Melissa Rosenberg Talks About Victoria in New Moon

Prior to the current controversy, Melissa Rosenberg discussed the role of Victoria in New Moon with MTV.


  1. I have a message “unable to offer this video in your region” (I’m in Canada).
    So sad.

  2. Victoria says:

    Ugh…I really don’t like when they make scenes up that aren’t in the book. This movie is mostly about Bella’s life.

  3. I’ve got “sorry, we’re unable to offer this video to users in your region”. Would someone mind telling me what it says please? Thanks

  4. A snack, really? I wish they’d just stick with the book and not go off on a tangent. I guess I can live with it if they don’t leave out the best bits of the book.

  5. Well, well, well, here she goes again.

  6. Destini says:

    grrr I hate that they did that I’m soo mad i’m might not go see it. There ruining everything and changing all that is new moon!!!

  7. Krissygal says:

    if Canadians want to see the Video go to this link

  8. okay look. They have to do that in movies. Since the Twilight series is in bella’s perspective only for the most part,they have to make it 2 dimentional. A book doest always automatically translate into a movie seamlessly without adding something more to it and give it a backstory to the things bella didnt see or know about because wasnt there to see it happen. So itmakes sence to write up those scenes that adds another layer and dimension to the movie. I for one am kind excited to see what they came up with behind to scenes of what was going on that bella didnt see. Just cuz she didnt know what was going on,doesm mean it didnt happen lol. So stop complaining folks! The movies cant and shouldnt be just one person’s view i want to know whats going on with the other characters in the meantime in the movie. Have a little imagination. Havent u ever been curious about what everyone else was saying and doing? Hope this made sence. Haha

  9. Junebug says:

    Movies are a totally different medium. The sooner fans realize that the more they will enjoy the journey of the Twilight Saga movies. You have to go into this accepting the fact that there will be some changes. This is not a book its a movie.

    Also, I like the idea of seeing Victoria angry and tormented. Its going to add more of an element of danger to Bella’s life without Edward. There has to be a reason why Bella’s life is threatened when she jumps off the cliff into the waters where Victoria is lurking. You won’t get that unless you add some footage of Victoria trying hard to hunt Bella. Something you only hear about in the book.

  10. i get that they have to add things for it to better translate into a movie, but that scene just sounds dumb. maybe they’ll cut it.

  11. Amy Darlene says:

    wow… this sounds cool… and she got this from Stephenie Very Cool.

  12. Christina says:

    I don’t want more “depth” added – just stick to the story and move on. I really wish they would get rid of Melissa Rosenberg already. She already blew Twilight why cant they STICK TO THE BOOKS!!!!! The timeline from this site should have been used if she was having issues. Not sure why Stephenie keeps letting them do these things to her books. For goodness sakes Victoria was not even in New Moon and why would she be driving a car???

  13. TIp2Skumitt says:

    Yet another added fantasy scene from the great Melissa Rosenberg’s mind! There is difficulty in getting what was “actually written” in the book into the movie. So why are we adding another element that takes away from the actual true content of the book! I think it’s time for a new screenwriter. Unfortunately she has been signed on for Eclipse, but there is still hope for Breaking Dawn.

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