Anna Kendrick Joins Twitter!

Rachelle Lefevre pointed out to everyone today that Anna Kendrick just joined Twitter.   Her account name is AnnaKendrick47. Personally we are dying to know why 47?  Are there 46 other Anna Kendricks out there?  Is it her lucky number? Maybe she just likes 4’s and 7’s?

Seeeeee.......  (this is the only twitter I have) on Twitpic

Anyway, please go and welcome Anna to Twitter!


  1. I also wonder…..why 47?

  2. Taylor said in one of the interviews @ CC (I can’t remember which one now cuz I watched tooooo many, as if that were possible!) that he actually does have a Twitter account. He said he got it a few months ago but hasn’t really done much of anything with it. Would love to know which one is really his!!!

  3. Love the photo of her!

  4. yeah, I was wondering the same, why 47? cuz generally, when I have to use numbers, I use my birthday, or age, or adress… too much information for hackers… oops! 🙂 haha

  5. Danny Chipman says:

    Another one bites the dust. *eyeroll*

  6. interesting… i was at an Anaheim Angels baseball game today, and they have a player on their team named Kendrick and his jersey number was 47. just a cute coincidence.

  7. mary waldecker says:

    Oh hi Anna, We are all so proud of you and all you have accompolished since our dancing/singing days together. Linds remembers our camping at Sebago. It’s good to hear about you from your mom. Our best to you forever,,,,,,Mary and Peter Waldecker

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