100 Monkeys Add Dallas Autograph Signing

This just in from 100 Monkeys management:

“If you can send something out to let your readers
know that we’ve added an autograph signing to
tonight’s concert at the Palladium with Jackson and
the band.

Doors open at 7pm and tickets are $19.99 and everyone
that comes to the show gets a free CD.  For people
that are at the convention, tickets are available at
the 100 Monkeys Merhcandise area or online at

If people have tickets to the ball, they can come to
the Palladium to get their autograph before the show
and then head to the ball.  Two bands are opening up
for them, so they won’t go on stage until 10:30.”


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  1. […] MTV has posted a nice TwiCon report from the 100 Monkeys concert last night and included a video of Jackson the guitar during Wasteland 2. Captures will be added soon. Also, the monkeys have added another autograph signing tonight, you can read all the details at the leixcon here. […]

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