Charlie Bewley: Student Film Robotron

Another student film starring Charlie Bewley has surfaced on YouTube.  It’s called Robotron. It’s not quite as hilarious as the previous one that hit the net called Stuffed, but it’s worth it to see Charlie play an android that gives dating advice.

Thanks to Twilight Treasury for passing this along.


  1. That was so eerie. I felt so sad for Charlie’s character. But I am becoming a bigger fan of Charlie Bewley than I thought I would be.

    These short films are a great way to become exposed to his acting ability.

    I can’t wait to see him as Demetri!

  2. I was so sad for Charlie’s character! But think these short films are really interesting and I like watching them!

    Can’t wait to see his performance in New Moon!

  3. Is there any way you can you re-post it so I can see it? Thanks.

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