Hit Fix New Moon Set Report: Day 2

Hit Fix is continuing their coverage of their New Moon set visit.

“Showing acting isn’t always a glamorous life, our next take finds Pattinson  once again on the ground (where’s been on and off for at least two hours) writhing in pain as Alice looks up and says, “He’s O.K.” take after take.  Eventually, Edward’s pain is accurately captured and Pattinson is allowed to walk back to his trailer with his bare chest visible for all the ladies in my party to swoon over.

With Edward gone, the crew continues filming reaction shots. This time? A close up on Jane who stares ominously where Edward is supposed to be.  Notably, Fanning looks almost unrecognizable in her Volturi outfit.  She’s stunningly beautiful looking more and more like a ready to graduate senior in high school rather than the sophomore she really is.  Notably though, at least on the days we were on set, Jane says nothing.  And sadly, Fanning did not speak to us during our time there.”

Part 2 is here and in case you missed part one you can get that here.


  1. Irrevocably Susan says:

    Sigh….121 days and counting…

  2. Hm. Fanning looking like she’s a senior? Jane’s supposed to look young, early teens.

  3. Chela85 says:

    Everyone sounds really, really impressed with Dakota, which makes me happy I think she’s great. Thanks for sharing your experience =). I was just wondering…..is this what the Lex and the other fan sites did while they were there??? Thanks =)

  4. I love the writing in her piece. It was really detailed. It stinks that SM hasn’t given a lot of interviews lately.
    I have been dying to know what she’s up to lately especially if she has started writing a new book yet.

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