IESB Interviews Taylor and Kristen

SDCC interviewed Kristen and Taylor about their Comic Con and New Moon experience. Is it just us, or do they give better answers when it’s one-on-one and there isn’t a video camera on?

Q: So, how’s your Comic-Con experience been?

Taylor: It’s very similar to last year. It’s just that we were expecting it, this time. Last year, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. This time, we brought ear plugs.

Q: How does it feel to be working on such a popular film with such a huge fan base?

Kristen: It feels good. There’s nothing bad. Trying to describe what it feels like is so funny. Everyone feels like we’re nervous about the pressure and having approval, but this art form is so subjective, anyway. People say, “I love this book. I’m obsessed with it.” And, we can say, “Well yeah, me too.’ Everything is better, if you’re on some sort of common ground. It’s like fire. There’s nothing better than sharing passion. This is so far out of our scope of what’s going on in our head, when we’re shooting a movie. It was strange having fans so close, but like Chris Weisz said, it’s like doing theater when they stand up and clap after every take, and sit there very quietly organized, in little rows, and try not to disturb us while we’re all in character. It’s a little bit more pressure, but at the same time it was motivating.”

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  1. I think they do.Cameras do make them nervous and I don’t blame them.If I were in front of a camera, I wouldn’t be able to utter a single word.

  2. yes that´s right Safina! i agree.
    And I LOL with Taylor´s “earplugs” haha 🙂

  3. gabrielita C says:

    i love itt

  4. Kristina says:

    I very much noticed how Kristen especially is uncomfortable when she’s interviewed with camera on. She just can’t put one sentence together. And then, when camera centers on Rob or Taylor she sort of brightens up and tease them and is more talkative. I think her interview for some Canadian magazine that Lexicon posted few months ago was brilliant, she has so much to say and I think she’s really smart and bright but when you put camera in her face she just freaks out. It makes me wonder, though, how she manages to act so good if she’s uncomfortable in front of camera? Maybe she has two personalities??? 🙂

  5. Twilightfan82 says:

    Can someone please post the full interview someplace? I registered at that IESB site and it still says I do not have access to read it, even after logging in.

  6. switzgal says:

    I read the whole interview and when I read the part where Kristen was saying that she just wants (all the twilight movies) to be done., I thought I did the same thing when I read the books I read them so fast because I just needed to know what happened in the end.

    But at the same time sometimes I feel that coming from Kristen it sounds negative when she says “I just want it to be done.” I don’t know why. She sometimes appears to me that she just hates all the attention this saga it getting as opposed to the other movies she’s filmed or maybe even the new ones such as “the Runaways”.

    Sometimes I feel like she’s not as excited or as into it as let say Taylor is. Perhaps because she’s done many more movies than he has at this point, I don’t know. But Taylor just loves the spotlight and shines in all the interviews regardless of the cameras being there or not while Kristen and Rob just seems like they just want to be left alone and not even get inerviewed.

    Maybe it’s just me. Please respond to this comment and let me know if I’m way off.

  7. kehacakes says:

    I don’t know, maybe its hard for Kristen to be herself in front of a camera because when she is, she knows its going to be judged against her personally, instead of how she’s portraying someone else. I mean, If they don’t like you in a part, that’s okay… but if they don’t like you personally, it’s a little more pressure, at least I’d think. As far as wanting them finished, I think she is really ecxited, I think she is just ready to see the results, like how I wanted to see the ending of the books and couldn’t put them down. I think part of her problem in interviews is that she has so many thoughts going on in her head, and she struggles for the best way to express them.

  8. Juliette says:

    Nothing wrong with Kristen saying she wants them done. Portraying a character that so many fans feel so passionately about, she is under a lot of pressure to live up to some seriously high expectations. Plus the scrutiny that every piece of her life is under is immense. I certainly couldn’t take that kind of stress. I think she’s fab and I totally admire her passion for her work.

  9. Christina says:

    You don’t need to register on the site to view any content. If you’re having trouble with the link, just go to and scroll down until you find the link to the feature.

  10. I really enjoyed reading what Kristen had to say in this interview. I am really beginning to like her!

  11. Christina says:

    As the one who did the interviewing, I can say that Kristen did NOT mean that comment in a negative way. She was saying that she’s the type of actor who likes to be done with a project, so that she can see the finished product. And, until they’re finished with filming each installment, she won’t be able to do that.

  12. Kristina says:

    Rob and Kristen look uninterested because, to them, it’s all last-year-story all over again, they know what they’re in to. To Taylor it’s all new, this year he’s getting all of the attention and he’s overwhelmed with it. Just wait and see how he’ll respond after Eclipse.

    Also, Kristen loves Bella, I think, I think she’s really trying to portray her in a best way possible and I don’t think she means anything negative with that comment.

  13. switzgal says:

    Well that’s good. I read into what she said the wrong way.
    I can’t wait to see all the movies too but I hope they don’t rush them too much.
    I’m still nervous about David Slade. I hope Chris gave him some pointers because from what I’ve seen so far for New Moon, I like.
    Hope Eclipse is as emotional as New Moon is because in the end, I want them to capture Jacob and Bella’s emotions when she tells him she’s choosing Edward.

  14. this is hilarious check it out!!

  15. ross argentina says:

    i like taylor! i think he is funny! but kristen, sometimes ithink you are a bit rude

  16. Michelle says:

    does anyone else notcies that kristen was not only underdress ( which is ok cuz who cares, shes only making herself look badd) but she looks like shes High! HELA DRUGD OUT! Yea hate kristen, comic con just proved my point of just how ugly she can get.

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