Comic Con New Moon Panel Report

Alphie and Be My Escape just got in from the New Moon Panel and clip screening.  After sitting through some great footage of A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland, and yes Tron, as well as listening to the Q&A with Bob Zemeckis followed by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, we finally got to hear the Summit panel.

Of course the screaming rivaled that for the Beatles, but eventually died down so that we could have some real Q&A time with Chris Weitz, Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Ashley Greene.  One of the most memorable questions was when they were all asked about what they were looking forward to doing in future films.  Ashley said she wanted to do the heavy fight scene in Eclipse.  Taylor said he was looking forward to the deeper love triangle and the tent scene.  But it was Rob and Kristen’s answers that really got the crowd reaction.  Kristen said she couldn’t wait to REALLY get pregnant, putting a jib in the many media outlets that was posted rumors to the fact that she was already pregnant.  Then Rob said he was looking forward to the cesarean birth in Breaking Dawn.  Much laughter will be heard on our footage once we get it uploaded.

On another note, the same guy from the press conference who got in a supposedly “screened” personal question again showed up in Hall H (how he accomplished this when Pel couldn’t even get back in is beyond us).  His question this time was about how they managed to portray Dracula… and he said it with plastic fangs in his mouth.  Not even cool and the panel pretty much just moved on.

The two clips that were shown… and I state this now that there are spoilers here… were of Bella and Jacob and the motor bikes and Bella trying to save Edward before he steps into the sun.

We will post footage of the Q&A as soon as we can get back to the hotel and get some power to the camera!  Other than that, I’ll wrap up now so that those of you who don’t want to spoiled won’t have to read any further.


WARNING!  There are spoilers here, so look away if you really don’t want to know!

For the first clip, Jacob shows Bella how to work the bike, and as she reeves the engine a “ghost” of Edward appears.  This spurs her on and she heads down the road passing multiple “ghosts” on her way until she crashes.  Jacob rushes to her and worries over the bleeding gash on her forehead.  She apologizes for the blood, to which he says, “it’s only blood, Bella,” and removes his shirt so he can use it to clean her up.  Bella gives him the once over and tells him he’s kinda beautiful.  He then asks her is she maybe bumped her head too hard.

The second scene was of Alice and Bella driving through Volterra surrounded by the people in red robes.  Bella darts out of the car and rushes through the crowds toward the clock tower.  She sees Edward just as he is opening up his shirt and getting ready to step out into the sun.  She darts over though the fountain telling him to stop and then… the footage ends.  Great teaser there!


  1. Can’t wait! Wonder how I can get in on hair and makeup for Eclispe??

  2. thx for the update, sounds like a blast there. And thx for a good site too, keep up the good work 😀

  3. *eclipse…dang fingers!!!

  4. Flávia says:

    can’t wait to see new moon! november come soon please!

  5. will the scenes be released to the public?

  6. oh, what an experience!
    you must have had it .. truly amasing!
    you didn’t get a chance to film the clips anything, did you?

  7. Melissa says:

    OMG I hope these scenes get posted online somewhere… Is summit planning on releasing them to the public?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Excellent job ladies!!!! I was there with you (via twitter) cant wait to see more of this awesome event… lucky people who were there :)… I have been able to concentrate at work!!

  9. Ladies!! You are awesome!! Keep up the GREAT work!! Thanks for keeping us who were unable to go in tune. Can’t wait to see the clips! Thank you Ladies!!

  10. When do i get to see these awesomeee clips?????


  12. Rockin'It says:

    I love how in both scenes, the boys take their shirts off! they picked their sneak peaks well… 😉

  13. did you get to film the clips? will these scenes be released to the public? its rather unfair if they dont- Im in ireland and as huge a fan as i am of the series, flying to america for me just wasnt an option i could affoed. i think the scenes should be released to the public. its not fair if only the people who could attend get to see them- those people already got the privelage to be at the event in the first place. give the rest of us something to enjoy from it!!!


  14. Jenny Cullen says:

    Oh man!! I can’t sit still. When are they going to release the clips online? I hope someone post them online soon. If not I’m going to drive my husband mad!

