Reelz Channel 360 Footage Online

Here’s TwiCon Via ReelzChannel 360.

New Moon

If you’re at TwiCon  give a shout out and tell us in the comments what the best part is so far. From Twitter it sounds like Sam Bradley is a big hit and that people are looking forward to a 100 Monkeys Concert tonight. Mitch Hanson and The Bella Cullen Project also played today. Plus there was a podcast by Twilight Series Theories and a webmasters panel that included Kaleb Nation.


  1. So far the best part has definitly been sam and bobby long!!!They are so cute…and i love the accents.

  2. The best part so far? That’s tough. The webmaster panel was pretty awesome. It was fun seeing Kaleb and the other admins in person! 😀

    Looking forward to the concert tonight, and then everything tomorrow! Tomorrow’s going to be CRAZY. 😉