Rotten Tomatoes: New Moon Comic Con Top Ten

Rotten Tomatoes has a top ten list on the things New Moon proved at Comic Con.  Number 9 was out favorite:

“9. Twilight fanaticism was as strong as ever this year. While nothing could top the ear-piercing and unexpected sounds of thousands of girls at the Twilight panel last year — where fan boy culture’s hold on the Con was hijacked by a vampire romance, of all things — 2009 sure came close. And Twilighters were better prepared for the challenge of getting a coveted seat in Hall H for Thursday’s panel; a few fans camped out a full two days ahead, and by Wednesday morning, Twihards were Twittering from the line.”

Check out the whole list here.


  1. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    I feel safe to say this here: I am getting really sick and tired of the very vocal Twilight haters that infiltrate every stinking article that is about Twilight! I have made comments on other sites only to get thoroughly slapped in the face by these fanatics.

    The Rotten Toms article was really good, the comments to follow were not. I know it’s a free country-not putting down free speech…just venting and I need a hug. 🙁

  2. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    Wow, why hasn’t anyone commented yet? I live in Europe and it was a very good article I thought, when I couldn’t possibly be at Comic Con. Really, the article was great and told me a lot more than the 5 vids I’ve watched. 1,2,3,4 was my favs! LOVED that they confirmed having the dialogue to be much more right placed and more like the book! And truly, Taylor is really press-friendly and Kristen shows off some of her big acting/get-into-a-role-and-know-it skills. Also, great scenes Summit chose to show a bit off. (Have seen the Jacob scene, great dialogue, but not the other ’cause that youtube vid is messed up all the time at my computer). Thank you so much for posting this, Lexicon!

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