David Slade Rejoins Twitter

Eclipse director, David Slade, has rejoined Twitter. His icon picture seen left (we think) is from the his featurette Meat Dog What’s Fer Dinner?

Peter Facinelli is the one who pointed out the Twitter’s existence. Currently the Twitter account is talking about a video that David made for UNICEF in conjunction with MTV to reach a wide audience on the dangers and horrors of human trafficking.

You can friend David’s Twitter account here.

You can catch his very moving video here on the UNICEF CHANNEL(read the comments that go along with the video, they really explain the full legnth of the project.)

David just did his first Eclispe related Tweet,Reading Stephenie’s notes on latest script draft, we are in very good shape.”


  1. FreakinLoon says:

    Here’s to hoping it can make it through filming without ticking off any Twilight fans.

    Actually, I’m excited to see what he can do with Eclipse. He’s got a year until release date. Wish him luck!

  2. all the luck to ya, david. youre gonna need it to please me. lol

  3. Cynthia says:

    I didn’t know that David Slade was involved with raising awareness about human trafficking. That’s both interesting and telling. My mother has become involved in doing the same. It’s really great to hear that someone in a more public setting is using their influence to inform people about the horrors of human trafficking. It’s a problem that’s gone on too long and so many public figures are involved in promoting trafficking itself. It’s disturbing how many celebrities, knowingly and unknowingly, promote this disgusting trade.

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