Kiowa Gordon Talks to Phoenix Fox Station


  1. Thanks for posting! I live in Phoenix, but I missed this!
    I love that someone from Stephenie’s town made it into the cast, I’m already a Kiowa fan! <3

  2. Dang, couldn’t get it to play. i wish we had a little more info on newbies. I will be a a convention he’s going to be at, guess I’ll have to wait…

  3. I live in Phoenix and missed this as well. I’m very happy for Kiowa and can’t wait to see what he brings to Embry!

  4. Rockin'It says:

    Oh my gosh! Kiowa Gordom is Mormon! I didn’t know that, that’s so cool!

  5. I live in Phoenix and I posted this on my site too. Those reporters were really annoying (as usual) but Kiowa seems adorable!

  6. I can’t watch past the 14th second! The video just stops =(

  7. for me, it stops at 3:34, but well, I was able to see most of it. He seems shy, but I like him. 🙂

  8. Veronica says:

    Thanks for posting this I also live in Arizona but missed it. Thanks again!!

  9. This is cool cause im actually from Phoenix AZ. Kiowa Gordon goes to my high school actually:) Pinnacle HS. He was in my yearbook and everything! It’s pretty amazing to see someone who I walk past almost everyday in the halls on one of the most amazing movie known to manXD HUGE twilight freak right here. I was freaking out when I first found out about Kiowa. I was so shy but wanted his autograph SOOO bad. Maybe next year.:/ It’s really cool. I actually watched Fox 10 live when he was on it:) He’s a VERY shy guy if you havent really noticed. I also live a little over a mile from SM herselfXD Cool huh?

    • Very cool, at the end of the year just ask him to sign your yearbook! Instant autograph! lol So lucky to live near Steph…totally jealous.

    • He went to Pinnacle?? Wow. I’m not even that far away. It’s so crazy thinking he’s from here! I got used to Stephenie’s presence in the Valley awile ago 🙂

    • He went to Pinnacle for like less than a month. Good try though.

  10. WOW Its QUIL-YOOT!!!!! and its MEYER not MeyerS…

  11. that is so cute!!! bless, you could so tell he didnt have a clue what to do or say. adorable.

    No harming you, he is cuter than Alex Meraz by far!

  12. He IS sweeter than anyone else in the wolf pack. No offense here, either. And that suits his character perfectly because he’s supposed to be shy.

  13. He is a cutie

  14. I live in Arizona as well, and I also missed this!

    I actually know a guy who knows Kiowa, which is really cool.

    They were best friends as kids or something.

  15. “…is a movie that centers around vampires and werewoofs.”

    • Amy Darlene says:

      wow, I noticed that too… it may be how they pronounce their o’s there or perhaps they drop their l’s…not sure, but he certaintly did.

      Kiowa seems sweet… in the pic he actually looks a bit like my college sweetheart…not so much on the interview though.

  16. he said he had “a DOG like this once”(transformation) Did anyone else hear it!!! LOL…sorry thats what i thought when i saw it

  17. Poor guy, those folks didnt research anything did they? Haha! What a cutie.

  18. team_jacob_4_life says:

    omg from far away he looks like Zac Efron…
    i dk if any one else saw that but i did
    at first i was thinking “Ok soo when is Kiowa gordan gonna come out is zac efron gonna introduce him !! ooooooooooooo Thats Kiowa Gordan….ok” lol

  19. team_jacob_4_life says:

    but he is really hot up close!!

  20. team_jacob_4_life says:


  21. wow he looks kinda like zac efron from farway ….but i cant wait to see how he brings embry to life ….he is hott i think and im totally a fan of his …….boy would i like 2 meet him

  22. I have to say though…those reporters are incredibly inept. MEYERS? HELLO.

  23. shortstuff says:

    god, those interviewers were really annoying.. :s

  24. Lissete says:

    OMG this guy is mad cute! 😀
    I can’t wait to see more of him!!

  25. aw he seems shy but he’s adorable! can’t wait to see him in new moon. it’s so cool how stephenie meyer actually considered him!


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