Awkward Moment

Call this innocent bystander fallout. The unfortunate result of the Rachelle and Summit situation is that castmates are now stuck in the middle being asked questions that puts them in a tough spot. No matter what their feelings are, it’s a no win situation, if they take a side it’s Catch 22.


  1. Dang.. hate not being able to watch these videos ๐Ÿ™

  2. damn shame

  3. Ben Wright-Willus says:

    Sadly I can’t see the video’s, but that being said, I agree with the thought that this is putting everyone in the cast in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

  4. Haha. Peter couldn’t say Bryce’s ( or whatever her name is ) name.

  5. Argh, I really feel for the cast… Actually, I think this has put everyone in an awkward spot, not just them. MTV asked my sister and me the same question at Twicon, and I didn’t know what to say.

    On the one hand, I love Rachelle, and I’ll miss her. Plus I hate when they change actors in the middle of a series. On the other hand, I’ve been passionate about supporting the movies, because I feel Summit has worked hard overall to please the fans. It’s a frustrating situation. I just wish there had never been a scheduling conflict in the first place. ๐Ÿ™

  6. Julie M. says:

    Why won’t these play? All I see is a black screen? ๐Ÿ™ Anybody know?

  7. awkward!!! Poor souls.

  8. nostalgicmiss says:

    Hahaha I love this guys and bless Pfach for his little oops BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD lol . . . and the always lovely Jackson, he’s so sweet. Always has good things to say . . . Dallas was FUN this weekend

  9. got2bkidding says:

    ๐Ÿ™ Sad and shocked about Rachelle. These two guys are a class act in their comments. Way to go guys!

  10. got2bkidding says:

    One more thing…Jackson said he is sad that he can’t work with Rachelle in the final film of the franchise they started together. Does he mean “Victoria’s” final film or “Twilight’s” final film? I thought they were going to make Breaking Dawn too? I know that Victoria wouldn’t be in BD so that may have been what he meant. I hope that is what he meant because I was under the impression that Breaking Dawn would be made. Just wondering….

  11. got2bkidding, i noticed that too. im confused cuz robert said they would, and then jackson said that. so idk.

  12. Would it be dumb of me to ask what exactly happened between Rachelle and Summit? I don’t come to this site every day, but i visit it pretty often and I still don’t have any idea what went on…

    • Gab, I was in the same boat as you. I searched it on the web though and found the answer but am still a little confused. I guess there were scheduling conflicts with Rachelle in an uncoming movie and filming starts on the same day…then its also saying that it seems off that Summit can’t/won’t work out a deal with the scheduling conflict and therefore recast her…

  13. I think what it’s because they’ve all signed up for a three-movie deal, so there is at LEAST going to be three movies made for sure. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a fourth movie…in fact, I’m pretty sure there will be. But they are all currently under a contract for three movies. At least, that’s my understanding. I could be wrong.

    Peter is so funny. I think he’s my favorite.

  14. Stupid Summit.
    They brought this on Rachelle. Shame on them.

  15. Aww. Poor Peter and Jackson. I MISS RACHELLE!

  16. Serena Welles says:

    Poor things. That’s rather uncomfortable talking about it, isn’t it? ^^

    Well, I truly do miss Rachelle. I was really looking forward to Eclipse, my favorite book in the series, with her in it. But, as Peter said, the show must go on. My initial shock of the news has faded considerably, so I can say now that I wish the best of luck to Bryce Dallas Howard.

    Bryce… Dallas… Howard. That’s her name, Peter. XD Haha.

  17. Jackson’s quite sad… even if the one replacing Rachelle was one his his celebrity crushes. *sigh*

  18. Oh for gods sake….. does anyone know a site that us in europe can watch these video’s on? Because sucks and doesnt have them up.

    answers apreciated!!

  19. Never mind above- where MTV fails, youtube saves!!!! They both seem really upset! I love how peter was like, “were really going to embrace bryce hallas doward… bryce howard dallas……. erm… that it???”

    It was almost like his descreet way of saying “yeah, whatever the hell her name is, we’ll put up with her.”

    and jackson has picked his team- “io love you rachelle!” LOL! they are both descreetly making it clear exactly whose side they are on.

  20. Bumpy girl says:

    Ditto what Shona said up there! It’s very frustrating here in the UK and Europe that we can’t see the MTV videos.


  21. I can’t find a european version of the videos, but there is an article about this, with an unrelated video attatched, on

  22. Haley L Duquette says:

    “final film of the franchaise”?????!!!!!! WHAT????!!!!!

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