How Early Should I Get To Comic Con?

A lot of people have been emailing and Tweeting us asking about Comic Con and what time they should get there to be able to get a seat.  Honestly, we are hesitant to state a time because if we are wrong and people don’t get in, we don’t want to be hacked to death by an angry mob.

So here’s what we did. We asked people who were there last year to help us out by telling us what time they got there and what kind of seats they then got. So, use this as information when making your own decisions:

@pattinsononline 7:30pm the day before and we got front row. I don’t think we’ll ever do that AGAIN.

@KelseyDD about 2 hours early. I had to sit way in the back too. Thought I wouldn’t make it in.

@LadyBelle616 We got to comic con about 8am and sat about halfway back

chloeeesays Actually, we probably got there about 2-2.5 hours early, & I didn’t think we were gonna make it. Sat in the back too.


  1. So I think 9pm would be fine, right? I don’t think I can get there any sooner…

  2. WileysMom says:

    I’m wondering if the above comments about being there early meant X amount of time before the presentation or X amount of time before the hall opened.
    Also wondering if you are waiting in line for hours if people are courteous about letting you out of line at 9:00 AM to go get your Thursday ticket.
    Thanks for any additional comments.

  3. SaveRob says:

    We knew people who camped out and ended up only being a few rows in front of us and we only got there a few hours early. And some other friends who didn’t get in line an hour after us were about in the middle. We ended up moving up closer for another panel. But even when we were close we still looked at the big screen I would just worry about sitting close to one of the screens.

  4. The Hunger says:

    My friend and I got there at 5:00am that morning. Twilight Panel was at 1:30pm. There are Panels before this, but you just sit and wait through them for the Twilight/New Moon one.
    My friend waited in the badges line the same time I was in line for Hall H. They opened the badge lilne thank goodness before the Hall H line, so we had our badges in time to enter the panel.
    We were sitting in the second batch of seating behind the fron batch. Pretty good seats I’d say. You do end up looking at the big screens most of the time.
    I think this year will be crazy with people though and I’m gonna sit this one out.

  5. I’m going to this and the Twilight Special Screening. I’m a first timer so I’m super stoked about it. If anyone wants to meet up let me know!! In the meantime I’m counting down the days til I’ll be breathing in the same room as Rob 🙂 LOL!

    • Hey, I’m also a first timer, I’m 17 and Im going with my best friend. What time r u getting there? It would be cool to meet up with some fellow twilighters 🙂

    • jessica says:

      im going to this by my self……! flying in fron az the night before!better bring some s’mours in case we gets hungry!lets meat up!

  6. suzanne says:

    do they sign autographs or do you just get to see them? and seeing as the panel is an hour and covering three of summits movies will there be much twilight?

  7. You just get to see them, if they are doing autographs than that will be somewhere else. Last year the had a raffle drawing in the morning, that was so crazy.

    and i agree with the above post, you want to get a seat in which you have a good view of the lcd screen.

  8. Savannah says:

    just two hours earlier won’t cut it…you probably wanna get there pretty early in the morning. It was soo crowded last year and it’s only gonna be more crowded this year.

  9. I don’t think the 2 or 3 hours thing is going to work this year I would get there way earlier than that.

  10. i got to the comic con around 7 in the morning and we sat halfway back. we still got a pretty good view & they hav large screens 2. but the lines are LONG! its gonna b crazier this year so come even earlier.
    bring food and water or lots of money cuz u hav 2 wait in line & walk everywhere…& theres barely time 2 get food…and make sure u don’t lose ur badge in the middle of a twlight fan mob…

  11. When you say “two to three hours before” does that mean two to three hours before the first panel or two to three hours before the actual Twilight panel?

  12. Christina says:

    I would LOVE to meet up with some fellow twilight fans! My fiance is going but I told him I would not make him wait with me (I couldn’t bear him taking a seat away from a die hard fan!)
    I do have some questions. When you talk about getting in line are you talking about the Badge line or the Hall H line? Do they let someone else grab your badge for you (like could I send my fiance to get my badge while I wait in the Twilight line) I am currently planning on getting into the Hall H line about 5am. (I can’t help but think I’m crazy!) Thank-you all so much for your help! I hope to see all of you there!
    Sheena if you would like to meet up please let me know!