    *** Nov. is taking too long. To make matters worse they are showing the clips that leave you wanting even more. What a tease….. But I like!!! 🙂

  15. and also- thanks for taking the time to report back to us and keep us all updated. its much appreciated TL!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us 🙂 You guys rock, like usual.

  17. why on earth did melissa rosenberg change jacob’s response to bella apologizing for bleeding??? the line in the book is brilliant, the line from the movie is utterly mediocre.

    “why are you apologizing for bleeding?” > “it’s just blood, bella.”

  18. danielle says:

    Will we be able to see these clips!!! I can’t wait =) Thanks Lexicon you guys are the best

  19. got2bkidding says:

    I was with you guys all day on Twitter! Great job guys.

  20. Michelle says:

    Is it just me or does Taylor Lautner look taller?

  21. I saw bits of the panel & all I could think was GEEZ TAYLOR LOOKS HUGE!!! It’s scary how big he’s bulked up to be!

    When can I see this clips? My little Twilight “thirst” is building up & I need to be satiated like a newborn vamp! November to needs to arrive quickly!!!

  22. are you able to upload the two clips??? pleaasseee!

  23. emilypruitt says:

    Patience is short lived tonight. Come on you crafty Twilighters, someone spread the wealth..

  24. silly girl says:

    Um, I’m a huge Twilight fan through and through. But you got to sit through a Q&A with JOHNNY DEPP!!! Are you kidding me!!? Color me jealous!!
    Thanks so much for the updates lex!

  25. You can NOT tell me that someone didn’t sneak a video on their cell phone of the scenes.. SERIOUSLY… You can’t tell me not one of the thousands of fans there didn’t get the scenes on video… COME ONE!!!!!!!!! someone post it on youtube already

  26. and by come one i meant come ON… whoops

  27. OMG!!!!! i have to see those scenes or i will literaly go INSANE!

  28. Nancy, bellarocks says:

    Great job ladies…you’re awesome!!

  29. Please let us know when someone puts clips online!

  30. Finally! Someone posted a clip.


  32. wow is all i have to say….

  33. Laura G. says:

    Off Topic….Whatever happened to Jacob’s ultimate New Moon song? you never started the poll…

  34. EdwardsWife! says:

    So Awesome can’t bloody wait. AAAAAggggggggggh!!!!!

  35. New Moon motorcycle scene is up!


    • Thank you! That was amazing!!!!

      • DOTTY!!!!!! THANK YOU TWIFRIEND.Love how they made rob appear. AH didint bella look like she had on robs gray flannel shirt lol. new moon all the way and jacob my god boy!!! team switz all the way..

    • OHHHHHH MMMYYYYY FFFFFFFFFF GGGGGOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!! I trully went insane when I watched this… DAMN!!!! Could nov come more faster?

  36. New Moon Volterra Scene

  37. Wow the clips were fantastic. I’M SO PUMPED FOR THIS FILM !!!! COME ON NOVEMBER !!!

  38. Jennifer says:

    OMG! I had to watch the clips several times because I kept squealing with excitement. I sent them to my BF who just finished NM and loved it! He’s excited for the movie too.

  39. Hey guys E! News Daily has some great clips up on Hulu.


  40. holy crap! totally awesome clips! can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  41. yungtay4 says:

    heres the link to the 2 clips from there not the best quality videos but here they are

  42. you can always find them on youtube. they’re not the best quality but it’s better than nothing 🙂

  43. I don’t care if they’re spoilers! I just need to watch them!

  44. Just wanted to pop in and say that I agree with everyone who said the clips are awesome! As someone who was lucky enough to see them in person, I couldn’t agree more.

    I think Chris Weitz is doing an incredible job, and he really wants to please the fans. He even said during the Q&A that he watched the fan reactions to the trailer! I thought that was pretty amazing. 🙂

    And the actors’ performances were great. I thought Rob’s portrayal of Edward’s heartbreak in Volterra was particularly outstanding; the expression on his face was so beautiful. But I already wrote a huge entry about the experience elsewhere, so I’ll just leave it at that, haha. 😉

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