Xavier Samuel Interview on Aussie Radio

Via Lion and Lamb


  1. aww, i think hes gunna be great as riley. i actually pictured sumone very similar when i was reading eclipse!

  2. OOOH! I really like that remix of DECODE!!

  3. Awww he’s so cute! It’s soooo good hearing an Aussie accent (I’m from Australia btw :P). He already looks the part and I can’t wait to see him on screen. Hope he does well! Love that he’s from my hometown.

  4. He was fantastic in 2:37. Worth seeing for those who haven’t.

  5. Cute guy!! good to finally put a face on Riley!!! He sounds excited and hope he does great next to Victoria!!!! Yay!!

  6. OMG! Heis freakin’ GOEGEOUS! Although I pictured Riley more as a southern Jasper guy, I have no complaints right now!

  7. Looks like Riley to me too!

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