Chris Weitz: LA Times Interview

The LA Times Interviewed Chris Weitz about New Moon, and Chris dished some never heard of before details:

“Driving home from a day of post-production, Weitz says he understands what’s at stake. There are 450 visual effects shots to complete, in addition to the score and the movie’s soundtrack, which he says will feature songs from Radiohead, Muse and Band of Skulls, among others. But the sequences he’s readying for the event — one, an action scene that will feature some of those effects, the other, a love scene sure to elicit hysteria from the crowd — will be done in time.

With so much on the line at Comic-Con, where word of mouth can often make or break a project, Weitz is feeling fairly confident that the reaction will be positive, especially since many of the cast members will be there.”

See the whole interview on the LA Times.


  1. I love Chris to bits.
    He’s the best thing to have ever happened to this series tbh.

  2. goshh can’t wait to see these…and by that i mean i reaaally hope someone records those scenes and puts them up on here lol

  3. Miranda says:

    Twilightersssss – PLEASE record those haha. I have to see ’em!

    On another note, I think that Chris Weitz is brilliant. Although we haven’t seen much footage of New Moon, I think it’s safe to say that he truly cares about bringing New Moon to life accurately. He really cares about the project and from the trailer, everything looks amazing. I already have hopes that he’s going to be the Breaking Dawn director.

  4. I think maybe the action sequence could be the fight between paul and jacob?
    And love scene, maybe more of the breakup scene, it falls into the love category right?

  5. JGroIsMyEdward says:

    love scene?! hysteria?! i think we kinda saw a bit of the breakup scene in the trailer…proposal?!

  6. Hurry up November, or at least another clip. The pics being released look awesome!

  7. lirael cullen says:

    dang… hahah that photo reminds me of my jacob!! love it, love it! COME ON NOVEMBER! HURRY IT UP!!

  8. i hope there’s more than one love scene in this. haha

  9. Jenny Cullen says:

    This pic is such a tease. I hope they release more juicy ones. November isn’t coming fast enough.

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