Jamie Campbell Bower Tells MTV About Naked Vampires

You have to hand it to Jamie for the deadpan British humor. You can get the rest on MTV


  1. I’m really excited to see the scene he’s talking about. Since Peter mentioned that they filmed a flashback scene with him and the Volturi, though I was under the impression that it was supposed to start from the painting that is supposedly in Carlisle’s office, and zoom in to a meeting hall or something. Still interesting.

  2. So I’m still confused…is he serious or not?? Someone help me out here. If he is serious I guess we can’t get too excited because it’s a PG-13 rated movie..but then again what does that mean these days? Ah…I’m so confused.

    • The actors were probably fully naked for the scene when they shot it, but we won’t actually see any nudity, they’ll probably be covered but it will appear as if they are fully nude. You know what I mean?

  3. He is freaking adorable! I don’t know whether or not to believe him, but I don’t care! He’s a totall cutie!

  4. Brittany says

    I honestly think he’s joking, I busted up laughing. Why do I think he’s joking? I just understand the slightly odd deadpan sense of humor which seems to be a little more common among the British. Just like I don’t always take Robert seriously. Other reasons: 1. Chris Weitz seems to be staying closer to the story (or at least too close for this) 2. Why the hell would the have the Volturi bathing when Carlisle walks in? It wouldn’t make any sense or have a point 3. Three nude men (or more) would most likely not make it in a PG-13 movie 4. Notice how he’s like smiley and then he tries really hard to be serious

    • Well he was probably really embarassed. I think its one of the flashback scenes where he’s probably fully naked but it will seem like he’s not or something like that. i don’t know though, we’ll see! OMG I’m so excited for this movie!!

    • I’ll see if I can find the article where it talks about a scene that was filmed that explained the Volturi better.

      Found it “While Weitz talks to the actors on the set about the next shot, we take time to talk to newcomer Chrisopher Heyerdahl who plays Marcus, a member of the Volturi. The role is a huge break for the struggling British actor, but he seemed to be playing it cool. Intriguingly, he also revealed a flashback scene had been shot, including his character, Aro and Dr. Carlisle Cullen (“Nurse Jackie’s” Peter Facinelli) that set up the “truce” between the two parties way back in the 18th Century. To the other writers on the visit, this seemed to be a scene they didn’t expect would make the movie and were pretty psyched about it being included.”


  5. I’m SO confused… is he serious or not? xD

  6. Francesca says

    I’m so very confused. =/
    Joking or not?
    I need to know the truth!!

  7. Holy crap I love this kid. He’s just going around d*cking with reporters. LOVE IT!

    Seriously, that is some great dead-pan. Remind me never to play poker with him…

  8. Of course he is joking! I find it really funny how many Americans don’t get the British sense of humour. He gives the reporter a line and they bite, so he just continues to see how far he can push it.

  9. As an Australian I completely understand the British sense of humour, so yes he is definitely joking. It’s something we can’t seem to resist doing when talking to Americans. If you make a joke and they take it seriously, you just keep going. I swore I wouldn’t do it when I went to America, but when I heard all the crazy stories my countrymen had been passing off as fact, I couldn’t help myself. I kept my face completely serious and told them that every word was true! I have no doubt that Rob and Xavier are going to get along very well!

  10. It’s almost mean to the reporter. ^^

  11. British humour at it´s best!

  12. This is Freakin awesome! He is so funny! I would have laughed at once , when the reporter said “Really?” But he just continue his joke to the very end . Mwahaha , awesome .

  13. That’s commitment…… what starts off as a form of sarcastic wit can quickly become a test of gullibility…. hilarious 🙂 There are SOME Americans who are realllyy easily coerced into falling for these kind of jokes :P… Oh the fun of British/Aussie humor 😛

  14. Dlphnmolly says

    Hahaha!!! He is CLEARLY joking! Too funny. I think it’s hilarious that people question this when the film is going to be PG-13.

  15. What is PG-13 ? I’m from norway, you see , so I don’t know all your fancy-Pancy words 😛 . If it counts as a word ..

    • It stands for parental guidence suggested for children under 13. It is used to rate a movie with violence, profanity, etc.

  16. lol i love him ..hes just jokin and if hes not then well um…who cares?

  17. Hey now guys, don’t count out all Americans. I’ve been known to make many a deadpan joke in my day. And then when I went to London I actually understood that they were joking! It really is one of my favorite types of humor.

  18. well i planned to watch it and give a brits opinion on it as i would be able to tell, but yet again the whole mtv vid only avalible to americans thing got in the way

  19. o_O I’m confused as well… he was joking?? He sounded so serious though! Hmmm…

  20. aha that was great!!

  21. he’s just joking..like they are going to be naked omg

  22. WHAT???????????? OMG that is gonna be sick! damn why cant Edward and Jacob do a scene like that hahaha

  23. HAHA!! I don’t really care if it’s true or not…but am I the only one who kept rewinding it to the part where he said “We just sit their naked..”? God he had the sexiest look on his face when he said that…-_^

  24. it’s like 0:17-0:20

  25. hahahah I love him.

  26. Weird.

  27. I don’t know why some of you are so bloody confused. He seems rather serious.

  28. The fact that he is deadly serious about something obviously fake is kinda the whole idea. I’m and i got it and i don’t see how people can’t see it’s a joke? it can’t just be a British thing ; being deadpan though??

  29. Jennifer L. says

    lol. ahahah. he’s so serious about that scene. what the interviewer didn’t know was that JCB was citing his dream scene for the movie. Hah.

  30. Haha well he’s a great actor, he’s completely serious.. I was cracking up, that was kind of mean to the interviewer:P haha it’s obvious that he won’t be naked but I wouldn’t have known that he was joking otherwise… I guess here we’ve got the need to say “joking” if we do something like that, specially if ur going on the record