    • u need ur badge 2 go anywhere. so u hav 2 go in the badge line first then the hall H line

      • you can’t send someone to get the badge for you because when you hand them your paper with the barcode you also need to show your I.D.

        and i agree with everyone 2-3 hours is probably not early enough.

        • So, do you guys think it’ll do us any good to get there at 5am to wait in the badge line when it doesn’t open until 9 and then go wait in the Hall H line after we get the badge? I’m so nervous about this.

          • Sarah-

            Yes the earlier you get in line for the badge line the better, so you can hurry and line up for the hall h line. 5am is good but i dont know last year i got there at 7:30am and the line was super long it wrapped behind the building….and hopefully like last year they opened a little earlier than 9am for the badges

            this year the line for hall h is gonna even be longer i heard last years long was the longest…so imagine this year haha.

    • jessica says:

      check it out!!im going buy my self my husband is staying home with the baby!im flying in at 10 pm and am going directly there!my brother got me a special pass that lets me in an hour before everyone else!!i will save you a place in line!ill even save you a seat once i get in.i dont want to be alll by my damn self in all this!we can help each other in case one of us has to pee! email me at to come up with a plan!ill be the one with the team threesome shirt!lol j/k you all like that huh!sorry i already pattened it! see you there maybee!

  13. TaylorLover says:

    I’m planning on getting there around 4 AM…how good of seats do you think I will get?
    And also are autographs being given out this year? I know they were last year but no Twilight related ones are listed in the Autograph section of the Comic Con website.

    • Savannah says:

      well there were autographs last year…there was just a freakishly long line to try and be one of the few lucky people to draw a non blank ticket out of a bucket. There were thousands of people in that line, but only like 100 actually got autograph tickets. Sad, I know.

  14. I attended last years .. got there alittle late but i was half way to the front.. wich was not so bad because of the screens.. I agree that this years will be crazy..I JUST HOPE ITS NOT LIKE THE SAN FRANCISCO MOB for the Hot Topic Tour.. that was nuts.. so I will be leaving my hotel about 6am.. i think.. the hall is huge..and the point it that we all have a good time and we get to be in the same room with the actors. if anyone wants to meet up e-mail me.. its always cool to hang out with cool twilight fans.. I also have tickets for the “Twilight experience” so .. i reconmend everyone to try and get some rest because its going to be crazy.. bring food and water…

  15. hers my email or look for me on facebook..

  16. darn i cant even spell.. hahaah.. lexiconers lets all meet up… YEY!!

  17. haha i would do wat pattisononline did all the way!

  18. Christina says:

    Sarah I hear you! I’m driving my fiance nuts! I am going to drive by the convention center wednesday night and if I see a line I will stop and get in it! If not I will get there by 4am to get my badge. Just think about this, there are going to be so many people just like us that are trying to be the first to get their badges even though we cant get them until 9am I’m sure there will be a crazy line!
    Thanks for all the answers to my questions you are all amazing!
    My email is in case you want to meet up. I am also on twitter cwinn79.

  19. hello ppl..I will be there early and my fren will be there..I was wondering if we can meet up there. Pls email me and let me know..I’m not was wanting to find ppl to gather with there..and its so cool to know more twilighters..thanks!!

  20. ugh, first timer here. reading all these crazay comments is getting me less and less stoked for comic con. not a fan of insane mobs of people… but im going there with my friend, and will probably b there around 9… ya its gunna be even more crazy this year, so lets hope i can even get in at that time =_=

  21. last year, did you have to be in the line for the panel in order to be in the line to get autographs?

    • last year the autograph line and panel line were two different lines in different areas but this year new moon isn’t scheduled on the autograph list like last yr so im guessing there wont be any autogragraphs

  22. Hi Ya’ll!

    I spoke with someone at Comic Con and she said that even though the badge line does not open until 9am, people can still wait in line for the panel. I’m basically going to wait in the badge line while my friends wait in the Twilight line.

    I’m also nervous about getting my screening tickets b/c they need to be picked up by 1pm.

    I think we’re all in the same boat and there’s no reason to stress to much:) I know I’m a planner myself so I’m trying to figure out the most efficient and safest way to ensure I get a good spot. I’m taking my niece and want her to have a great time.

