirs shoulder. I didnt say we werent mad. No more prompting was necessary. It sparked the flame, and she dropped to scream into the mattress. A palm smoothed over her ass. While it was always nice, it never before gave her a physical reaction. What would you have done if she hadnt reacted? I wouldnt want to deny you. How could I deny such a lovely request?

  30. Stephenie had the copyright first and had the books done so she should be the one sueing this girl, right? LOL! I bet that girl would not like that idea.


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