Jackson Rathbone’s Celebrity Crush

Back before Twilight opened in theaters, back before Jackson Rathbone was a household name, and back before recent news events, Jackson Rathbone did an interview with Seventeen Magazine.  Various people have now unearthed the months old interview because of question number 2:

“Who is your celebrity crush?

Bryce Dallas Howard. I think she’s an incredible actress and such a beautiful, young woman. I also think she’s way out of my league, so I’ll just keep dreaming.”

It would seem to us that that iconic “league thing” no longer applies. We’re wondering if Jackson is going to turn as red as Bryce’s hair when they meet. 🙂 We’re sure they’ll be good frineds and have a laugh over this.  You can see the original Seventeen interview here.


  1. Too cute!

  2. And Eclipse is gonna be his “big moment” movie. He’s so lucky to have all this.

  3. That’s cool! I wonder how he’s going to feel when they meet…

  4. SnoWhite11120 says:

    I’m glad that life is going so well for him right now!
    With the movies and his band (and now making a movie with his celebrity crush), he must be on cloud nine 🙂

  5. That’s so funny – and sweet. 😀

  6. Rockin'It says:

    Haha! And he said in an MTV interview that he loved the character of Victoria, cuz he had a thing for red heads! How ironic, indeed.

  7. That’s a pretty funny coincidence. I guess he’ll be the least upset about Rachelle leaving. I definitely look forward to seeing more of him as Jasper in the upcoming movies. There wasn’t enough of him in “Twilight”.

  8. that interview is funny he seems like a really funny guy how does he plat someone so serious

  9. Totally Hot!!!

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