    My twitter is smlbutmghtyshay if u guys want to follow me and coordinate on Thurs.

    • TaylorLover says:

      Yeah, that’s good. Do you know if the autographs are being given out this year, too?

      And to all the people freaking out about the panel/badge line switch (like I am haha), travel in groups and have friends hold your spot while you get your badge and vice versa. Even if you are going by yourself just cozy up to and be friendly with someone nearby in line! Just make sure to alert the people around you that you have in fact waited in line previous to getting out just in case some tattletale tries to accuse you of cutting :/

      • I heard there will be no autograph signing this year. However there’s the Twilight Screening that evening and the Borders event on Friday.

  23. Hi guys. My best friend and I are probably going to drive out there around 4am (from costa mesa) I’m anticipating super long lines and am worried that everything’s not going to go smoothly hah. AND we have tickets to the screening…I’m trying to figure out the best way to get those AND stand in line for the hall. Any auggestions?? hah

    • Twilightgirl says:

      I’m not going to the twilight screening but I do know that it is only a half a mile away from the convention center where the panel is, so I think your best bet is to just get your tickets before the panel, you won’t be wasting much time–just three-four minutes tops if you are driving. The only thing is that I’m not sure if the theater is open that early…

      • So how does this work? Get in line for badges…THEN get in line for the panel? Is it a first come first serve basis in the morning and we would see all the panels prior to twilight…or do they let the Twilight people in a little before 1:45??

  24. I CAN’T GO, too far away. Please, please whoever tapes the event post to YOU TUBE as soon as you can. With much thanks.

  25. ahh i’m stressing out haha. my friend cant leave orange county until 7:30 that morning. so im thinking about going by myself earlier. whats this twilight screening everyone is talking about? if anyone wants to hang in line or anything my twitter is mmeganly .. just add me 😀

  26. hey gals/guys, im going to hang out in line tomorrow night as well. my best friend doesnt get off work til 4:30 and we’re not getting in line too early because we’re gonna have dinner and drinks (im 27) in the gaslamp quarter and then walk to the convention center and get in line..hopefully around midnightish, if not a little earlier. if anyone is interested in meeting @ that time contact me on twitter under the name rosemadeline. also, i prefer to sit next to people who arent gonna be screaming everytime rob pattinson is about to say something. im 27 and although ill be screaming inside when i see him, i dont want to scream out loud and ruin the experience for everyone else. i hope to meet some of you guys there!

    • Hey Rose. I’m probably leaving the OC around 10ish. Get there around midnight. We’ll be getting in line when we get there…hoping that the lines are too crazy yet. I’m up for sitting next to you in the hall (My friend and I are 24-25) and I certainly do not want to burst my eardrums sitting next to the people who will be screaming (no offense). If you want to hang out we’re also going to the screening @ 530pm…hit my up on twitter: sorichi

  27. Hello Twilighters!! I was wondering if any comic-con attendees would be willing to help out a Twilight/Disney fan.

    You see, Disney is holding a panel a few hours before the Twilight panel, which is something I really want to see. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to give up their seat in the Hall for a few hours, so I could see the Disney panel? I would be delighted to give you your seat back as soon as the Disney panel ends so you can still see the Twilight panel!

    It’s a win-win situation, because you would get a break from all those hours of waiting and holding your spot, and I would get to see the one thing I want to see. You could get up and stretch your legs, go get a bite to eat, or see what else the Con has to offer!

    I’m not available to camp out for hours beforehand, which is why i’m asking this favor. Think of me as your Breaker! The Disney panel is from 11:00-12:30 so I would obviously show up before then, and you would be able to take a break for about 2 hours! Afterwards, I would give you your seat back.

    So, if you’re going to be camping out for Twilight anyways, and would like someone to give you a break and still save your seat in the Hall, please e-mail me ASAP!! (I know this is short notice but I only found out yesterday that I was going to Con) at

    • hey jenna, i heard that if you leave hall h, you will have to get back in line to get in. so if someone was to let you take their spot and leave the hall, they wouldnt be able to just walk in and switch with you when they get back. sorry for the bad news, but i heard this from several people.

  28. melissa34 says:

    Sooo early, I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep in line which I really don’t want 2 do. I’m probably gonna be there after 5am. If anyone wants 2 meet up my email is

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